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2013 is definitely Scarlett Johansson‘s year, as she earns the “sexiest woman alive” title again!

Scarlett Johansson, getting sexier and sexier as time passes.

Scarlett Johansson, getting sexier and sexier as time passes.

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It’s the season of engagements, and bombshell Scarlett Johansson is not the one to be left behind!

Is he finally the one for Scarlett Johansson? (HawtCelebs)

Is he finally the one for Scarlett Johansson? (HawtCelebs)

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There is a fine line between acting and singing. Not everyone can criss-cross platforms, but when they do, they can get very infectious – making that leap from silver screen to your iPods. Here are some of today’s actors who can actually sing:

Actors who can sing

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Scarlett’s nude photos: real or fake?

The hacker ring that infilitrated the mobiles of Natalie Portman and Dianna Agron are at it again—this time stealing two nude photos of Scarlett Johannson.

One photo has Scarlett checking out the reflection of her butt in the mirrror. The second is her, on the bed, recording her very ample bosom. Scarlett’s asked the FBI to find out who did this—meanwhile, her loyal fans are trying to do their part in their investigations by taking a very long (and leering) look at the snapshots. (All in the name of science, of course.)

The big question is if the photos are real or photoshopped. For example, the photo of Scarlett on the bed seems to have an odd line right above her collarbone. Is it a necklace? A shadow? A really weird wrinkle? Or is it a sign of really sloppy photo editing?

In any case, Scarlett’s not the first star who’s struggled with digital security issues. Aside from Natalie Portman and Dianne Agron, Vanessa Hudgens and Jessica Alba have comlained that their email accounts have also ben hacked.

Makes you wonder if Hollywood celebs should stick to traditional ways of communicating. Smoke signals, anyone?

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Scarlett Nails Broadway

Most actors-turned-Broadway-stars cannot handle the stage. It’s a reality that theater critics have to deal with. Theater and musical producers usually employ a known Hollywood celebrity for one purpose—to sell more tickets. But do they do a good job? Not really (hello, Ashlee).

When I heard thumbs-up reviews for Scarlett Johansson’s A View From The Bridge, I was pleasantly surprised. If you believe the critics’ reviews, then Scarlett’s acting skills helped bring justice to Arthur Miller’s drama.

'A View from the Bridge' opening night New York City
Scarlett on opening night. She plays 17-year-old orphan Catherine, with whom her uncle is obsessed.

“It is the siren call of Catherine’s beauty that drives what Miller intended as a twentieth century American update of an ancient Greek tragedy, the story of a man who loves his niece in the wrong way, and it is the lure of Scarlett Johansson on the stage that makes A View From The Bridge worth seeing,” wrote theater critic Jonathan Mandel.

Good job, Scarlett!


Scarlett Johansson Is Auctioning Herself

Scarlett Johansson Attends 'Mango New Collection Launch Party' in Madrid

…for a good cause. To help the victims of Haiti, the 25-year-old actress is auctioning herself—or to be more specific, she is auctioning off the chance for four people (and no, you don’t necessarily have to be a guy!) to meet her at the opening night of her new Broadway play, A View from the Bridge, on January 24 at the Cort Theatre in New York City.

I kid you not! Check out the official eBay entry here.

It’s very simple; the winner of the charity auction gets four tickets, so he/she can bring three other people to meet Scarlett. According to Yahoo!, the proceeds will go straight to Oxfam’s Haiti Earthquake Response Fund.

Last time I checked, the bid was at $2,225. Do I hear a $2,250? Do I hear a $2,300? Going once, going twice…


Scarlett Johansson is so 80s hot

Scarlett Johansson is 80s hot

Last time we saw Scarlett she was glaming it up for Harper’s Bazaar and wasn’t looking half bad. During that time I spoke about how I just don’t have an attraction to her face. I can’t help it and it makes me question my own sexuality because apparently the rest of the world thinks she is the hotsauce on the cream cheese.

Maybe you can help me here and tell me what makes her hot on Twitter by hitting us up at @celebrific because I’m just at a loss with this one. Usually I go along with the popular vote, but she completely baffles me. By no means do I think she is ugly, but I don’t see her as the sex goddess that others see her as. I think it has more to do with the jugs she carries around and her breasts. Get it? I made you think jugs were breasts, but used the other definition of jugs to fool you and bam it made the whole thing funny.

