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Despite being himself on TV, Simon Cowell still scores hot brownie points with the chics.  Engaged to make up artist Mezghan Hussainy, we’re sure you would think your gaydar was lightly beeping at some point.  As the world watches him tear almost every aspiring singer into tiny shredded pieces of broken dreams, this man opens his mouth and everyone stops on their tracks. The next reaction would either be a toss up between, running home to cry and hide under a rock …. or throw a perfectly aimed water bottle at him with a side of rotten tomatoes.

The man is simply a death trap for confidence but we’re guessing women find that attractive in a man. While being on American Idol, we’ve seen him cut up contestants and go on constant piss fights with fellow judge Paula Abdul.  The tension between them was pretty evident. Sexual tension for that matter!

Yes there was sexual between these two, but more on Paula Abdul’s part. The 52 yr. old British reality TV mogul found himself in a predicament of sorts weighing out his options on the idea of hooking up with 49yr old Paula Abdul.  Cowell admits that Paula was a million percent into pursuing him for a relationship but the thought of never having it good as the before, and the fact that they couldn’t even travel in the same plane, was enough to let their  dates end in just a good kiss.

Apparently, even  Denis Richards has a wild thing for Cowell, and thinks he’s one major hottie! The two were rumoured to have dated while she was 8 months with child.


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The “ex” factor

They’ve fought, flirted, kissed, and shouted abuses at each other—and they are at it again.  Ex-American idol judges Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul have reunited for the X factor. “I like people who disagree with me,” he says. “Paula fascinates me because she’s a complex person.”

Uhm, yeah. In another interview, we believe he used the word “loopy.” But hey, whatever rocks his boat (or more accurately, his ratings). Simon may be all praises for Paula now, but we know this is a marketing move to get the American Idol fans to switch over to his show. Not that they need much prodding at this point—the show’s gone to the “dawgs.”  Pop quiz: what was the name of the last American Idol winner? Yeah, we don’t remember either. Exactly our point.

The show will premiere on Fox this fall. “This show wouldn’t have been the same without Paula, and I can’t believe I am saying this – I have missed her a lot,” said Simon. (Cue bad karaoke music.)

Paula says, “I’m delighted and grateful to be sitting next to Simon again” (subtext: “I have a career again! I have a career again! I have a career again!”) but adds “You might want to check back on in me in a week or two.”

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Hollywood’s famous gossip Perez Hilton turned 32 last week, and he made sure that he celebrated it with his favorite people.

Perez Hilton Carn-Evil 2010

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Star Search Is Coming Back

Remember this talent show? It aired from 1983-2003, with its peak in the late ’80s and early ’90s. Back in the day when reality TV ceased to exist, viewers would sit on their couches to see which singers, dancers, and comedians would get the best ratings and win Star Search.

TV network ABC wants to revive the show and are looking modern-day judges to give the coveted 4-star ratings. They’ve approached former American Idol judge Paula Abdul to potentially join the show, but she reportedly demanded a hefty paycheck so no deal was made.

Paula Abdul American Idol 2010 Finale


Paula Abdul: Nope, I’m not exactly going to go with this show. I really like your dress, though.

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Idol’s 9th Life Takes New Twists

America’s number one TV show, American Idol began its ninth season last Tuesday, and three notable changes have gotten everyone talking.

1. Paula’s out. She left the show before the ninth season began, sighting “contract negotiation problems.” Let me refer to that old saying, “You never really know what you got ‘til it’s gone” or something like that. We miss Paula Abdul’s good-hearted opinions and unintentional comic relief that Kara DioGuardi could never provide.

2. Ellen’s in. The talk show host is the official replacement of Paula, and although she has no background whatsoever in music (except maybe for her regular dance routines on her talk show), Ellen Degeneres promises to give “a layman’s point of view to the show.” It was disappointing though that she wasn’t part of the panel of judges during the initial audition rounds. Instead, guest judges such as Mary J. Blige, Shania Twain, Victoria Beckham, Neil Patrick Harris, Kristin Chenoweth, Joe Jonas, and Katy Perry took the fourth seat.

