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No matter how much we love our parents, we all wish they were just a little more “cool” right? Well these marvellous mums and dashing dads have sent the Cool-O-Metre sky high and simply ooze awesomeness.

Check out the coolest celebrity parents in town:

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Image Credit

Calm, collected and with plenty of style, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have three adopted children Maddox, Pax and Zahara and three biological children Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne. Incredibly classy despite their large brood, these parents appear hardworking, loving and devoted to their family’s needs. With long, brunette locks and luscious lips Angelina is certainly a yummy mummy and Brad’s not bad either (wink, wink).

Both of these Hollywood stars also boast impressive film careers with Angelina’s credits including Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Wanted and Salt. Pitt’s film work is no less inspiring with movies such as Fight Club, The Mexican and Ocean’s Eleven – perhaps the little ones will grow up to be stars too? With the media braced to report their every move, this Hollywood couple certainly are the coolest around. Read the rest of this entry »


Victoria Beckham Dons a T-Shirt

Victoria Beckham Fashion For Haiti Relief

Mrs. Beckham in a t-shirt?! Get out! You know something’s up if Posh Spice comes to a fashion show wearing a t-shirt. In this case, she did it for supermodel Naomi Campbell’s Fashion For Relief Haiti Fall 2010 Show last Friday.

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Posh Dresses Down

Scary Skinny Victoria Beckham takes Kids for Frozen Yogurt

I never thought I’d see the day when Victoria Beckham would dress down in regular jeans, and old top, and no makeup. The paparazzi spotted her two weeks ago picking up her kids Romeo and Cruz from school in Sherman Oaks. They went out for some frozen yogurt.

Scary Skinny Victoria Beckham takes Kids for Frozen Yogurt

I don’t know about you but she looks pretty cool with her ripped jeans, regular tank, flip-flops, and a cap. It looks like a little bit of the California lifestyle is rubbing off on the Beckhams.


Posh and Becks: Fashion for a Cause

It isn’t just for Haiti relief; a lot of celebrities have been reaching out to the needy lately. Among them is power couple David and Victoria Beckham. The duo has designed t-shirts for Sport Relief, an organization that helps disadvantaged people all over the world.

“Victoria and I are excited to be involved with Sport Relief again this year,” David said in an official statement. “Our family had a great time designing the t-shirt range and we hope it will raise much-needed funds for many important causes. The most important thing is that the money raised will make a genuine difference to people’s lives.”

The shirt Becks is wearing costs about $16. Would you buy one? About half of what you’ll pay for will go to charity.


Victoria Beckham’s Shadow Gets More Play Than Her

Victoria Beckham sexy

Look at her shadow. I have seen thousands of pictures of celebs on the red carpet and I don’t think once have I ever seen a shadow. I know I don’t pay attention to such things because I am usually staring at their necks, but how could you miss this one?!

Her shadow is simply tired of hiding in the spotlight of this no talent hack. So on this night it had a pep talk with itself in the mirror and told itself that it was going to shine. And shine it does.

Have you ever looked at a woman’s shadow and thought to yourself that you would buy it a dozen roses, take it to a nice dinner and tell it you love it without lying? I have and first dibs suckers! Stay away from my shadow queen!



She is now wearing the shoes of Paula Abdul in American Idol, and she is not guilty about it. The erstwhile Spice Girl says that she is a spiritual person and believes that you get what is coming to you and that she believes that Paula will have something bigger and better. In the meantime, she wants to be the “nice” judge in the singing contest. How’s that gonna work?


The first round of auditions for the new season of American Idol has begun. Instead of Paula Abdul, hopefuls faced Posh Spice. Simon Cowell says that he may have bickered with Paula, but he definitely felt her absence. Contestants seem to have the same feeling. Will AI still be as big as it was without her?


Katy Perry-TYG-000275
Katy Perry and Posh Spice – how would you like to see them as judges in American Idol? I am still not sure how to react to Paula’s departure, but these two judges should provide entertainment at the least, shouldn’t they?


Posh Spice terrifyingly green

Victoria Beckham’s supposed to be this big fashion icon. But the jury’s still out on this jolly green giant costume.


No, it ain’t posh enough


Posh is very… determined. Despite her efforts at a fashion career bombing at all fronts, she’s gone ahead and launched a men’s line…which bombed too.

Listen, Posh. It’s not going to happen. Find something else to do. Fashion’s not your thing.


