The Most Beautiful Celebrity House Yards

Landscaping is a facet of life that goes neglected by some, while others devote themselves to the land around them to ensure that not a weed goes unpulled, or a shrub goes unpruned. In many cases, it seems that the appearance and upkeep of a yard serves as a division of the classes. Landscape has […]

Celebrities Who Didn’t Just Play Doctors on TV

“I’m not a doctor, I just play one on TV.” This is probably a very common joke made amongst actors. There seems to be no shortage of actors who portray doctors or medical personnel in all of the movies and television shows that are so popular. It all seemed to take off with Grey’s Anatomy. […]

6 Favorite Travel Destinations for Celebrities

Living life in the spotlight can take a toll on celebrities. While it may all look like fun and games, they face an enormous amount of criticism and hostility from their so-called biggest fans. Getting haircuts or running to the store in pajamas can result in exposure on the fronts of magazines. Celebrities are just […]

5 Celebrity Bedrooms and How To Replicate Them At Home

Celebrities have certainly become acquainted with the finer things in life. From $250,000 bottles of champagne to $2 million dollar bathtubs, they know how to indulge. While you may not be able to afford to live like a celebrity in many ways, you can still take cues from their impeccable home decor. With interior designers […]

Most Luxurious Celebrity Homes

Celebrities are not usually known for their subtlety. Why can blame them? If you made as much money as the average celebrity, would you channel all your money away into investment and college accounts for your children? Would you live a life of simplicity and only spend the money that you needed to survive? Most […]

Hollywood Stars Who Hold the Largest Net Worth

It’s no secret that Hollywood Stars have a lot of money. However, we’ve all heard the horror stories about actors and other celebrities that despite their constant work and millions of dollars of cash flow, seem to end up with no money. This is probably do to terrible money management habits that lead to them […]

Celebrities Who Underwent Cosmetic Surgery

Although cosmetic surgery is a relatively common thing that is undergone by many different people, it seems like it’s made a huge deal when celebrities decide to go under the knife. There are many different reasons people undergo plastic surgery, each of which shouldn’t be judged by another. The choice is up to the individual, […]

8 Celebrities Who Have Secret Talents and Hobbies

While some celebrities seem to have fallen into fortune, other stars are genuinely talented individuals who worked hard to achieve their fame. Their talents usually come in the form of musical or artistic success, but some have other hidden talents not commonly demonstrated. Whether they are an expert at wielding swords or swallowing them, read […]

How Celebrities Are Using Crowdfunding In Their Own Lives

Celebrities are using crowdfunding often, to raise money to create new television shows or to make sequels to movies. Even rock stars have used crowdfunding to put out their next albums. It’s the way you make money these days, for entertainment and for life. Whether they are using the popular names in crowdfunding sites, or […]

Five Celebrities With Chronic Illnesses

There are many celebrities out there that are suffering from chronic illnesses of all kinds. Some of them are probably even still suffering in silence while many of them have taken the time to speak out and stand up for others with the same illnesses and issues. Chronic illness is hard to live with and […]

5 Celebrity Custody Battles That Were Anything But Amicable

As easy as it may be to assume that celebrities are far removed from the troubles of reality, they, too, face the stress of divorce and custody battles. Far be it for stars to escape legal action when filing for divorce, they often face greater repercussions than the average civilian. When you have more to […]

7 Celebrities Who Worked Real Jobs Before Fame

Have you ever dreamed of being famous? Wished you could drive a Lambo and kiss your day job goodbye? For many civilians, it can seem like celebrities have had everything handed to them. While in some cases this is undoubtedly true, there are a few stars who spent their time working their way to the […]

Hollywood’s Secret to the Fountain of Youth

It’s no mystery that Hollywood stars appear to have found the fountain of youth. It seems like very few and far between age badly, while the rest of them magically look younger as the years go by. Doesn’t everyone wish they had the key to unlock the vault to glamour at any age? So what […]

White Collar Celebrities

Being an actor or a celebrity requires a lot more of an individual than the general public would think. In addition to performing their job, whether that’s acting, being a very high profile business owner, or being someone who is only famous by association, the work of being a celebrity alone is a full time […]