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Tom Cruise Brings Suri To Disneyland

Tom Cruise may still be feeling the effects of his crazy phase but it’s good to see that he’s still unfazed by the effects of his image going south and just figuratively let his hair down and be a normal dude for once.

He definitely showed that side of him to the public when he went out with his adorable daughter Suri for a fun afternoon at Disneyland in California. Read the rest of this entry »


Keira Knightley Needed “Liquid Courage” To Film Sex Scenes

Let’s face it, sex scenes can really turn people on. It doesn’t even have to be porn. Really well made sex scenes in mainstream movies can be very erotic or overtly sexual that it can arouse people. But have you ever thought about what those actors feel when making acting in these scenes?

Keira Knightley will tell you that acting in sex scenes can be very difficult. Read the rest of this entry »


Ryan Seacrest To Launch own Cable Network

Ryan Seacrest has been making really good career decisions ever since he landed the American Idol gig that has made him a huge star. He’s parlayed that fame into various businesses that is making him richer than ever. And he’s about to add another feather to his cap.

Seacrest is about to launch his own cable network. Read the rest of this entry »

Seal and Heidi Klum Release Split Up Statement

Heidi Klum and Seal

Heidi Klum and Seal

A lot of tongues wagged when Seal somehow snatched up gorgeous Heidi Klum. The more vicious ones kept throwing the same question out there: how did the singer manage to get her attention?

I say that it is a reflection of Heidi Klum’s priorities. Yup, people, not all women are after those hot, hunky guys. Although that factor always helps as long as the guy isn’t an a-hole. Read the rest of this entry »

Mark Wahlberg Apologizes for 9/11 Comment

Mark Wahlberg is one of the most respected people in Hollywood. He’s a talented actor and highly successful producer (he produces the award-winning HBO series Entourage). He’s definitely come a long way from being the bad boy that he was in the 90s.

Mark Wahlberg’s been known to spout out some very controversial statements all throughout his career and his recent comment that appeared in an interview he did with Men’s Journal is just the latest one. In that interview, Wahlberg speculated about how he would’ve acted had he been in one of the planes that were hijacked and crashed during 9/11. Read the rest of this entry »

Burlesque Queen Dita von Teese shines in Las Vegas

Queen of Burlesque Dita Von Teese delivered a sexy midnight burlesque striptease at the Hyde Bellagio in Las Vegas on Saturday night. At midnight she performed a version of her infamous champagne glass act.

dita burlesque vegas

Dita von Teese was joined on the red carpet by 2012 beauty pageant princesses and nightclub models but she was not daunted by the rival beauties.

“I’m a woman of experience, and not one of them has a waist as tiny or tight as mine in a cinch! “she said before the show. “I’ll pull out all the stops for a raucous, one-off, classic show undressing in a large champagne glass against the fountains of the Bellagio. How can any of them compete with that?”

She was right. They couldn’t and she was the star of the night.

When the clock struck midnight, Von Teese took the stage in an haute couture costume adorned with thousands of Swarovski crystals. She then teased the cheering crowd as she danced around an enormous champagne glass peeling off layer after layer of clothing and untying the corset from her tiny laced up waist. The crowd went wild as Miss Dita Von Teese poured champagne down her body, finally immersing herself into the champagne glass, kicking and splashing champagne.

It was Dita Von Teese’s first burlesque performance in Las Vegas for over a year. But afterwards Von Teese said that she hoped to be back in Vegas soon.

“I’m hoping we’ll be able to bring some of the showgirl burlesque back to Vegas. I’m doing the real version, which is the same way it was done in the 1930s and ’40s; that’s what burlesque really was.”



Madonna, Elton John Rift Reignited at Golden Globes

What do you do when two old queens feud? Stand back and wait for the fireworks.

That’s what’s likely to happen as the rift between Madonna and Sir Elton John got reignited at the recently held Golden Globes Award. Both artists were nominated for Best Original Song. Elton John fired the first salvo when he said that Madonna had “no *Bleep* chance” to win the award. Read the rest of this entry »

Hollywood Actors Who Love Cats

Who’s a cat person? Not me, but I do appreciate how people fall in love with their feline companions. I find it amusing how even the coldest people suddenly melt when they are around their cat. And Hollywood guys – tough or not – are not exempt from the charms of these stately (and not quite domesticated) creatures!

Now who would have thought that Guns ‘n Roses frontman Axl Rose loves cats? Apparently, he introduced his cat to the world via his Twitter account, and he had only one word to say “Dijon”. Nice name for a cat, if I say so myself!

