Paris Hilton’s Parking Lot Smackdown with Paparazzi

The hotel heiress took a rough tumble after being caught in a parking lot scuffle with paparazzo Billy Barerra. … [Read more...]

Kim Kardashian Makes Carl’s Salads Hot

Whenever I order fast food from Carl’s Jr., I love how their burgers and fries make a wonderful treat after a stressful day. What I don’t understand is their advertising. Why does it always have to be hot stars who look like they’re about to hump a burger? First, it was Paris … [Read more...]

Paris On Cops’ Hotlist

Paris Hilton has made a reputation for herself - for being a rowdy neighbor. Numerous complaints have been filed against her, and the cops are saying that the next time it happens, there will be tickets or arrests. No comment from Paris and boyfriend. Photo courtesy of TMZ … [Read more...]

Paris Hilton Defends Herself

Hilton heiress Paris is no stranger to mischief and trouble. Her latest is about her NOT promoting "Pledge This!" which bombed in 2006. She was in court Friday and swore that she did her part. True or not, the movie was a bomb. There is no denying that. … [Read more...]

Paris Has New Sexy Boy

That's how the heiress refers to her current beau, Doug Reinhardt. Her "sexy boy," was her companion in Maui, where she experienced scuba diving for the first time. I guess she's totally over Benji Madden. … [Read more...]