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Sean Penn To Take A Leave From Hollywood

**RESTRICTIONS APPLY** Sean Penn on set of his new film Fair Game which is filming in New York City
After winning an Oscar for Milk, Sean Penn is taking time off from making movies. He wants to focus on family matters. News about his filing for divorce and then rescinding it circulated recently. Obviously, he really needs to devote time to personal matters. Best of luck to him!


Sean Penn Withdraws Separation

Naomi Watts and Sean Penn on location for Fair Game in Brooklyn
Some time ago, we reported that Sean Penn filed a separation request from his wife of 13 years. Records have been released that the actor has withdrawn his request, however. The official records do not state the reason but the actor has said that his action was an “arrogant mistake.”


Natalie Portman: Not Dating Sean Penn

Celebrities Arrive At The White House Correspondents Association Dinner In Washington DC. 1 of 6
She is breathtakingly beautiful, a talented actress, and a smart one to boot. She rarely gets involved in scandals but rumors have been going around that she and Oscar winning Sean Penn are “together.” To this, Natalie Portman says “The reports that we are romantically involved are completely untrue. I normally do not respond to rumors about my private life, however, this repeatedly fabricated story has forced me to do so.


Sean Penn Is One Hot Daddy


I think we should all take at least a moment out of our busy Tuesday in order to give actor Sean Penn the credit he deserves.  No, not for his courageous acting career, nor for his love of being a father, but because the dude is freaking 47-years-old & STILL looks damn hot!

How does the Penn do it?  Hmm, well I imagine being rich rather helps you have time to keep the ole bod in shape.  Sean was seen in Malibu over the weekend showing locals what sexy truly looks like, in the above 40 category. 


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