Rihanna Livin’ It Up

Finally, Rihanna seems to be back in the swing of things. She was seen at XS nightclub in the Encore in Las Vegas in a hot white dress, drawing attention to, well, her cleavage. No one’s complaining! I guess she was just waiting for the case against Chris Brown to be over with, huh? Photo […]

Rihanna Poses Topless For Vogue

While her ex-boyfriend is serving out his sentence for beating her up, Rihanna has been busy with other things. The Italian Vogue will be featuring her in the latest issue. Seeing that picture, I bet it will sell more copies than usual!

Chris Brown On Larry King Live: I Don’t Remember The Assault

In his first live interview since the controversial beating up of his girlfriend (ex?) Rihanna, Chris Brown told Larry King that he still loves her and that he does not remember the events of that fateful night. Maybe it’s really a strange case of amnesia, or maybe it’s a convenient memory gap. I wonder how […]

Chris Brown And Rihanna: No Contact For 5 Years

The couple is making the news once again. After that much publicized fight between the two, wherein Rihanna got all beaten up, the couple lay low for a while. Now that Chris Brown has been sentenced to 5 years of probation, the spotlight is on them again, and it still is not good news. They […]

Chris Brown And Rihanna: Domestic Abuse History

Chris Brown has been sentenced to five years of probation. The case which rocked the R&B world has finally come to an end. However, soon after the sentence was laid down, reports have come out that there have been other cases of domestic abuse between the couple! Is anyone surprised?

Chris Brown’s Sentence Delayed By Judge

Rihanna’s bruises and wounds may have long been healed, but Chris Brown has yet to face the consequences of his action – a paltry fine and physical labor. The judge has decided to delay the giving of the sentence so that he can ensure that the arrangements for his community service have been arranged. Oh […]

Chris Brown Pleads GUILTY

Chris Brown’s trial is finally over and done with. He pleaded guilty to beating up his ex-girlfriend Rihanna and was sentenced to 5 years probation. The two have been ordered not to have any contact. There goes the dreams of reconciliation, if there were any in the first place.

Rihanna Ready To Testify Against Chris Brown

Months after the assault occurred, Rihanna might be called upon to testify against her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. Reports say that she is ready should the court require her to do this. Let’s hope she can stand up to it and tell the truth. She hasn’t spoken about the incident, remember?

Naked Photos Of Rihanna Become Internet Sensation

As everyone probably already knows, last week some naked photos of Rihanna leaked onto the Internet. That’s not all that surprising, given what we’ve seen from celebs in the past. But here’s some real news: we have inside information from several major celebrity blogs that compared to other nude photo leaks, the [Warning: this link […]

Rihanna Ready For A Comeback

No matter what others may say, I think that the way she handled her thing with Chris Brown just reeks of something not quite right. Her producers and representatives are quick to say that she is ready to make new hits and make a comeback. I don’t know about that, really.

Chris Brown: Not Guilty Your Honor

The highly publicized case of domestic violence against Rihanna (Robyn Fenton) has finally gone to court. Chris Brown, the alleged attacker, has pleaded not guilty. It would be very interesting to see how this turns out as neither Brown nor Rihanna has addressed the issue of their relationship publicly after the incident.

Chris Brown’s Manager: No Text Messages

Tina Davis, Chris Brown’s manager, was reportedly the reason behind the fight between Rihanna and the singer. Davis allegedly sent a 3-page text message that Rihanna discovered, prompting an argument that led to the assault. David denies it and refuses to further make comments. Oh yeah, the manager and singer were supposed to have an […]

Chris-Rihanna Duet

This is a literal thing, by the way. Reports have come in that Rihanna and Chris Brown have gotten together in the recording studio to come up with a duet filled with unsurpassed emotions. Not long after reports that they have reconciled were released, they seem to be getting their act together. Comments?

Rihanna Back To Work

Rihanna seems to be recovering really quickly from what happened to her a few weeks ago. Reports say that she is already recording! What’s going on here? Forgive and forget?

Chris Brown And Rihanna Back In L.A.

The couple are definitely back together. They spent a “reconciliation weekend” in Miami but have been seen in L.A. As for Rihanna’s daddy, he says he supports her decision, whatever it may be.

Rihanna And Chris Brown Together Again

Are they for real? TMZ reports that the couple is back together. After the highly publicized incident of domestic violence, who would have thought that the couple would make amends?

50 Cent On Rihanna And Chris Brown

It took a leaked photo of a battered Rihanna for him to say something to the effect that it’s not funny. Let me tell you, 50, it never was funny in the first place! Ask Rihanna that – even if she were not that battered, she probably wouldn’t have thought it funny. Ever.

Rihanna’s Dad: Daughter Is Fine

It’s been a week since the incident with Chris Brown and we still have not heard directly from Rihanna. Her grandma did release a statement and her dad, Ronald Fenty, is the most recent one in the family to release a statement. He says she is fine although he has not said that he has […]

Rihanna’s Grandma: She’s Doing Fine

Ever since the news broke out that Rihanna was beat up by boyfriend Chris Brown, people have been hungry for updates. Here’s one from Clara Brathwaite, Rihanna’s grandma. She says that her granddaughter is fine and does NOT have a broken nose. Thank God for sparing her pretty face that!