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Kim Kardashian Makes Carl’s Salads Hot

Whenever I order fast food from Carl’s Jr., I love how their burgers and fries make a wonderful treat after a stressful day. What I don’t understand is their advertising. Why does it always have to be hot stars who look like they’re about to hump a burger? First, it was Paris Hilton’s Carl’s Jr. […]

Paris On Cops’ Hotlist

Paris Hilton has made a reputation for herself – for being a rowdy neighbor. Numerous complaints have been filed against her, and the cops are saying that the next time it happens, there will be tickets or arrests. No comment from Paris and boyfriend. Photo courtesy of TMZ

Paris Hilton Defends Herself

Hilton heiress Paris is no stranger to mischief and trouble. Her latest is about her NOT promoting “Pledge This!” which bombed in 2006. She was in court Friday and swore that she did her part. True or not, the movie was a bomb. There is no denying that.

Paris Has New Sexy Boy

That’s how the heiress refers to her current beau, Doug Reinhardt. Her “sexy boy,” was her companion in Maui, where she experienced scuba diving for the first time. I guess she’s totally over Benji Madden.

Paris hooks up with ex-BF

Newly-single Paris Hilton reportedly hooked up with ex-boyfriend Stavros Niarchos during the party at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Girl’s fast on the rebound.

Paris Hilton speaks about her sex video

Paris Hilton talked about Rick Salomon, the scumbag who released their sex video. Here’s the quote she gave News of The World: ““I loved this guy for three years but he betrayed me. Rick’s a scumbag and I hate him. It was just the most horrible thing that’s ever happened to me. So humiliating and […]

Paris Hilton to move to

Paris Hilton is moving! According to reports, the “reformed” party girl has set her eyes on London as her new permanent home. She recently taped her new TV show Paris Hilton’s My New BBF (that’s British Best Friend) in London and she has reportedly fallen in love with the city. She said that she wants […]

New side of Paris

Paris Hilton gets… domestic? Dispelling rumors that she and Benji Madden have broken up, she says their relationship has never been better. In fact, she’s going to celebrate his return home with…a homecooked meal. “I’ll cook him a nice dinner and stay inside and watch TV,” Hilton said. “I make the best lasagna.”

Paris isn’t pregnant!

The only bump that Paris Hilton has is her rapidly growing ego. The heiress spent most of the night partying for her new reality show, My New BFF. Surrounded by the contestants, basking in the attention and the feeling of having the entire room competing for her smile, she was truly in her element. (Smirk.)

Another Paris Hilton video — check out the hip action!

Paris Hilton has already been filmed barely clothed and performing various gyrating motions, but this video is entirely legal. She performed a bellydancing routine during a Miss Turkey contest. She was also part of the board of judges.

Paris Hilton’s got a new boyfriend!

Paris Hilton and Benji Madden (who happens to be the twin of Nicole Ritchie’s boy) are seriously dating. How long this will last, nobody knows, but the two have been seen getting hot-and-heavy at Hollywood’s trendiest bars. Paris even had lunch with his mom. Ooooh, so she’s meeting the folks now, huh? (He did include […]

Paris’ “not so hot” premiere

Paris Hilton’s movie The Hottie and the Nottie had a disappointing start, drawing in less crowds than one would expect after all the marketing hype. Nevertheless, she still looks gorgeous — and can look forward to her next performance in the musical Repo! The Genetic Opera.

The Hottie and the “Naughty”

Paris Hilton and The Hottie and The Nottie costar Christine Lakin strike a pose. Interestingly, the “naughty” Paris Hilton (usually known for her wild partying and more infamous encounters with the video camera) seems decidely tame in comparison to former party partners Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan. She hasn’t had a nervous breakdown and has […]