Tila Tequila vs. Perez Hilton

Oh no she didn’t! Tila Tequila, who’s been busy with her “comeback,” is dead serious about becoming the newest celebrity blogger. In an interview with PopEater, she proclaimed that she’s out to beat Perez Hilton. "This is my calling,” she said when asked about … [Read more...]

Perez Hilton’s Carn-Evil Day!

Hollywood’s famous gossip Perez Hilton turned 32 last week, and he made sure that he celebrated it with his favorite people. … [Read more...]

Perez Hilton For American Idol!

He doesn’t want to be just a guest judge a la Victoria Beckham or Katy Perry. … [Read more...]

Perez Hilton Receives Demi Moore’s Ire

Perez Hilton struck a raw nerve - a very raw one - with Demi Moore when s/he linked to some photos of Tallulah Willis on Twitter. The photos showed some sexy angles of the 15-year-old daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, ruffling the mother hen's feathers. She lashed out at … [Read more...]

Black Eyed Peas Charged For Assault Against Perez Hilton

After the MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto, Perez Hilton was allegedly assaulted by will.i.am. The celebrity blogger tweeted "I'm in shock. I need the police ASAP. Please come to the Soho Metropolitan Hotel now. Please" around 3 in the morning. This was followed up by another … [Read more...]