6 Outrageous Beyonce Tidbits

Queen Beyonce has just celebrated her birthday (September 4), which means another year of cute blunders for her, if she isn’t too careful!

6 Useful Tips About Online Sports Betting

Sports betting is a great way to make a bit of money on the side. Some people have even turned it into a full-time job with a great income. If you are interested in getting into sports betting, be aware that you’ll be going up against people that have dedicated their lives to figuring out […]

Kim Kardashian Goes Blond!

After Kim Kardashian went “north”, she’s heading to a different direction: blond!

8 Celebrities Who Are Addicted to Porn

They’re beautiful, rich, and famous … so why do celebrities get addicted to porn when they could easily get the “real thing?” Like any other type of dependency, porn addiction is a disease that can plague anyone, including famous people. Many people think it’s a tad more embarrassing than an alcohol, nicotine, or other drug […]

Lance Bass Is Engaged!

Former boy-bander Lance Bass is all about relationships these days: first a reunion with *NSYNC, and now an engagement!

Miley Cyrus’ Top OMG Moments

From Hannah Montana to the VMAs, we can fairly say that teen-turned-twerk queen Miley Cyrus has proven that she’s more naughty than nice. Let us refresh you with the most memorable: