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10 best booties in Hollywood

In a cut-throat industry like Hollywood, you really need to cover your ass… or maybe uncover it. These women have—comment se dit?—the best booties in the biz.

Gisele Bundchen is the highest paid model in the world, and with a body like that, she deserves it! Totally unfair that she could give birth and not have a single stretchmark.

Christina Hendricks defies Hollywood’s size zero standard with a figure that’s curvy in all the right places. She keeps her butt toned with regular BOSU ball workouts. (I know a lot of men who wish they were that ball.)

Jennifer Aniston is forty and fabulous, with a completely toned body and a booty well maintained by a combination of Budokon yoga and martial arts. Sounds a little more fun than Jessica Biel’s workout, which involves jumping up and down stairs. But don’t worry Jessica—those buns of steel are worth it!

Matt Kemp couldn’t keep his hands off Rihanna’s butt and we don’t blame him. But yeah, we totally believe that he’s really in love with her personality. Really.
Jennifer Lopez reportedly insured her butt for a million dollars, and maintains it through a regular regimen of cardio, rowing and squats.

And we don’t see why George Clooney could give up Elisabetta Canalis, given how effin’ gorgeous she is—but I guess she just has to put the past “behind”

When Shakira shakes thos hips and booty, everyone pays attention. And whatever Kim Kardashian lacks in talent, she compensates with… well, let’s just say that she puts all “butts” to rest.

But the best butt in Hollywood award goes to Beyonce. We hope she keeps that body after she gives birth!

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DWTS boots off Metta and Peta

No one’s surprised by the results of the first elimination round of “Dancing with the Stars.” Ron Artest (also known as Metta World Peace) and partner Peta Murgatroyd got booted out.

So long, Metta-Peta—but who’s next? We think Chaz Bono’s going to be around for a long time. He can dance decently, but that’s not the point: the producers know that he’s got the viewer’s sympathy. Heck, a judge even called him and Lacy Schwemmer “cute and cuddly.” Clearly the man can do no wrong.

David Arquette seems to be holding his own, too, staying energetic and enthusiastic despite having a generally crappy year. (Ex wife Courteney Cox and daughter Coco were there to cheer him on, though.)

Now J.R. Martinez was hot, though: the former war vet and soap star had both grace and technical skill. Chynna Phillips did well too, and she and J.R. got the top spots for the first round. Ricki Lake, Hope Solo, Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Derek Hough also performed quite well. Kristin Cavalleri, a crowd favorite, delivered a pretty decent cha cha. Rob Kardashian? Well let’s just say that like Kim before him, he sucks at dancing. And Elisabetta Canalis’s only saving grace was her partner, Val Chmerkovskiy (yep, brother of Maksim)!

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Celebrities & Their Secret Pool Addictions

While the world of pool both in Europe and across the Pond has had its fair share of heroes like Minnesota Fats, Raymond Ceulemans and Steve “Romford Slim” Davis , the accessibility and enjoyment of the game, far extends from professional tournaments.

Wander into any bar, any pub and you will likely see a pool table sitting in the corner, laughs being shared and bets being wagered. But away from the heady light of pool stardom on the international stage, and the dingy pub setting with stained baize and poor lighting, there is a world of celebrity surrounding the game of pool, one which stretches far back in to the annals of the game’s history.

We all know the famous pool movies, The Hustler and the Colour of Money, which helped to bring the beautiful game into the public eye, largely thanks to the sadly departed Paul Newman. He is the tie between the two movies, the archetypal epitome of cool, but Newman’s love of the game went beyond on-screen set ups and special effects, he actually was a keen pool player.

Newman actually got lessons from Willie Mosconi (yes, the name given to the Mosconi Cup which pits the US against Europe) and current Hollywood giant Tom Cruise, who stared alongside Newman in the Colour of Money, is also a pretty adept player. Not many people may know this, but Mr Katie Holmes is ambidextrous, and while there were obvious continuity errors in the movie (not to mention a huge fashion faux-pas with his adopted hairstyle), Cruise is apparently a pretty dab hand at the sport.

