A Look At Some Celebrities And Their Ridiculous Jewelry

Most of the time you are lucky enough to read about best dressed celebrities, especially when it comes to red carpet affairs. However, everyone loves to hear about the fashion failures. Instead of just looking at dresses, you should also keep your eyes on the jewelry … [Read more...]

Sarah Jessica Parker Replaces Demi Moore in Lovelace

Demi Moore recently got in the news a few months after her much publicized separation from Ashton Kutcher. Moore was apparently so affected by all the negative things in her life that she was recently admitted to a rehab center due to exhaustion. This meant, of course, that she … [Read more...]

SJP, Museum Guide

If I were to ask you to name five movie/TV characters that best represent fashion, I’m pretty sure Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw would be in your list. The people at the Costume Institute of The Metropolitan Museum of Art had the same gal in mind when they organized their … [Read more...]

SATC 2’s New Trailer

Finally, the plot thickens! A few months ago, I was complaining that Sex And The City’s sequel seemed boring with no juicy plots to keep us fans in suspense. I guess I spoke to soon. It turns out the producers were keeping the juicy parts under wraps until about a month before … [Read more...]

Sarah Jessica Parker: Mommy In The City

I’m so caught up with Sarah Jessica Parker's Sex In The City character that I forget it’s just a screen role. Baby backpack with baby in tow? That’s so Miranda! … [Read more...]