David Beckham Made for Hollywood, Goes for Daily Coffee Run

It looks like David Beckham & wifey Victoria were basically born for Hollywood.  They already have the interesting tatts, the cool & ever changing hair, the exposed nipples & the attitude.  Now all they need is a daily coffee run in a Bentley.  Oh wait, check that too! Becks was spotted getting his caffeine fix on at a Los Angeles coffee […]

You Tell Me: Do You Want David & Victoria Beckham in the States?

With the big move this week for David & wife Victoria Beckham to the U.S., I am beginning to wonder if this is such a good idea after all. I mean, half the time it looks like Posh is actually some kind of she-bot controlled by the whims of her tiny little mind, but you […]

Quote of the Day: Victoria Beckham on Her Boobs

“Everyone keeps going on about my tits — but they’re only a 32B.” ~Victoria Beckham Yeah right, beotch!  Those are a 32B & I’m the Prime Minister of Muggles….

The Many Hats of David & Victoria Beckham

While David & wifey Victoria Beckham weaved their way through London’s Heathrow airport, they turned many a head. David, looking brightly bohemian & Victoria, looking quote Pete Doherty, could have been street performers.  I probably would drop more change into David’s hat though…. {Source}

Victoria Posh Beckham Backs Out of Reality TV Deal!

WTF?  After seeing Victoria Posh Beckham on the city streets getting prepared for the debut of her reality TV show, it looks like the wife of soccer star David Beckham is backing out of the deal. Victoria has reportedly backed out of the reality TV show with NBC which was to cover the family’s move from the UK to […]

Victoria Beckham’s Security Staff Punks Paparazzi

In a move that can only be called hilarious, Victoria Beckham’s security team punked the paparazzi pretty hard. The paps were ready with cameras aimed when her SUV pulled up to a jewelry store only to find a blow up doll, complete with wig exiting the vehicle.  The pap prank was actually being setup for Victoria’s new reality tv series […]

Happy Belated Birthday Beckham!

Well, we kinda goofed up & forgot all about David Beckham’s 32nd birthday! But never fear, we’re making up for the slip-up with a birthday pic!  To celebrate David’s big day, wife Victoria took the platinum stallion to London’s Cipriani for dinner. The couple look fab, though I think I’m kinda done with David’s do.  […]

Victoria Posh Beckham is a Meaniepants

Well, it looks like the truth has finally come out, Victoria Posh Beckham is one big meanie.  According to an NBC insider, she is arrogant & very difficult to work with. As NBC chronicles David & wife Victoria Beckham’s move from the UK to the US, the network is finding out what a grade A […]

David Beckham Stares at Model Through Dinner with Wife Victoria

Recently soccer star David Beckham was spotted at London’s NOBU having a nice dinner with wife Victoria Posh Beckham. But while the newly blonde Victoria was going without, David was enjoying his meal AS WELL AS some rubbernecking stares at fellow dinner, model Kelly Killoren Bensimon.  According to one witness, David just could not keep his eyes […]

Daily Dose of Zen: Victoria Posh & David Beckham are Hairdo Twins

Victoria Posh Beckham & handsome hubbypants David Beckham stepped out in London with matching dos.  And we don’t like it. They rather remind us of The Shining twins, don’t they?  I mean, come on!  Next will we be seing a hard-nippled David walking the streets of New York City?  Well, maybe that wouldn’t be so […]

America Welcomes the Beckhams with Wax

With soccer legend 31-year-old David Beckham & his 32-year-old posh wife Victoria coming to America, the country has brought out the wax to welcome the English couple.  Waxen figures of the power couple were imported from London & unveiled Tuesday Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in New York City. After David signed a five-year contract with the Los Angeles Galaxy soccer […]

Victoria Posh Beckham Passes on Lionel Richie’s House

Victoria “Posh” Beckham is doing the grunt work trying to find a new American home for herself & hubby David Beckham.  After spending $100K on items for her boys’ new bedrooms that they don’t even have yet, Posh has been trying to decide on a suitable house.  In the beginning of her search, Victoria was […]