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Celebrities With the Most Changed Smiles

If eyes are said to be windows to the soul, a smile must mean something just as poetic, right? When people are asked what the first thing they notice about a person is, 37 percent say they notice a smile first, 33 percent say they notice your eyes, 15 percent judge you by your weight, […]

Some of the Best Dressed Hollywood Men

While the ladies of Hollywood often get the attention for the fashions that inspire current trends, many male actors display an equal amount of fashion sense. From brand name casual wear to expensive tailored suits and accessories, a number of celebrity men deserve recognition. Here’s Celebrific’s all time best dressed Hollywood men. George Clooney Off […]

10 Actors Who Can Actually Sing

There is a fine line between acting and singing. Not everyone can criss-cross platforms, but when they do, they can get very infectious – making that leap from silver screen to your iPods. Here are some of today’s actors who can actually sing:

Tom Cruise Brings Suri To Disneyland

Tom Cruise may still be feeling the effects of his crazy phase but it’s good to see that he’s still unfazed by the effects of his image going south and just figuratively let his hair down and be a normal dude for once. He definitely showed that side of him to the public when he […]

Top Gun 2 in the works?

If there was one 80’s movie that had women sweating in their seats and men grinding their teeth with envy, Top Gun would take that cake and bring it home.  Although it almost seemed to be a chic flick with all the cute and buff fly boys, Top Gun had Tom Cruise soaring his way […]

Brad Pitt Thinks Valkyrie Is Ridiculous?

According to Brad Pitt’s rep, it is “inaccurate.” He says that Brad has not even seen the movie. (That should tell you something about how he feels about Tom Cruise, yes?) If you ask the writers of Stern, a German magazine, however, Brad Pitt did call Tom Cruise’s movie “ridiculous.” So which is which? Maybe […]

Tom Cruise As Santa: Fail?

If his daughter Suri is to be believed, then he is no good as Santa. Tom Cruise is perhaps one of the most prolific actors in Hollywood but he self-admittedly needs to put more effort in his annual role as Santa. May he be more successful this year!

Tom says no to Shrek

No, Tom Cruise is NOT going to do any voice animations for Shrek, says this source. Why should he? He’s already weird in REAL LIFE.

Connor Cruise starts acting career

Connor Cruise practically grew up on movie sets — what do you expect with parents like Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise? But now he’s not just a Hollywood brat hanging out in the trailer while Mom finishes her scene. He’s in a movie on his own, debuting in the Will Smith Drama, Seven Pounds.

Is Tom The Better Parent?

  You can say what you like about Tom Cruise – his nutty sofa antics, strange marriage, fervent beliefs etc, but when it comes to parenting, all evidence points to the fact that Tom has been doing a pretty decent job as a parent.  And its not just to mini-paparazzi darling Suri. Don’t forget that […]