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Tiger’s Advert Parody

It’s only been days since Nike’s new Tiger Woods advertisement was launched, and it’s already gaining heavy media attention. Whether or not people approve of the advert, the points still go to Nike. Frankly, I’m getting sick of people discussing and overanalyzing it. Instead, let’s go for something light, such as this parody by our […]

Tiger’s New Advert

Here’s one brand that isn’t ditching the shamed golfer. Nike shot a new TV advertisement in the 34-year-old’s golf course in Florida. Being the first TV commercial since Tiger’s scandal last year, the advert has received mixed reactions. Shot in black and white, the dream-like advert shows a pensive-looking Tiger listening to the voice of […]

Tiger Woods Is Back In Business

Putting last year’s scandals behind him, golfer Tiger Woods headed back to the greens this month for the US Masters at Augusta, Georgia.

Tiger Is Out Of The Woods

He has kept out of the public eye since his accident and alleged string of affairs that exploded all over the news last November. Now Tiger Woods has come out of hiding. He was spotted jogging with a friend last Wednesday near his home in Orlando, Florida. With a team of security around him, he […]

Love Children, Sex Tapes and Some Golf Dude

photo via Cheezburger Hell, there is no point in me trying to lead you in on this one. Here ya go… A disgraced Tiger Woods is terrified that the worst news is yet to come – that he fathered love children with his mistresses! And his many liaisons may have been caught on tape! The […]

Tiger Breaks Record On The First 9 Hoes

This is starting to get out of hand. A report by US Magazine states that 9 women have come out to claim they have had sex with Tiger since his marriage. One being a pornstar. Since this is all turning into a joke I have decided to make a game of it myself and predict […]

The Tiger Woods Voicemail Slow Jam Remix

It’s Friday night. You are trying to woo your honey. You get her home. You light the candles. You get the oils out. Damn, you have no music! Don’t worry because Celebrific has your back on this one. Just play this Tiger Woods Voicemail Slow Jam Remix and she will be dropping her panties faster […]

Rachel Uchitel Cancels Press Conference, In Other News, I Am Nostradamus

I just got done saying… If I were her I still would’ve kept quiet to get a sweeter deal from Tiger, but these women have no business sense. If you are going to ruin marriages and destroy legacies you have to start with a well laid out plan. Now reports are coming out that she […]

Rachel Uchitel Mounted a Tiger

You understood the game plan. Woman says she didn’t bang the billion dollar man so he would slide her some green under the table. However, there was a wrench thrown in the plans when another money-grubbing cow decided to make it publicly known that she was sleeping with Tiger. Well, cow #1 just couldn’t let […]

Tiger’s Wife Is Getting Paid

When you are trying to re-negotiate a prenup with your billion dollar husband there is only one way to go about it. This happened faster than I thought. According to the Sun Times, Tiger’s wife, Elin, is being paid a hefty 7 figures to stick with her man. Now that is a sign of a […]

Tiger Woods Breaks Cheating Law #39

photo via Real Man Magazine Tiger. Tiger. TIGER! What in the hell were you thinking my man. I know people out there are thinking to themselves man if I was married to a Swedish model, had a gajillion dollars and a kid I would never cheat on my wife. But to some men, especially ones […]

Tiger Woods, King of the Junglebooty

While one tramp, Rachel Uchitel, denies having an affair with Tiger Woods, another steps out of the woodwork to collect her reality show paycheck. The Daily News reports that a waitress, Jamiee Grubbs, is claiming she had a 31-month affair and she has over 300 “racy” text messages to validate it. To top it off, […]

Tiger Woods’ Mistress Not A Mistress After All?

He has a laceration on his face, but that does not exempt him from being linked to other women. Rachel Uchitel is the alleged mistress of the golf star, but she says that while they have met twice, they have not had any contact since. The truth will prevail, whatever it is.

Tiger Woods In An Accident

Tiger Woods got into a car accident on Friday just outside his home in Florida. Apparently, he was not driving fast enough and the airbags of the car did not employ. He is doing fine, suffering only from minor lacerations on his face. That shouldn’t affect his golf skills!