3. Simon’s leaving. Yes, the infamous AI judge is taking a bow after this season to focus on the American version of X-Factor. Simon Cowell created the popular talent show for Britain, and now he’s taking it to the US. Simon will be busy producing and judging X-Factor for Fox in 2011. “I wanted to do something different,” he said. “I wanted a new challenge.” Will AI ever find a suitable replacement for the brutally honest judge? I doubt it. Other copycat reality talent shows have tried and failed.

AI fans, what do you think about Simon’s plans of ditching the show? Are you looking forward to Ellen as the new Paula?


DWTS To Welcome Paula Abdul Back

Paula Abdul may not have her own show but she is not idle, either. News is that she is going back to Dancing with the Stars as a guest. We know she can dance, so it’s probably a good move.


Paula Makes Fun Of Ellen

Paula Abdul hosted the recent VH1 Divas and surprised everyone by poking fun at Ellen, her replacement on American Idol. She had this signature Ellen get up – blonde wig and jeans – and did an impersonation. Ellen tweeted that she doesn’t mind at all. Why would she? She’s the one who has the job, right?

Ellen DeGeneres
I think ecstatic is the word that she used. After the news that Ellen is going to replace Paula Abdul on American Idol got out, the current sole female judge of the show expressed her sentiments on the turn of events. I wonder how they will get along?


Her shirt says she loves someone else, but Rosie O’Donnell predicts a rosy future for Ellen Degeneres as an American Idol judge (no pun intended). She said that Ellen would be much better than Paula, who “was often incoherent.” Well she’s right about the incoherent part, but that was also Paula’s charm, wasn’t it?


Seems like Paula Abdul will really not be returning to American Idol. On Wednesday, Fox made an announcement regarding her “permanent” replacement: talk show host Ellen Degeneres. Simon Fuller is excited about it, and so is Ellen. Some critics say she is the wrong choice, I think she’ll do wonderfully. What do you think?


Why am I not surprised? After all, Simon and Paula had chemistry on screen. Simon says that, while he does not want to get in between the producers of the show and Paula, the show is very different without her. Think she’ll ever come back?

Paula Abdul Wants Her Own Talk Show

It has not been long since her departure from American Idol, and Paula Abdul has not “settled down” yet. She has been trying out projects left and right, but what she really wants is a talk show of her own. Watch out guys, she just might get her wish!


Paula Abdul New Host Of Vh1 Divas

She’s finally got a new gig, girls and boys! After Paula’s exit from American Idol, lots of talk went around about where she was going next. Nothing really materialized, though. But this time, it’s for real. She’s hosting Vh1 Divas and will go live on Sept 17th @ 9 pm EST.


Paula Abdul seems to be losing contract after contract. She has just left American Idol and now, she is leaving Ugly Betty. News is that she has such a long list of demands that the contract deal fell through. Kristen Johnston is taking over the reins.


It looks like Paula Abdul is not coming back to American Idol anytime soon. The three judges recently announced that Shania Twain just might join them as a guest judge. I wonder what Paula is thinking right now?


Paula Abdul Retracts AI Decision?

That’s the news, according to some sources close to Paula Abdul. They say that, for the right price, Paula will return to American Idol. Her price? $10 million. Talks with other shows haven’t materialized and it seems that Paula wants to go back. But will they meet her price? Or will she settle for less?

In Dancing With The Stars, that is. Paula has left the American Idol building, and other doors are opening up for her. While AI fans are bereft, others just might be waiting for her with open arms.

The first round of auditions for the new season of American Idol has begun. Instead of Paula Abdul, hopefuls faced Posh Spice. Simon Cowell says that he may have bickered with Paula, but he definitely felt her absence. Contestants seem to have the same feeling. Will AI still be as big as it was without her?


Paula Abdul Has A Bright Future Ahead

For most people, being taken out of the roster of the judges of American Idol may mean the end of one’s career, but this is not the case with Paula Abdul. She says that she is receiving a lot of offers and may even consider being a judge in the show “So You Think You Can Dance.”


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