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5 Reasons Why Tila Tequila Is A Nut Job

Where do we start?! It’s no secret that everything Tila Tequila does spells trouble, so we’re putting some of her blunders on the spotlight, which, hopefully, might serve as a wake up call to her and her wild ways…

Tila Tequila Visits SiriusXM

(c) Getty

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Tila Tequila vs. Perez Hilton

Oh no she didn’t! Tila Tequila, who’s been busy with her “comeback,” is dead serious about becoming the newest celebrity blogger. In an interview with PopEater, she proclaimed that she’s out to beat Perez Hilton.

“This is my calling,” she said when asked about “I’m very outspoken, I don’t care what anyone says about me and I will call it out as I feel. So the celebrity gossip blog will just dethrone Perez Hilton.”

Watch part of the interview below.

Sorry, Tila. You were hot back in 2003-2004 when MySpace was your turf. Your crossover to TV was an epic failure. As for blogging, you don’t even belong in the same ring as Perez Hilton. I doubt he would even bother to retort.


Tila Is Back

It’s not like she was even out of earshot; it’s more like Tila Tequila is reinventing herself. We all know she hasn’t been everyone’s favorite reality star for the past few years.

Now calling herself Miss Tila, the 28-year-old is releasing her new single, “I Love My DJ” on April 13. To bring hype to this project, she’s also organizing a celebrity blog launch party for her new website,

I listened to the track on her official MySpace page, and it isn’t anything great. It has her signature rated-R rap-singing style with elements of house, but the song reminds me too much of her “F*** Ya Man” days in 2003-2005.

I actually liked Tila back when she was a rebellious MySpace celebrity, way before she overindulged in her 15 minutes of TV fame.

Would you purchase her new single?


Casey Johnson’s Relationship With Tila Tequila Was A Hoax

Did the whole universe hear my sarcastic gasp? Yes, in a shocking statement (another bout of sarcasm there) on TMZ, two of Casey’s friends came clean about the issue.

FILE: Johnson & Johnson heiress Casey Johnson with her girlfriend Tila Tequila. Johnson has been found dead in her LA apartment

“They each received separate calls from the late heiress saying her relationship with Tila was ‘all for show,’” TMZ reported. “The friends say Casey told them she had met Tila only three days before the infamous engagement video.”

Yes, I’m referring to the same Tila Tequila who kept Tweeting her sadness, despair, and suicidal tendencies after her “wifey” passed away. This is the same Tila who wants custody of Casey’s daughter.

The Hollywood Gossip said it best: “May Casey Johnson rest in peace. May Tila Tequila go away forever.”


Casey Johnson, finacee of Tila Tequila, is dead

Casey Johnson and Tila Tequila

Death is no laughing matter and I hate to trivialize it, but it’s hard to say that you didn’t see this one coming. Casey Johnson was known as a lover of drugs and she has no problem making it known. The Johnson & Johnson heiress was found dead in LA.

According to TMZ:

Johnson was reportedly engaged to Tila Tequila. We spoke with Tila a few minutes ago. She says they were fighting last week and that Casey stayed at Tila’s house on the 28th. Tila tried contacting Casey on the 29th because Casey had left her dogs behind. Tila says Casey’s phone has been shut off since the 29th and she was not able to make contact.

It sucks to see someone die so young, but when your family are billionaires is it really that hard to force your child to get some help? I won’t even go into the details of how Tila Tequila is milking the death in the most pathetic way possible. But then again, should we expect anything less from a woman that poses like this on purpose for the paparazzi?

Tila Tequila

Enough said. I didn’t know you Casey, but may the next life serve you better than this one.


Tila Tequila Is Enga…Short, Annoying, Crazy, Oh And Engaged

Famous Stars And Straps Celebrates Their 10th Anniversary & 10th Album

So there are still heiresses around not named Hilton. Even better, they are crazier than that one Hilton girl who is pretty damn crazy. As you can see she is on crack and Tila Tequila is her usual self. I mean look at them. Don’t they look so adorable together?

Wait, I’m supposed to report something here. Oh yeah, they are supposedly engaged. Her family is worth billions and their daughter is set to get all the money when they die and she is a lesbian, which don’t get me wrong isn’t bad, it’s just that she is a crackhead lesbian.

Do I have a thing against crackheads? You’re damn right I do. You invite them in for some food and next thing you know you are missing a toilet and a leg from your chair. Do you know how disconcerting it is to wake up in the middle of the night and take a dump on your floor and sit in it? Of course you do, those are probably your usual Friday nights.

Here is Tila saying some nonsense.

“This is exclusive and going to be all over the news tomorrow, but because I love you guys so much, we are giving you the exclusive first — Tila army fans — tonight, my girlfriend has asked me to marry her!”

She then flashed a ring, which she said is a “17-carat diamond ring from my baby. It’s so fat you can’t even see it! So yeah, my baby got me this 17-carat ring. My baby takes care of me. Beat that J.Lo! Beat that Khloe and Lamar!

US Magazine

When I want to throw something in someone’s face I always talk noise to the bench warmer basketball player and his red-headed stepdaughter wife.


Tila Tequila Says Rihanna Has Herpes. Yes, THAT Tila Tequila

Tila Tequila Bikini

So says The Examiner. I’m usually good with coming up with witty stuff to write here, but this one just blows my mind. If there was ever going to be a case where you wanted to legitimize Rihanna having herpes, the last option would be to go through Tila Tequila. If Oprah had said it, everyone would believe it, but now? Hell, now Rihanna could have herpes, syphilis and the plague and nobody would believe it.

If anything Tequila has just bolstered Rihanna’s image. Nice work.

However, since I am a searcher for the truth I have to find out if this rumor is true and due to my current status of being in prison I can’t visit or have sex with Rihanna I will just have to ask her here. So RiRi, do you have herpes?

Rihanna Bangs

Sneaky, sneaky.

DA Drops Case; Tila Tequila To Sue

“No one is above the law,” says Tila Tequila after the DA drops the case against NFL star Shawne Merriman due to lack of evidence. The DA’s office, after making the announcement, has gone silent. Tila Tequila, on the other hand, is making a lot of noise saying that she will take things to court.

So which story is real here? As they say, there are always three sides to a story – yours, mine, and the truth.


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