Okay, maybe it didn’t make any sense at all, but it certainly brought a chuckle to my face. My face chuckles, not my mouth though. I think it is all in the eyes.

I can’t wiggle my ears either.

Scarlett Johansson is 80s hot


Scarlett Johansson in Harper’s Bazaar

I love women, don’t get me wrong and I would let Scarlett Johansson give me a hug if she really wanted to, but I’ve never seen the appeal of her. Her body? Yes. Face? Not so much, but I do appreciate her acting ability. I’m surprised she hasn’t won a million Oscars by now.

In fact let me find one of her classic acting clips to show you her skills…better yet, let me show you her singing skills!


Scarlett Johansson: New Broadway Girl

scarlett johanssen
She is hot and talented – what more can a woman ask for? Scarlett Johansson is expanding her horizons and making her Broadway debut on January 24. She will be starring with Liev Schreiber in Arthur Miller’s A View From the Bridge.


Scarlett va-va-voom

Scarlett Johansson just married Ryan Reynolds and the picture above shows that the girl is basking in her marriage.

The picture was taken during the benefit for the Michael J. Fox Foundation to find a cure for Parkinson’s Disease.


Wedding bells for Scarlett


Congratulations to Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds! The two got married this weekend, in a quiet wedding in the Canadian wilderness.


Latex for Scarlett!

Stella McCartney is hoping to design Scarlett Johannsen’s wedding dress. Her concept? “Latex! Latex for Scarlett!” Uhm, whatever happened to white lace?


Oh, Scarlett!

Scarlett Johannson proudly shows off her ring. She recently announced her engagement to longtime Ryan Reynolds.


Win a date with Scarlett!


Scarlett Johansson is auctioning tickets to her movie premiere, He’s Just Not That Into You. Just head for eBay and start bidding…fast.

This is Scarlett’s way of giving back to the community. Proceeds will go to Oxfam, an international relief organization. Although we’re willing to bet that whoever bids isn’t doing it for a chance to feed hungry children.

Last day of bidding is March 12.



Actress & hottie Penélope Cruz is packing up & heading across the Atlantic to join Scarlett Johansson in Spain for the as of yet unnamed Woody Allen film.

Cruz was spotted leaving the Hotel Plaza Atheénée in Paris Wednesday & getting ready to fly out to Spain.  I’m not sure I’m going to be able to control myself when I finally do sit down to this upcoming movie, what with such hottness as Penelope & Scarlett acting in it.  Might need to have some kind of emergency medical support on hand, just in case.






Sexy little thing Scarlett Johansson & Ryan Reynolds have been linked together for some time now, except the hot item has managed to stay clear of the paparazzi pretty darn well. 

But it looks like the insiders are starting to open up as the couple were spotted getting cozy at Troubadour Monday night.

According to a source the two were quite quick to find each other even though they arrived at the club separately, saying, “In the foyer they were talking and had their hands all over each other.”

“He kissed her a couple more times in the club. He was totally sweet. She went to the restroom and he went to check up on her.”

Awwww, how sweet, Ryan.


“I look at a guy and think he has such a cute nose or such nice eyes, but there isn’t one feature I look for in a guy. One thing that I look for that isn’t physical is a healthy confidence.”

If somebody is confident in a way that you would admire – being strong, funny – that can make someone that you might not initially be attracted to more attractive.”

~Scarlett Johansson

scarlett-johansson-ryan-reyolds-dating-4-11-07.jpgNew couple alert!  Few things could be hotter than starlet Scarlett Johansson but add Scarlett & hottiepants Ryan Reynolds & you have yourself some superhotness!

Johansson & Reynolds were spotted this past weekend in NYC getting close & personal.  On Saturday night, the duo were seen closing down the Manhattan restaurant Odeon.

“They were in a good mood,” one insider revealed.

“They were definitely holding hands.  They were a cute couple,” a witness stated.

Reynolds, who just ended his engagement to singer Alanis Morissette in February, is the perfect accouterment for sexy Johansson & I can’t wait to see where they go from here!

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