Rihanna’s Got Seoul

The R&B singer touched down in Seoul, Korea yesterday. She arrived at Gimpo International Airport wearing a rockstar-meets-military-chic outfit. And I know you’re checking out her irresistible Louis Vuitton bag!

Rihanna Steals the Super Bowl Spotlight

“Rihanna had half her costume missing!” became the running joke since the R&B star’s pre-Super Bowl performance last Thursday. Always the one to challenge fashion rules, the 21-year-old performed a medley of hits at the Pepsi Super Bowl Fan Jam 2010 wearing a one-shoulder, one-leg cat suit with white trimming, accessorized with fishnet stockings and […]

Rihanna is W’s Feb Girl

She finally has put the past behind her. In W Magazine’s February issue, Rihanna graces the cover and talks about being back in the grind. “Not talking was a big thing for me,” Rihanna told W Magazine. She managed to keep mum and stayed away from the craziness last year when the media was all […]

The Rihanna ‘Do

I didn’t notice it until last weekend’s Grammy Awards. Rihanna and Mary J. Blige are sporting the same do. I ask you (with a Sherlock Holmes voice), who did it first? Or better yet, (in a Tyra Banks voice) who looks better? This ’do is definitely making a “Russian Roulette.”

Grammy Awards Best Dressed

Last night’s gathering of entertainers brought out a new trend for red-carpet dressing. Perhaps it’s the 2010 bug where fashionistas are out to challenge the conventional “glam-glam-glam” mantra. Here are my top 10 picks for the Grammy’s best dressed, in no particular order. As Fergie posed with the rest of the Black Eyed Peas, her […]

Rihanna’s New ‘Do… Or Don’t?

She’s not exactly a Lady Gaga, but R&B star Rihanna has managed to shock Hollywood with her punk-chic hairstyles that paved way for copycats all over the world. Remember when she started the sexy bob, the undercut, and the faux hawk? Now this. We spotted her last Saturday at the Staples Center watching an NBA […]

Rihanna Writes a Book

Another one bites the dust. Why is it that most celebrities feel the need to pen a memoir of their lives? We already have TMZ tailing them from day to night and the TMI world of social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. The latest star to join the bandwagon of celebrity autobiographers […]

I Came Home and Found Rihanna Like This, in GQ

Rihanna has alwas been a sexy enigma to me. Sometimes she is unbelievably hot and other times I think an airplane is going to land on her forehead. She is very comfortable with her body it seems and that is always a good thing. The girl can sing and her hairstyles are always “refreshing.” I […]

Tila Tequila Says Rihanna Has Herpes. Yes, THAT Tila Tequila

So says The Examiner. I’m usually good with coming up with witty stuff to write here, but this one just blows my mind. If there was ever going to be a case where you wanted to legitimize Rihanna having herpes, the last option would be to go through Tila Tequila. If Oprah had said it, […]

Rihanna Likes Them Big And Something About Naked Pics

photo via The Superficial So apparently Rihanna had some naked pictures posted of herself earlier this year that were the most popular naked pics known to man. Well, she was a bit embarrassed to know that her mom was aware of the pics and you can’t blame her. Her mom always told her to condition […]

Rihanna’s Starting On A New Journey

And it’s looking pretty good for her. After that scandal with ex boyfriend Chris Brown, it looks like Rihanna’s luck is a-turnin’. She just released a new album titled “Rated R,” and fans have not hesitated to grab their own copy. As for Chris Brown…he’s still serving his (light) sentence.

Rihanna On Chris Brown’s Music

If your ex beat you up and it became known all over the world, would you still want to hear his voice? Rihanna says yeah, she doesn’t hate Chris Brown’s music, and that she actually still listens to it. Yeah, she misses him too.

Celebs’s New ‘Dos: What Say You?

Four of your favorite stars are sporting new hairstyles. Tell us what you think. Love it or hate it? At the MLS Western Conference Championship soccer match in Carson, California last Friday, David Beckham sported what may be described as a partial Mohawk. Is this a dated photo of *NSYNC? Nope. Justin Timberlake is growing […]

Rihanna Spoke Out To Save Lives

There was a bigger reason for Rihanna’s coming out to talk about the assault – she wants to help others and maybe save lives. Ex Chris Brown was upset about her revelations, but Rihanna knows she is doing the right thing. I totally agree!

Chris Brown Reacts To Rihanna’s Interview

Everyone was eager to hear what Rihanna had to say about the night that her then boyfriend, Chris Brown, beat her up. She was quite candid during the interview, and naturally, Chris Brown wasn’t too happy about it. He says that what happened that night should remain between the two of them. I think he […]

Rihanna’s Thoughts On Chris Brown

Remember my post about Rihanna breaking her silence on Chris Brown and their relationship? Let me correct myself – the interview will air today on Good Morning America and tomorrow on 20/20. Anyhow, a sneak peek: she said that he was her first big love, but that they were dangerous for each other. Oh, the […]

Rihanna To Speak Up About Chris Brown Incident

In several months, it will have been a year since Chris Brown beat up Rihanna, and it is only now that the female singer will be breaking her silence about the whole thing. In the meanwhile, Chris Brown has been sentenced to community service, Rihanna has been churning out hits. Tune in to Good Morning […]

Rihanna Plays the Russian Roulette

It’s about time. Rihanna is back with a new single under Island Def Jam Records. “Russian Roulette” is a dark ballad that fans interpret as referential to her emotional relationship with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. He is still under a court order that requires him to stay away from his former girlfriend after assaulting her on […]

Paris Fashion Week’s Best Dressed

The best place for celebs to show off their hot designer duds is in the VIP section of fashion shows. Check out these Hollywood fashionistas who managed to steal the attention away from the catwalks at the Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010. Who wins your vote for best dressed? Rihanna attended the Jean-Paul Gaultier Pret […]