You can scour Hollywood for pictures of famous stars shooting pool, from Brad Pitt, to Nicolas Cage, to Julia Roberts, to John Wayne and Keith Richards (which surely would have been a treat to experience). One of the most famed and revered of all celebrity pool players, was Jerry Orbach of Law and Order fame. There are many tales about his pool and billiards playing, taking money off players in challenges, including an encounter where he beat famed player Cornbread Red without knowing it.

Actor and director Woody Allen is also purportedly a massive fan and player of the game of billiards too. You can just picture him bustling around the table, while Bob Dylan’s sitting in the corner of the room, whistling a tune, as the songster is reportedly a fan of the game as well. The list really does just go on and on, with American Fear Factor presenter Joe Rogan being an avid participant of the game. That image just fits, it really does and it doesn’t even take sheep’s eyeballs to make it work. Just Rogan, a beer, a cigar and a pool table. The list goes on, and some even suspect that the late, great Vincent Van Gogh may have even been partial to a game, but there is no record of it. The rumours are abound because he painted The Night Café, capturing the game in its raw, unadulterated form, a pool table sitting in a dingy bar.

So popular is the game of Pool, that not even the White House can escape its addictive clutches, highlighted in a famous picture involving current incumbent Barack Obama. There is actually a Billiard Room in the White House, which was put there by James Monroe (who was the fifth President of the United States for those counting). So, even the vastness of Pennsylvania Avenue’s most famous address is not without it’s pool hall charm.

There is a certain sense of a President being just a regular Joe as he lines up the nine ball into the corner pocket, brow sweating, heart palpating, all budget problems falling by the wayside. Pool, the great political humbler.

Taking a step further back into history, John Adams, who was the President before Monroe, was so desperate to have a game of billiards that he would be seen knocking his balls around on the floor, just to get some action in. That is the power of pool and billiards, long steeped in history, from Presidents to Hollywood, the click of the ball, the rattling of the pockets is just too irresistible to pass up. Recreational or competitive the allure of game is just hard to deny. The sport in one fashion or another has been around since the 1600’s and long will it remain.

Lee Jackson in a writer for Liberty Games one of the internet’s biggest retailers of pool tables in particular american pool tables as well as other games room equipment.



The acting game is big business with box office sales for movies reaching hundreds of millions of dollars around the world. Actors make money from endeavours such as their movies, but also from the sales when the film is released for purchase and other sponsorship deals. Actors literally have hundreds of revenue sources, if they so desire to front a product or service or be part of a project or cause. Here is a countdown of the top 10 richest celebrities.

10 – Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler is worth $29.5million from his successful hits Big Daddy, Click, Mr Deeds and Happy Gilmore. He is one of the world’s best known comedy actors and a strong entrant into the top 10.

9 – Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell has an estimated net worth of $31million for his comedy roles in smash hits such as Blades of Glory and Anchorman. The slapstick actor has done really well for himself making this list, and there is no wonder because it is clear that he is super talented. Read the rest of this entry »

Emmy’s worst dressed

Forget Project Runway—if you want to see the best and worst in fashion, watch awards shows like the Emmys. There are moments of absolute gorgeousness, and moments when you think: “Why the hell did she wear that?”

Here are some of the worst celeb get-ups.

Julianna Marguiles looked like she had worn either a very ugly bridesmaid’s dress or a designer’s interpretation of a light bulb. What was up with that? She looked stiff and drab—and frankly her hair didn’t help. Someone introduce her to a blowdryer.

Paz de la Huerta looks like a corpse – that makeup does nothing to show off her gorgeous skin tone. Guess she was trying to look sultry, but ended up channeling Morticia Adams (except Morticia had better hair).  And the dress? Dull, dull, dull.

Phoebe Price’s gown looked like it had been cut out of tacky curtain fabric. And the purple lace headress and sequins just make it look more and more comical.

