4 Celebrity Inspired Trends

When it comes to trends there are no bigger trendsetters than celebrities in Hollywood. All it takes is one star sporting a look and before you know it it’s caught on all over the magazines. Many trends last years or even decades, while some fizzle out after a few short … [Read more...]

Celebs Who Have Lost Millions

Being a celebrity comes with a lot of perks but it also makes you a target for con artists, lawsuits, and mismanagement of money. The life of fame and fortune includes fancy cars, beautiful homes, and glamour at every turn, but being a celeb also means that you have to be extra … [Read more...]

If SJP and Ferris Bueller Can Go The Distance, So Can You

Long distance relationship. The three words that, when put together, suddenly prompt a multitude of personal, odd, and bordering-on-invasive questions. If the inappropriate interrogation isn’t enough, it is likely to be accompanied by a highly doubtful tone. Not to mention, … [Read more...]

4 Popular Male Celebs Who Got Injured While Filming

Accidents can happen any time and anywhere and nobody is exempted. Even the rich and famous celebrities do experience it when they least expect it. And the unexpected sometimes happen during filming. Hollywood celebrities, notably the men, sometimes like to do the difficult … [Read more...]

How To Have A Home Like Your Favorite Celebrities

Even before MTV brought you 17 seasons of Cribs, starting in 2000, people were obsessed with the lives of the celebrity, including the homes they live in. If the world weren’t so obsessed with them this show would have died off quickly, and there wouldn’t still be shows out … [Read more...]