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Bruce Willis’ Youngest Belle Debuts in Paris

Nothing spells high society other than a debutante’s ball in Paris. It would be a dream come true for any 17 year old belle to be officially  presented at the annual Le Bal des Debutantes.

Over the weekend, Tallulah Belle Willis, the youngest daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore made her appearance at the posh Hotel de Crillon as one of the debutantes. This marks her official welcome to the social fold of Paris’ elite eligible young women.

Tallulah chose  an haute couture black floor-length  jewel studded bustier gown  from Lanvin , while her older siblings Rumer and Scout cheered her on.  Bruce Willis together with preggo wife Emma Hemming Willis  stood in his usual protective stance to  watch and toast the youngest of his pride. However, Demi Moore was a no show. Then again we’re guessing she had some divorce issues she needed to settle back in LA.

It seems the Willis women are intent on making  their own mark in Paris’ social scene. Scout Willis  also made her debut in the same hotel back in 2009. We’re wondering why they  go all the way to Paris for this, when  many states in the US still practice this coming out party, held only for those who belong to the elite. Probably, a debutante’s ball in the US doesn’t seem to quite fit the Willis’ definition of high society.


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Bieber fever could be cooling down as the 17 yr. old pop singer gets slammed with a paternity suit by an older woman who claims Justin Bieber fathered her child in a brief backstage rendezvous.

20 year old Mariah Yeater, recounts her  quick brush  with  the pop star, in October 2010. This allegedly happened  after his performance at the Staples Center in LA. She claims Bieber’s bodyguards gave her a full backstage invite  after the concert to meet the singer along with other women. Yeater  vividly remembers  how it all progressed from mutual attraction, to chemistry kissing… and then to heavy petting that eventually led them to a nearby bathroom .  She said she asked him to wear a condom but the bubblegum pop star  refused as he confessed that it was his first time  and wanted to feel everything!

What a beautiful memory it must be for Mariah Yeater to recall her momentous 30 second liason with a 16 year old singing sensation in a backstage lavatory.  Too beautiful to pass up and not keep a lifetime remembrance, eh?

Beiber strongly denies he is the father of the child, but Yeater’s lawyers also claims that the singer did not deny having unprotected sex with her after  his concert. You would wonder if  this boy  ever got a crash course on pop star sex 101. Condoms, young man! It saves you a lot of drama in the end. Oh, wait..  no need for condoms because he totally dissed on the idea of casual intercourse at one of his concerts.

Justin Bieber’s camp assures they will vigorously pursue all legal remedies to defend the singer and hope on the fact that Yeater, being 19 at the time of the incident and Bieber, 16 – would find herself possibly prosecuted for statutory rape of a minor.

Apparently, Miss Yeater is requesting the court to subject BIeber to take a paternity test and if results are undeniably positive, she merely wants the father to provide adequate support  for his son who was born on July 6.

Court date is scheduled for December 15.  This sure  sounds like a defo job for Maury Povich!

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It looks like the color pink will be washing through the Beckham’s nursery as the Posh Spice Girl is expecting their first daughter. David and Victoria Beckham are indeed very excited for the arrival of their newest family member via C-section at a Los Angeles hospital anytime soon.

Months of preparation of have been done to welcome their little princess, as David expresses getting used to too much pink and lilac in the house. Their little posh pink spice bundle already has an entire wardrobe and baby boudoir waiting for her at this very moment.

The couple has gone through a lot of changes preparing for their new bundle of joy. Sources say that Victoria temporarily moved out of their marital bedroom to seek a bigger spacious refuge in her own bedroom suite. This isn’t too much girl power in the works here, as the lovely pregnant posh spice finds it difficult sleeping next to her soccer prince when she feels like a beached whale. She says she needs more space to stretch out! Judging by her very recent photos, the woman can still fit in a tight pair of skinny jeans and look smashing in them! What is she on about?

Days before her scheduled C-section, Victoria has been sharing her bedroom suite with a furry roomie … their new puppy French bulldog Scarlet to comfort her pregnant woes.

The 37 year old posh momma reveals her plans to breastfeed her daughter. This is a first for Victoria since she had her boys fed on formula. Having a daughter made her think twice about formula feeding, and decided to go all natural and perfectly different for their little girl.

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Rebecca Romijn: Got Twins?

Jerry O’Connell’s wife Rebecca Romijn is on her second run for the famous “Got Milk?” ad. This time she shares the spotlight with her twin baby girls, Dolly and Charlie.

Photo from Celebrity Baby Scoop

Although the print ad looks adorable with the 9-month-old twins happily posing for the camera, the 37-year-old Ugly Betty star admits that it wasn’t a peachy photo shoot. “I think this is one of maybe three frames where [Dolly] wasn’t screaming her head off, and that was way more chaotic than the one that I did in 1998,” Rebecca told People. “I think Jerry was probably doing cartwheels behind the photographer trying to get them to calm down.”

