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And so it’s love at second sight for Denise Richards and Richie Sambora.

The grapevine confirms the couple is  back together  and looking quite happy turning the love light back on.


Amazing how these celebrity couples get in and out of relationships and then recycle old flames.  You would wonder how on earth they even keep track of anniversary dates.

Richards and Sambora were an item from 2006-2007.  After calling it quits with husband Charlie Sheen,  fingers were pointed at Denise Richards for stealing the rock singer from his wife, Heather Locklear.  We don’t exactly know how that all added up, but the Wild Things vixen assured everyone she did not break up any marriage.

Sambora, who is now 52, has had a bad row of events in his life. However, he kept a good friendship with Richards over the years. The two  have managed to stay in tune with their own lives and now both are enjoying where they are in their romance. Hollywood is keeping their fingers crossed on both of you!

Richards, who is quite reputed to be a potty mouth around her children and having had her two daughters  undergo  therapy  in between her divorce from Charlie Sheen and her reality show getting the boot,  seems to have evidently,  simmered her craziness down a notch . Just this summer, she adopted baby Eloise.


Well, there’s gotta be a lot more to discuss on the table for Denis Richards and Richie Sambora should they decide on marriage down the road. There’s definitely a lot of dirty laundry to sort out for these two.

Hopefully, this romance rocks it out longer than …say, 72 days?



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Well, it took them long enough to tell us!  It looks like actress Denise Richards & beau Richie Sambora are dunzo!  And it appears as if the former hot couple broke their rather public relationship off more than two months ago!

Don’t they know they’re supposed to keep us abreast of situations like these? 

Denise’s rep revealed that the duo did not disclose their break-up “because they lived through public divorces and it was very painful.”

Hmm, I see.  So painful that getting naked & drunk publicly made it all better?

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