Axl Rose Cat

Axl Rose Cat

Read the rest of this entry »


Celebrities suffering from infertility

Celebrities aren’t like you and me, they are rich and they are famous. But they can share one thing with us mortals – infertility.

mariah carey

Mariah Carey, 42, and her husband, Nick Cannon, spoke about their struggles with infertility in an interview with Us Weekly in November 2010. In 2008, the Maruah suffered a devastating miscarriage shortly after getting married, and as a result began taking progesterone, a hormone often prescribed to boost fertility and/or to support or maintain pregnancy in women susceptible to miscarriage. She combined the progesterone with “once-a-day” acupuncture treatments “all over her body” designed to increase fertility. The combo worked wonders – the couple had twins in April 2011.

Celine Dion had twins, thanks to IVF, and has spoken openly about her six failed IVF procedures. Only a few decades ago IVF was considered weird science, now everyone is using it.

David and Courtney Cox-Arquette have had a well publicized battle with infertility.  After several miscarriages due to immunity problems their baby girl, Coco was born thanks to IVF. Courtney said at the time “In vitro is a wonderful thing that people can do in this day and age, and I’m lucky enough to be able to afford it.”

Hugh Jackman and his wife, Deborra-lee Furness struggled with conceiving a child. After several miscarriages and failed IVF, Jackman finally became a fatherwhen he went on to adopt their children.

Melanie Griffith and her husband, Antonio Banderas struggled with secondary infertility for years and had some unsuccessful infertility treatment. Reportedly, the emotional pain caused by the failed treatment is part of the reason for her alcohol addiction and why she entered rehab.

Helena Bonham Carter and her director husband Tim Burton struggled with infertility and went through Clomid, IVF, and several alternative treatments. before conceiving a baby girl naturally.

Frasier star Kelsey Grammer and his wife, Camille used a surrogate after her Irritable Bowel Syndrome prevented her from carrying to full term. And Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban also went down the surrogacy route with their biological baby born via a surrogate mother  in Dec 2010.

Gordon Ramsey is one of the few celebrities to speak openly about male infertility when on his UK show the F Word he admitted to a low sperm count. Ramsay’s wife also had female fertility issues, specifically polycystic ovary syndrome. Their first three were IVF babies although their 4th was reportedly conceived naturally.

The author also struggled with infertility and wrote a blog about a man struggling with infertility. Now, thanks to IVF, he writes a new dad blog. He lives in London.

Josh Hutcherson Hunger Games

Josh Hutcherson

The Hunger Games is one of the most awaited movies this year, definitely because the books were received very well. The casting and teasers that have come out have helped as well, whetting the appetites of Hunger Games fans all over the world. As it usually goes with these things, even those who have not read the books are all excited about the movie. Read the rest of this entry »

Is Rihanna Wooing Chris Brown?

Rihanna and Chris Brown got into a huge controversy a couple of years ago. The pop stars became tabloid fodder when Brown was arrested for assaulting Rihanna after they had attended a pre-Grammy Awards soiree.

A lot has happened since then, Rihanna became even bigger and Brown managed to salvage his career despite beating up his girlfriend. The two logically separated after the incident, with Rihanna calling it quits. Read the rest of this entry »


Annalynne McCord Mistakenly Exposes Breast in Twitter Photo

A lot of slip-ups have happened in Twitter. The popular micro-blogging service encourages people to post tweets of what’s happening in their lives at the very moment they feel like it. The problem though is that there will be times when you wouldn’t be able to check your tweet for any mistakes until after you’ve posted it.

Take Annalynne McCord for example. Read the rest of this entry »


Katy Perry, Russell Brand Split

The year 2012’s just a few days old and yet we’ve already witnessed a celebrity breakup. Pop singer Katy Perry and British comedian Russell Brand has recently announced that they are separating and filing for divorce after just barely four months of marriage.

Perry and Brand were a very high profile couple and their engagement was played up a lot in the media. Their respective bachelor and bachelorette parties were also extensively reported because of their high profile guests (especially with Perry being best friends with Rihanna). Read the rest of this entry »

Who said that royalty is afraid to brave the elements? If Prince William and wife Kate Middleton are to be examples, then we can say that royalty is pretty game. The royal couple was sighted over the weekend at the UK premiere of the movie War Horse. In spite of the rain, Kate Middleton looked absolutely stunning in her Alice Temperley gown – floor-length and all! Then again, she probably didn’t have to actually go out in the rain and had carpeting wherever she walked.

