Paris is going to Harvard!

…to take Molecular Biology! Just kidding. Actually, the actress-socialite was given an award by the Harvard Lampoon: “Hastiest Pudding of the Lampoon Award.” Okay, so it’s not the Golden Globes, but the actress has been building on her, uhm, esteemed body of work, with “The Hottie & the Nottie” due to be released this February […]

Paris-Stavros-Lindsay love triangle

Days after rumors spread that Stavros Niarchos was interested in Lindsay Lohan, his ex Paris Hilton made moves to reclaim her guy. Paris and Stavros have been seen doing some serious liplocking, and she’s making damn sure that everyone does see them. Trendy clubs. Best tables at restaurants. Gosh, she might as well send out […]

Lindsay, Paris fight over boy

What is the appeal of Stavros Niarchos? Lindsay Lohan was all over him at a Hollywood party (aah, she didn’t waste any time after ending her rehab romance). But watch your step, Lindsay. While stealing a guy from a small-town girl may have little consequence, you don’t want to cross paths with Paris Hilton. She […]

Drunken what?

News had spread that Paris had finally found a cause more relevant than buying shoes  — rallying for binge-drinking elephants in India. Today, the Associated Press retracted that news. Apparently, Hilton’s rep said she had never mentioned drunken elephants.  It was a hoax. A honest mistake, since binge-drinking is something Paris knows very, very well. 

Till death do us party!

  I bet Santa never heard a wish like this.  Paris Hilton’s big dream is to defy death—her body preserved for a century, along with that of her dogs. She’s even invested a “huge amount” (gasp even bigger than what she spends on bags!) in the Cryonics Institute. (That’s “tech speak” for “the world’s largest freezer”). […]

Pamela Anderson & Rick Salomon Wedding Pictures

Wedding pictures from Pamela Anderson & Rick Salomon’s surprise wedding have finally hit the web. Can I just say that I love the fact that Rick is sporting a knit cap!  Wow.  In the infamous words of Paris Hilton, “That’s hot!” Photos from the hitching were published in OK! Magazine this week, showing a beaming Pam […]

Ummm….Paris Hilton Turns Motherly?

Paris Hilton is confusing the hell out of me.  The socialite showed up for the MTV Video Music Awards looking rather motherly than usual. Hilton hit the red carpet while sporting a 60-years-old hair design & a tight animal skin dress.  Maybe in some alternate reality this all makes sense somehow.

Quote Of the Day: Oops! Paris Hilton Spills the Christina Aguilera Pregnancy Beans!

Leave it up to Paris Hilton to spill the Christina Aguilera pregnancy beans. While enjoying a party in Las Vegas on Sunday, Hilton publicly congratulated Xtina on her pregnancy, saying, “Congratulations to the most beautiful pregnant woman in the world, you’re gorgeous.” Gee, thanks Paris.  Christina preg rumors have been circulating for some time, while […]

Quote Of the Day: Paris Hilton Wants Kids & Fast!

Good ole Paris Hilton is feeling a little left out ever since BFF Nicole Richie went & got herself knocked up.  Hilton, who recently gave an interview to Elle magazine, has revealed that she wants kids & that she’s ready to start pushing them out as soon as next year.  Watch out, Stavros, there’s a […]