Zooey Deschanel wears what many bloggers have been calling the Pepto Bismol prom dress.   The cute and coy outfit (and vacant expression) may work when you’re 16, but feels kind of creepy on  a 31-year-old.

Meanwhile, Ariel Winter looked twice her age (and 20 pounds heavier) in a pink lace dress.  The cleavage also seemed inappropriate for a young girl, even if she is from a “Modern Family.”

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The Emmy’s most awkward moments

The Emmys are like any big party: you have some great moments, a lot of forgettable moments, and some truly awkward moments. Some jokes fell flat, and others left you kind of mortified. “Did she just say that? On national TV?”

A lot of it had to do with Jane Lynch, an odd choice for Emmy host, and who apparently has the social graces of her TV character. Take, for example, her cutting response to Ricky Gervais: “Someone didn’t get enough hugs from Mommy and somehow it’s Hollywood’s fault.” Yeah, uhm… cut to commercial! Read the rest of this entry »


Bond Girls with the Most Suggestive Names

The James Bond films are one of the few remaining bastions of unapologetic male machismo and misogyny. It’s a film series where you actually expect the main protagonist to treat women as objects, and not doing so would be so out of character. Not that we’re saying misogyny is okay, but that’s precisely why the James Bond movies have such a huge following among men. It’s a movie where you can escape to a world where testosterone is king and affirm your masculinity because when you go out of the theater you’re faced with unflinching reality – women actually rule the world. Read the rest of this entry »

Scarlett’s nude photos: real or fake?

The hacker ring that infilitrated the mobiles of Natalie Portman and Dianna Agron are at it again—this time stealing two nude photos of Scarlett Johannson.

One photo has Scarlett checking out the reflection of her butt in the mirrror. The second is her, on the bed, recording her very ample bosom. Scarlett’s asked the FBI to find out who did this—meanwhile, her loyal fans are trying to do their part in their investigations by taking a very long (and leering) look at the snapshots. (All in the name of science, of course.)

The big question is if the photos are real or photoshopped. For example, the photo of Scarlett on the bed seems to have an odd line right above her collarbone. Is it a necklace? A shadow? A really weird wrinkle? Or is it a sign of really sloppy photo editing?

In any case, Scarlett’s not the first star who’s struggled with digital security issues. Aside from Natalie Portman and Dianne Agron, Vanessa Hudgens and Jessica Alba have comlained that their email accounts have also ben hacked.

Makes you wonder if Hollywood celebs should stick to traditional ways of communicating. Smoke signals, anyone?

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Rachel Zoe: “I’ve been used!”

Rachel Zoe has she found out her former BFF and styling assistant Brad Goreski had gotten his own BRAVO TV show and stealing their clients.

At first Rachel thought Brad just wanted a little “work-life balance” – more time with his boyfriend, his dog, his designer clothes, who knows. But after a group hug and several PR statements, she found out that he was calling her clients and “schmoozing” at events.  Guess Brad’s found new people to hang around with (sorry, Rodger and Rachel).

So that’s the second assistant that Rachel’s lost. We all know what happened to Taylor, and all that hullabaloo about a stolen dress. (Taytay continues to deny filching anything from the designer racks, which are filled with model sizes—and how the hell would she fit into those?)

Well it may help if Rachel were more supportive of her assistant’s careers. Anyone with brains and a smidgen of talent would eventually get bored just following her orders and smiling at the camera. It’s not like they went into the fashion business for the chance to pick up and return gowns.  Sometimes, they just want to be carefree and half-naked!

But if all Rachel wants from an assisant is no brains, just  a desire to mooch off someone’s popularity and play up on scandal and intrigue to stretch her 15 minutes of fame, we’ve found someone for her!  Rumor has it that Kate Gosselin’s looking for another gig. And we all know about Kate’s incredible taste in clothes.