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton at UK Premiere of War Horse

Read the rest of this entry »


Drew Barrymore Engaged

Drew Barrymore is one of the nicest women in Hollywood. That radiant smile is just so disarming, you’d want to be her friend. Even though she’s had her share of challenges (she was the 80s’ Lindsay Lohan) she has been able to bounce back and turn her personal tragedies into triumphs. She’s now one of the most successful people in Hollywood. Read the rest of this entry »


Martha Stewart’s Show Cancelled


Sometimes you’re on top and sometimes you’re at the bottom. No I’m not talking about having sex. It’s the way a career cycles between success and failure. And no one knows this more than Martha Stewart.

The lifestyle icon and mogul is suffering a setback in her career. Stewart’s daytime TV show has recently been cancelled and will soon go off air. Read the rest of this entry »


Hollywood marriages seem to get on a pretty short trend these days. This makes you wonder how much thought these celebrities put into the word commitment as after all the wedding glitz … the evident divorce circus ring with their lawyers and the media certainly looks like a normal day on the set of their reel lives.
After merely 18 days of marriage, Sinead O’ Connor pulls the plug on her marriage to Barry Herridge. The singer who turned 45 this month, got hitched on the same day after her public manhunt for love and a lover.
Expressing her sentiments for her change of heart, O’Connor pleads guilty to rushing into the marriage and feels that her husband is much too nice to be trapped and married to a woman who wanted to smoke up on a wee blunt on their wedding night. Apparently, that little wild antic came as a shock and hurt the groom. At the same time,the singer confesses that the attitude of people in her husband’s life also had much bearing on her decision to set him free .
In spite of a painful ending, O’Connor still professes her love to 38 yr old Barry Herridge but feels he has so much to lose if they stayed together.

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What’s in Justin Bieber’s Christmas Wish list? If one didn’t believe in Christmas or Santa Claus, then there’s no point to making a wish list eh?
It looks like Santa Claus wont be making any stops down the Bieber chimneys as the teen pop idol admits he was brought up with straight honest facts. The teenage heartthrob says he understood his mom’s logic on the matter of not letting him grow up believing in a fictional holiday figure of Santa Claus. Growing up and then realizing later on that he never really existed would almost seem like misleading him to believe in a lie and well, for some kids that would almost be heartbreaking.
This almost would seem sad to think, knowing how the average American kid would hardly get any sleep waiting on good ole St. Nick with a glass of milk and a plate of cookies. However Bieber says, he made an effort to keep the joy of the season for his friends and playmates a never said a word about this to them.
In the Bieber home, Christmas Day was a day to play a family traditional game of dice and chance in lieu of the usual exchange of gifts between family. The person who rolls the dice and gets double has the privilege to pick a present. And basically this allows each player the chance to either get what they wanted or end up with something totally out of their preference. The singer recalls having ended up with pots and pans instead of a much coveted Game Boy.
This year, Justin gets to spend Christmas back in the great white north and spend Christmas eve with his mom and head over to his dad’s house on Christmas day to spend time with his younger siblings. Incidentally, Justin is promoting his Christmas album with hopes that it brings cheers to everyone.

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Despite being himself on TV, Simon Cowell still scores hot brownie points with the chics.  Engaged to make up artist Mezghan Hussainy, we’re sure you would think your gaydar was lightly beeping at some point.  As the world watches him tear almost every aspiring singer into tiny shredded pieces of broken dreams, this man opens his mouth and everyone stops on their tracks. The next reaction would either be a toss up between, running home to cry and hide under a rock …. or throw a perfectly aimed water bottle at him with a side of rotten tomatoes.

The man is simply a death trap for confidence but we’re guessing women find that attractive in a man. While being on American Idol, we’ve seen him cut up contestants and go on constant piss fights with fellow judge Paula Abdul.  The tension between them was pretty evident. Sexual tension for that matter!

Yes there was sexual between these two, but more on Paula Abdul’s part. The 52 yr. old British reality TV mogul found himself in a predicament of sorts weighing out his options on the idea of hooking up with 49yr old Paula Abdul.  Cowell admits that Paula was a million percent into pursuing him for a relationship but the thought of never having it good as the before, and the fact that they couldn’t even travel in the same plane, was enough to let their  dates end in just a good kiss.

Apparently, even  Denis Richards has a wild thing for Cowell, and thinks he’s one major hottie! The two were rumoured to have dated while she was 8 months with child.


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