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What are celebrities showing in their Instagram pictures? Oh a lot, obviously. They can easily outshadow the most daring insta challenges of non-celebrity users because of their popularity. So let’s list them down.

Their Most Personal

Celebrities are showing their most intimate moments with their loved ones. The effect would vary depending on the nature of the shared picture. Pictures like the above usually garner the most positive reaction from the public.

Their Best

Celebrities can show their most glamorous side, made up like the star adulated by fans and followers.

Their Worst

Celebrities can also show their most unglamorous side probably to show that they are human as well. They also have bad hair days like us.

Their Weirdest

Celebrities can choose to make a statement with pictures or simply to be humorous in their own weird way.

Their Most Entertaining

Celebrities cam also entertain us with the experiments they do on themselves just like when Tyra Banks above was toying with the idea of having extraterrestrial features. Wonder if that was intended to start a new trend or what.


Team Tyra vs. Team Janice

The Tyra Banks-Janice Dickinson catfight gets nastier. Janice was a guest on UK’s Alan Carr: Chatty Man and she said some pretty mean things about American’s Next Top Model host/producer/former supermodel Tyra Banks.

“She’s huge. She’s a big woman. I used to think she was a man. I used to look at her and think, ‘Something isn’t right here,’” Janice said on live television. She took a couple more swipes at Tyra, who allegedly sacked her from the show after Janice called her fat.

Whose side are you on?


Tyra Banks and her show got cancelled


Here is Tyra Banks when she didn’t talk. She did what she does best and that is show some skin. Now? All we think about is how annoying she is with her talk show. She has pretended to be fat, a bum and horse manure gatherer…okay I made that last one up.

I mean I am all for expanding your limits and trying something new, but don’t try something new that makes you completely annoying to everyone on planet Earth.

This will be the last season of The Tyra Show. I’ve been loving having fun, coming into your living rooms, bedrooms, hair salons for the past 5 years. My next huge steps will allow me to reach more women and young girls to help us all feel as fierce as we truly are.

I’d probably have fun to if she actually did come into my bedroom, but I don’t remember that night. And really Tyra, hair salons? You can do better than that. Say you had a great time coming into our spas and resorts at least, not our ghetto saloons. Damn, I said saloon and not salon. Not sure what a saloon is, but cowboys seem to enjoy them.

I’m pretty sure women only wore bikinis in them.


Have You Seen Tyra’s “New” Arms?

Take a look at that photo the US Magazine recently published. You can hardly miss them!

The supermodel-talk show host recently showed off her buff arms in her own show, and boy, did she have something to show off! They are the results of a “game” she and her friends started in January. As it turns out, Tyra got into it and incorporated regular exercise into her lifestyle. Good for her!

Tyra Banks Wants To Be “Harder”

You would have thought that Tyra Banks had everything! Well maybe she does, but she thinks she needs to be more of a “diva” and not be as nice as she is, especially when being a judge. She wants to have “a little bit more ‘oomph’ in me.” I am sure she can manage!


Tyra Banks Is NOT Engaged

Rumors have been surfacing that Tyra Banks is engaged to John Utendahl, her long time beau. These came about because Tyra has been seen wearing a nice ring on her left ring finger. The supermodel talk show host was quick to deny the rumors, though. In her Twitter, she wrote: “Hearing about crazy rumors that I’m engaged. Well, I’m not. The ‘RING’ is my high school class ring. It’s 10k gold, and has zero diamonds. Ha!”


Tyra Banks To Show REAL Hair

So she’s got fake hair? Well, kinda. See for yourself the REAL Tyra Banks on September 8, when the premiere of season 5 of her show will air. Her goal is to encourage women to be proud of what they have naturally. Quite a noble act, I say, but how long will she be wearing her natural hair?


Welcome New Gossip Girl: Tyra Banks

Supermodel and talk show host Tyra Banks has got another role coming up. This time, she will guest start in the popular TV series Gossip Girls. She will play Ursula Nyquist, a “larger than life” actress. Should be interesting, to say the least.


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