Taylor Armstrong getting the short end of the stick

Lately, the big villain of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has been Taylor Armstrong. She’s gotten a lot of backlash since her husband, Russell Armstrong, was found dead in his home. The man was a class-A jerk from the very beginning, so why the sudden show of public support for him—and anger towards her?

People have accused her of using him to gain fame, manipulating facts, even fabricating the stories of physical abuse. There have even been speculations that she killed him especially now that Russell’s parents are seeking to open a murder investigation.

Well she may have been a beyotch and a half, but she doesn’t look like a murderer. These photos also prove that she did not make up the story of being hit, hard and repeatedly, by Russell. At one point she was hospitalized because of head trauma—and chances are, she didn’t just “accidentally fall down the stairs.”

We’re not saying she was an angel, and we also think his suicide was tragic. But let’s get the facts straight here. Nobody deserves to be used as someone’s punching bag.

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George and Stacy get cozy in Toronto

George Clooney may just be ready to settle down with Stacy Keibler… NOT. He did take her to the Toronto Film Festival, where he was promoting his new film. In the Clooney Meter that’s the equivalent of taking a girl home to meet his mother.

But even Clooney and Keibler did look “a little cozy” the two weren’t exactly glued at the hip. He refused to have any pictures taken together, prefering to pose with Bono instead. Guess we know what his priorities are.

The man’s got serious commitment issues, which most women seem happy to accept because he is, after all, George Clooney. Still, the man’s got to watch what he’s doing. You don’t mess with a professional wrestler. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned–and, unlike Elisabetta Canalis, she doesn’t seem to be the type who’ll try to win him back with eggplant parmigiana and slow-simmered pasta sauces.

We’ll see if Stacy Keibler’s “weapons of mass seduction” as (Dancing with the Stars calls it) work, or if she will eventually be just a blip on the blog archives of the women of George Clooney.


Lady Gaga dating Vampire Diaries star

Lady Gaga’s got a new boy toy—Taylor Kinney, better known as the “hot thing in The Vampire Diaries.” The two locked eyes (and eventually, lips) at the set of the music video for “You and I.” Incidentally, Taylor went shirtless for that video, which gave Lady Gaga a good chance to check out his…acting skills.

Since then the couple’s been seen making out in all of the trendiest places in California. You’d think that with their combined incomes they could afford to get a room, right? But, being ever so well-mannered, they do stop long enough from their “conversation” to sign autographs. They’ve also been spotted holding hands at a beach. Ah, young love.

Hope this works out better than Lady Gaga’s other relationships. Her ex Rob Fusari actually tried to sue for for $30.5 million, because he was responsible for turning her career around. He claims she was a rockstar nobody when they met, and then she dumped him when she became famous. Ah, but Rob, even if you did help her win two Grammies and produce several albums, do you look as good as Taylor Kinney without a shirt? See, a girl really needs to set priorities.


The “ex” factor

They’ve fought, flirted, kissed, and shouted abuses at each other—and they are at it again.  Ex-American idol judges Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul have reunited for the X factor. “I like people who disagree with me,” he says. “Paula fascinates me because she’s a complex person.”

Uhm, yeah. In another interview, we believe he used the word “loopy.” But hey, whatever rocks his boat (or more accurately, his ratings). Simon may be all praises for Paula now, but we know this is a marketing move to get the American Idol fans to switch over to his show. Not that they need much prodding at this point—the show’s gone to the “dawgs.”  Pop quiz: what was the name of the last American Idol winner? Yeah, we don’t remember either. Exactly our point.

The show will premiere on Fox this fall. “This show wouldn’t have been the same without Paula, and I can’t believe I am saying this – I have missed her a lot,” said Simon. (Cue bad karaoke music.)

Paula says, “I’m delighted and grateful to be sitting next to Simon again” (subtext: “I have a career again! I have a career again! I have a career again!”) but adds “You might want to check back on in me in a week or two.”

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“Kate + 8″ Gets Axed

Kate Gosselin is “freaking out” after her show, Kate + 8, was cancelled by TLC. “Will my family be okay?”