A “goodbye” kiss


Ooooooh, baby! Victoria Beckham gets a good luck kiss from hubby right before her final performance as a Spice Girl. Yes, the tour’s finally over, but get your nostalgia trip from other backstage scenes.



Finally, someone who feels the same way I do about Posh’s dress sense! On Tuesday, Mr. Blackwell crowned the pouty Spice Girl as the Worst Dressed in 2007, crushing Mrs. Beckham’s hopes of being L.A’s newest fashion scion since moving to America last year with football star hubby David Beckham.

“In one skinny-mini monstrosity after another, pouty ‘Posh’ can really wreck-em”

The fashion veteran said, in his usual acidic manner.

The 2007 top 10 worst-dressed list (with Blackwell’s critiques):

10. Alison Arngrim: “Little Nellie of the prairie, looks like a 1940’s fashion editor for the Farmers Almanac.”

9. Lindsay Lohan: “Lindsay the fashion frenzy strikes again! Lohan takes fashion to a new low.”

8. Jessica Simpson: “Forget the Cowboys. In prom queen screams, can it get any worse? She’s a global fashion curse!”

7. Avril Lavigne: “Gothic make-up courtesy the mad spatula — Fashions provided by … The house of Dracula!”

6. Eva Green: “Stuck in neon nightmares not fit for the sane. Fashion this loud could give Bond a migraine! A profusion of confusion from toes to nose!”

5. Kelly Clarkson: “Her heavenly voice soars above the rest … but those belly-baring bombs are hellish at best! She may be the queen of ‘Pro-Active’ — but that wardrobe looks downright radioactive!”

4. Fergie: “Another style-free ‘Fergie’ in fashion’s hall of shame? Yes, when it comes to couture chaos, guess it’s all in a name!”

3. Mary Kate Olsen: “YIKES! In layers of cut-rate kitsch, Mary Kate’s look is hard to explain … she resembles a tattered toothpick-trapped in a hurricane!”

2. Amy Winehouse: “Exploding beehives above … tacky polka-dots below … she’s part 50’s car-hop horror.”

1. Victoria Beckham: “Forget the fashion spice — wearing a skirt would suffice! In one skinny-mini monstrosity after another, pouty posh can really wreck-em.”

Copyright 2008 Reuters.


Another Winehouse Fan

Hot on the heels of Karl, is more Amy Winehouse gushing, this time in the guise of Posh herself. While I am admittedly not a huge fan of Victoria’s fashion style, many take this ex-Spice Girl’s fashion words as gospel truth. Heres what she said to the U.K’s Daily Mirror:

“She’s very much a fashion icon and I adore what she wears – she’s so unique and original”



All grown up Katie Holmes was spotted checking out Germany’s capital city’s boutiques.

Holmes flew back to Berlin after welcoming close pals David & Vicotoria Beckham to Los Angeles.  Hubby Tom Cruise is still working on filming for the movie Valkyrie in Berlin & wants to keep Holmes close by & safe, from snatchers that might help her come to her senses…





David & wife Victoria “Posh” Beckham were spotted out & about Beverly Hills on Monday.

The trio, with 4-year-old Romeo in tow, were seen scouting out the area for a spot of lunch & some good shopping fun.  Hilariously, Victoria was also trying to give a shout out to family friend Tom Cruise, as she had her tank top embroidered with Jerry Maguire catchphrase, “Show me the money.”

That’s just too cute, guys.




Wow!  Now that’s what I call a proper crotch block! 

David Beckham lended a literal hand to his wife Victoria as she was getting out of their car with an always too tight dress on.  But never fear, now that crotch-blocking David is here, Posh’s sexy parts will just have to remain Victoria’s secret!

Now, how to get David out of the way & see the real goods…. 

Britney Spears, pay attention girl- this is how it’s done!



“They dress down quite a lot here, don’t they? It seems to be in keeping to go to Starbucks in track suit bottoms and Ugg boots…I have one pair for non-photographic opportunities only. Underground car parks are fine, but aside from that, no.”

~Victoria “Posh” Beckham on how other women dress in Los Angeles


It looks like David Beckham & wifey Victoria were basically born for Hollywood.  They already have the interesting tatts, the cool & ever changing hair, the exposed nipples & the attitude.  Now all they need is a daily coffee run in a Bentley.  Oh wait, check that too!

Becks was spotted getting his caffeine fix on at a Los Angeles coffee shop before he headed out to his first Galaxy training session at the Home Depot center.  David drove Posh’s handsome Bentley on his 15-mile trip to Carson, California.

Pimp ride & some coffee, that’s my kind of life!

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