The project also makes Rebecca a spokesperson for “The Great Gallon Give,” a campaign that will donate 200,000 gallons of milk at to raise awareness in building strong families.

Who’s your favorite milk mustache celebrity endorser?


Suri STILL Feeding Off The Bottle

It’s probably none of our business, but hey, that picture just doesn’t look right. Suri is three, and she’s still bottle-feeding! According to their doctor, the Cruises should wean her off the bottle NOW. Let me see…how old was I when I stopped that?

Photo courtesy of US Magazine


We heard that Katherine Heigl was adopting a baby, and it’s not all rumor! She was spotted recently with her new baby from South Korea. They were on the set of a new movie. We’ve got one hot mama here!


Colin Farrell has confirmed rumors that he is going to be a dad a second time around. He has a 5-year-old son with his ex-girlfriend and his current partner, Alicja Bachleda, is expecting. It will be her first child.


Katherine Heigl Adopting A Kid

Grey’s Anatomy star Katherine Heigl and her husband Josh Kelley are going to be parents soon – to a 10 month old bay girl. Katherine says that she is done with the idea of having her own children and doesn’t think that it’s necessary to go through “all that.” Their daughter is named Nayleigh, after Katherine’s mom Nancy and sister Leigh.


Tom Cavanagh: Father Third Time Around

Tom Cavanagh, known to many as Ed, is a father for the third time. His wife Maureen gave birth to James Joseph on the 5th of August. He may not have a flourishing career right now but you can’t say the same about his family life!


Former American Idol contender Jennifer Hudson has given birth to her first child. Named David Daniel Otunga Jr, the baby is Jennifer’s child with fiance actor David Otunga. May this be a sign of more good things to come!


Roger Federer’s Twins Shown To The World

Tennis superstar Roger Federer has been in the limelight for the longest time. Now he wants his twin girls to share the spot as he shows them off on Facebook. They were born on the 23rd of July and are the first children of the couple.


Actress Kelly Rutherford has finally settled her custody case. The result is that she will share custody of her children with ex-husband German businessman Daniel Giersch. It doesn’t mean that the couple are on good terms, though.


Montblanc Signature For Good Charity Event In Hollywood
Christopher Backus and wife, Mira Sorvino, are thankful and happy that they are back home with their kids. Mira had a difficult pregnancy and delivering the baby posed potential threat to both the 41-year-old mom and little Holden Paul Terry Backus. All’s well that ends well – congratulations to the family!

Neil Patrick Harris: Not Ready To Be A Daddy

The Tony Awards celebrity arrivals in NYC
Neil Patrick Harris has been with partner David Burtka for some time now and rumor went around that they are looking for a surrogate mother. Harris was quick to say, however, that he is not ready to have kids.


Madonna Allowed To Adopt Mercy

Madonna takes Jesus, David Banda, Rocco to the 2nd Annual Veuve Clicquot Manhattan Polo Classic featuring Prince Harry
Madonna faced a temporary glitch in the process of adopting 3-year-old Mercy from Malawi, but she received good news from the high court of the country. They are now allowing her to adopt a second child from the country given her love, her determination, and her income tax returns.


Octo Mom Gets TV Show Deal

Octomom Nadya Suleman and her entourage of nannies caravan the octuplets and the twins to a park in Los Angeles
She’s getting her wishes one by one. First she got her bundle of kids. Then she got all the publicity. Now she has a TV show deal to boot! Nadya Suleman reportedly signed a deal with Netherlands crew Eyeworks. One glitch – no American company has signed her up for the TV deal. Oh well, the rest of the world works too, doesn’t it?


Exodus Tyson Passes Away

Sony Pictures Classics Presents Tyson New York Screening
Mike Tyson’s 4-year-old daughter, Exodus, has passed away following the tragic accident with the treadmill cord. She had been on life support since she entered the hospital and was reported deceased early yesterday morning. Our condolences goes out to the family.


Mike Tyson’s Daughter In Critical Condition

Sony Pictures Classics Presents Tyson New York Screening
Exodus Tyson, the boxer’s 4-year-old daughter was playing near the treadmill while her mom was cleaning in the next room. When her 7-year-old brother went to check on her, he found her hanging by the treadmill cord. She was immediately rushed to the hospital, where she remains in critical condition. Mike Tyson was not at home when the incident occured.


Tobey Maguire Greets New Son

***EXCLUSIVE*** Tobey Maguire carrying his young daughter Ruby as he walks with his wife Jennifer Meyer in LA
Tobey Maguire is a new dad, and is ecstatic about it. Wife Jennifer Meyer gave birth to a healthy baby boy on Friday. They have not announced his name yet. Congratulations to the family!


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