Was her family ever okay? The kids have been living in a fishbowl for six years. Their parents dysfunctional marriage, messy divorce, and their father’s affairs were conveniently hyped up to boost ratings. And then they had to watch their mother on Dancing with the Stars—though Gosselin was hardly “dancing” and she was never a “star,” so what was up with that?! Read the rest of this entry »


10 Celebrities with Floral Names

Movies and gardening are my passions, so I decided to combine the two into an article about celebrities with floral names. There are far less than I would’ve imagined, though, especially considering that many performers change their names when they head to Hollywood.

And, no, there are no male celebrities on this list. I don’t think Hollywood is ready for a leading man named “Iris” just yet.

Five Celebrities with Flowers in Their Names

Rose Byrne – This beautiful Australian actress has been nominated for Golden Globes and Emmys in recognition of her performance on television’s Damages, but she’s also starred in movies ranging from X-Men: First Class to 28 Weeks Later.

Chloe Sevigny – The name Chloe was an alias of the nature goddess Demeter, and it’s Greek for “young green shoot.” This former model specializes in independent films, and she even received a Best Supporting Actress nomination for her role in Boys Don’t Cry.

Rose McGowan – Once engaged to controversial rocker Marilyn Manson, this actress was born in Italy and has appeared in films such as Jawbreaker and Grindhouse. Fans of television’s Charmed will also remember her as Paige Matthews.

Suri Cruise – While she hasn’t appeared in movies or television, this daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes has generated plenty of headlines. Her name is Persian for “rose.”

Daisy Fuentes – Born in Cuba, Fuentes was the first Latina VJ to work for MTV. She has worked extensively as a model and television host. Read the rest of this entry »


Gene Simmons, Shannon Tweed to finally wed

One of the more enduring relationships in Hollywood has been between Kiss’ Gene Simmons and Playboy playmate and B-movie vixen Shannon Tweed. Yes, the guy with the unusually long tongue and the girl who made men’s tongues flap out have a long-standing relationship – not really surprising despite the unusual pairing. The couple has been together for 28 years despite allegations of infidelity and Simmons’ reputation for allegedly bedding thousands of women. If that doesn’t make for a rock solid relationship I don’t know what will.

Simmons’ refusal to get hitched has become legendary – he has probably become the demigod of eternal bachelors like George Clooney – although Clooney has the face and debonair reputation to carry it with style. Simmons is just, well, let’s face it he attracts the more skanky demographic.

So back to the wedding. The man has finally decided that it’s high time to make a legitimate woman of the mother of his two children. The wedding is slated to be held on October 1. Some say that this is just another stunt to get more viewers to watch their reality show Gene Simmons: Family Jewels, but as a hopeless romantic I hope that this one is the real deal. It will just blow if they use marriage as a publicity stunt – yes, I’m looking at you Spencer and Heidi.

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More Photos of Henry Cavill as Superman

Up, up and away indeed.

Shooting the new Superman movie is happening at a fast clip. To further whet the appetites of fanboys all over the world a couple of new photos of Henry Cavill (the new Superman) has been leaked to the public. The pictures show Cavill apparently rehearsing for a fight scene (there’s a guy wearing a black and white patterned suit that is used for tracking movement when adding effects in post-production). The new Supes costume is front and center and you can see that the costume designer may have nicked clothing material from the Spiderman reboot costume department because they both look eerily similar. The fish scales look may be the hot new thing going on right now and we just don’t know it.

The costume is certainly a huge departure from the classic Supes duds, and we’re not just talking of the material. There’s a lot of decorative embellishments on the torso and the red briefs have been removed from the costume. In place of the briefs is a far more revealing, and potentially controversial addition – that huge bulge. Women (and certainly a few men) will be imagining what’s underneath that industrial-sized codpiece. You can just imagine what it would look like in 3D, it could actually poke you in the eye!

