Celebrity Health: 4 Stars Reveal Their Supplement Regimens

Celebrities often credit their clear skin and great physiques to their use of vitamins and health diets, and many even set off nutritional crazes when they reveal their secret regimens. But do these supplements really work? The answer is, it depends. Consumer Reports gives … [Read more...]

What are Celebrities Showing in Their Instagram Pictures?

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Emmy’s worst dressed

Forget Project Runway—if you want to see the best and worst in fashion, watch awards shows like the Emmys. There are moments of absolute gorgeousness, and moments when you think: “Why the hell did she wear that?” Here are some of the worst celeb get-ups. Julianna Marguiles … [Read more...]

Zooey Deschanel, You Win, I Surrender

Sometimes you look at someone and you just get a weird feeling that they aren't human. Something doesn't seem quite right about them and Zooey is a strong case for such a thing. You look at her and you don't find any flaws and then those big blue eyes shine out at you and you … [Read more...]

Zooey Deschanel is Blonde

One of the breakout stars of 2009 for sure and one of those women that you are almost forced to like because there is nothing wrong with her to the naked eye. Not sure she is pulling off the blonde do, but you have to admire her ability to take a chance. I remember when a … [Read more...]