You Tell Me: Would You Watch a Kate Moss & Pete Doherty Celebrity Sex Tape?

With the news of not only one but TWO Kate Moss & Pete Doherty celebrity sex tapes possibly being released, I started to wonder, would I actually watch one of them? I mean, Kate's certainly hot enough to justify a few moments of sexy hotness, but I think I might … [Read more...]

The Many Hats of David & Victoria Beckham

While David & wifey Victoria Beckham weaved their way through London's Heathrow airport, they turned many a head. David, looking brightly bohemian & Victoria, looking quote Pete Doherty, could have been street performers.  I probably would drop more change into … [Read more...]

You Tell Me: Will Pete Doherty Ever Be Sober?

Kate Moss' fiance Pete Doherty is admitting himself into rehab once again.  What, isn't this like the 12898y40858 time?  The Babyshambles singer has checked into Midlands Rehab Clinic to wean himself off heroin once again.  Pete plans on getting a pellet of the drug … [Read more...]

Kate Moss & Pete Doherty Confirm Enagagement

Supermodel Kate Moss & superfreak beau Pete Doherty have finally put some damn confirmation into their rumored engagement, which is more like a rumored engagment if you ask me. At a recent Babyshambles concert, Pete dedicated a song to his ladyfriend Kate, his new … [Read more...]

Daily Dose of Zen: Kate Moss & Pete Doherty Take Weekend Helicopter Ride

Kate Moss & junkie beau Pete Doherty were spotted over the weekend taking a helicopter ride. Moss decided to celebrate Doherty's 28th birthday with a ride in a helicopter & a nice, romantic picnic afterwards. "Picnic" is probably junkie code for, "I got you some clean … [Read more...]