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Tranformers: Dark of the Moon is doing quite well in the box office even without the sexy sultry Megan Fox steaming up the screen. Many are surely disappointed with her absence as the actress sure has had many of her fans wanting and waiting to see her smoke up the screen and revel in the fact that geeky and nerdy college boys still have hopes of having a hot girlfriend who knows her cars and engines!

Word has it that Stephen Spielberg gave actress Megan Fox the pink slip and fired her from the third sequel of the Transformers series. This comes a year after when Fox claimed she decided to leave the movie. The director himself, Michael Bay, spoke on this matter saying that it was Spielberg who put his foot down with a decision to give Fox the axe.  Reports have put the actress on a bad light, as she was cited for very unprofessional behaviour on set.

Finally breaking his silence about the issues , Michael Bay specifically pointed that incident when Fox threw comments about him that had the executive producer, Steven Spielber,g decide to fire her right then and there.

Megan Fox was quoted on an interview with Wonderland Magazine in 2009 saying– “He’s like Napoleon and he wants to create this insane, infamous mad-man reputation. He wants to be like Hitler on his sets, and he is. So he’s a nightmare to work for but when you get him away from set, and he’s not in director mode, I kind of really enjoy his personality because he’s so awkward, so hopelessly awkward. He has no social skills at all. And it’s endearing to watch him.”

Well, that certainly was enough to have made her cross that line and do the walk of shame on the set.

Bay, however has expressed that he wasn’t hurt over the comments but was rather bemused and says it was merely Fox’s personal character shining through in a not so good way. Her former on screen boyfriend Shia LaBeouf openly expressed how Fox suddenly developed this Spice Girl strength and woman empowerment “stuff”.

According to Labeouf, Michael Bay’s filming style was a no-frills no-fluff manner that Fox had a hard time accepting. He puts that his director seems to lack some tact with instructions and may have been what triggered the Hitler comment.

After all that drama, Victoria’s Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley replaced Megan Fox as Shia LaBeouf’s hot new sophisticated British accent girlfriend.  Certainly another eye candy on the set and just to add more steam on the screen is Dr,McDreamy, Patrick Dempsey!

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There isn’t much magic in the life of a celebrity child star. In fact many child stars have suffered through a lot of coping issues that have manifested itself in substance abuse and what not. This holds true for the young Daniel Radcliffe. The 22 year old Harry Potter star openly admitted to being  “so reliant” on the drink during his teen years, as a way to get him worked up all through filming his worldwide smash film series.

Quite sad to learn from a boy who seemed all held together in his character  chasing  dark demons.  In an interview,  Radcliffe reveals  he needed alcohol to enjoy stuff in real time.  It was as if he was drawn to this idea of living the life of a famous person where he got caught up in the lifestyle that didn’t quite fit in to who he really is.

Many child stars indeed get overwhelmed with sudden fortune and fame that their innocent hearts and minds and its simplicity get twisted in a downward spiral in its quest to finding satisfaction and fulfillment .

Having played the role of Harry Potter at the age of 11,  Radcliffe expressed his sentiments as to how he managed to luckily duck away from the peering eyes of the paparazzi  while battling with his booze habit. We all know how that could’ve easily destroyed him in his teenage years and his career with just one crucial paparazzi shot.

It has been almost a year that Daniel Radcliffe has been clean and sober.  He proudly confesses how he has taken things slow and easy since he’s thrown out the booze habit out the window.  By the looks of it, his girlfriend is reaping as much of the benefits as the boy wizard tells of how he’s enjoying his current relationship sans the usual consequences of having an affair with the bottle. Radcliffe takes pride in the quiet life, which in turn lets him fully take charge of his relationship, his career and his finances!  The boy surely has enough wizard wisdom in stowing away his hard earned money.  Top hats off to this young lad …  indeed you’ve got what it takes to  fend off the hookers and fast cars. Good job young man! Now you’ve got more money to spend on anything and everything !

Incidentally, Radcliffe is in Broadway and  currently plays a role in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 is set to open in cinemas on July 12, 2011.



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