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Oh, Iggy. It’s not a final release date for The New Classic, but we ain’t complaining. Iggy Azalea proudly unleashed her made-for-a-bikini body afew days ago, when she was spotted in Miami for a little sun. Spotted on her Instagram, you can’t help but admire her curves. They weren’t exaggerating when they called her Australia’s hottest export right now. Fine, Iggy, we forgive you for the lack of new music.

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rihanna on grammys

We’ve probably seen a lot more of Rihanna than what she revealed in the dress she wore to the Pre-Grammy Gala, but that doesn’t mean the dress was any less risqué. The all-too-bright and slightly tacky yellow dress barely stuck onto her skin and she was seen checking several times if her dress exposed any of her naughty bits. The threat of a wardrobe malfunction didn’t stop her from dancing in her seat though.

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Cara Delevingne Who? 3 Upcoming Models To Watch Out For

The world needs another Cara Delevingne. She may not be the hottest model in the world, but right now she sure is the most entertaining. She’s still the current It Girl of the fashion world but Metro predicts the 3 upcoming models who are up to take her place this 2014

Holly Rose Emery

Holly Rose Emery

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Kate Upton’s Superbowl Party With Vogue!

Kate Upton Super Bowl Preview

Vogue and the Superbowl don’t really mix. But as Super Bowl XLVIII is just around the corner, something special is bound to happen. We have the always welcome Kate Upton with the Giants and the Jets rolling out the red carpet for what’s always the greatest Sunday in any given year.

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Charlize Theron and Sean Penn - Help Haiti Home Gala

I remember a time when just saying the name Charlize Theron would make every guy within a block’s radius turn their head. Now, not so much. Still, it’s a big disappointment to find out that her rumored romance with Sean Penn is confirmed.

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10 Firmest Celeb Butts!

As an ode to the great butt goddess Jen Selter, it’s only appropriate that we look back as well to the gorgeous ladies whose tushes have graced the Internet. Ready, set, a*swipe!


(c) RC Groups

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You’ll Never Guess What Lyndsey Scott’s Other Job Is

Lyndsey Scott - Victoria's Secret 2

Her own brother says she’s like Gisele Bundchen mixed in with Bill Gates. Whatever that is, it’s an accurate description of Lyndsey Scott. She’s a high fashion model that’s walked for Victoria’s Secret, Gucci, Prada and Calvin Klein. She’s also a computer programmer with a dual degree in Computer Science and Theater. She has some iOS apps out but I doubt you’re still paying attention. You’re still stuck on the whole computer programmer part, aren’t you?

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 Emily Ratajkowski

It was practically impossible to escape Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” video last year. With a very stunning (and very topless) model like Emily Ratajkowski in it, then you probably contributed a few thousand to the 250 million views it currently has. This burst in popularity led people to speculate on whether Emily Ratajkowski would be in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue.

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Lindsey Vonn VS ‘Skinny-Fat’ Celebs

Lindsey Vonn

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Sorry, Not Sorry: Farrah Abraham “Plays Ball”


There’s a lot to say about former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham and not enough article space to say it. After all the backlash from her porn video–which, surprise surprise, she wanted to pass off as a sex tape–she’s now seen on VH1′s Couple’s Therapy. She took some R&R at the beach recently and look at how natural she poses relaxes! In all seriousness, girl’s got a really good body.

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Today’s Hottest Cover Girl: Amber Heard


So what if her cover says she’s Johnny Depp’s girlfriend. When has that stopped anyone from dreaming of getting with a super hot celebrity? Take a long look at Amber Heard and her shoot for Jalouse for their February 2014 edition.

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Katy Perry Thinks Her Breasts Are A “Gift From God”

It isn’t only us boys who think that Katy’s boobs are a gift from God, but Katy Perry herself as well.

Katy Perry for GQ February 2014

(c) GQ

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The recent 50th anniversary party of Sports Illustrated last Tuesday was the week’s hottest event, thanks to the pretty ladies who graced it!

sports illustrated ladies

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You can stand under Rihanna‘s umbrella, since it’s hotter in Brazil with her around!


(c) GADE

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UH-OH. Justin Bieber is now a certified “bad boy”, and not the good kind at that.

(c) Getty

(c) Getty

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The world of soccer is crowning yet another king: Cristiano Ronaldo!

Cristiano Ronaldo

(c) EPA

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What are Celebrities Showing in Their Instagram Pictures?

What are celebrities showing in their Instagram pictures? Oh a lot, obviously. They can easily outshadow the most daring insta challenges of non-celebrity users because of their popularity. So let’s list them down.

Their Most Personal

Celebrities are showing their most intimate moments with their loved ones. The effect would vary depending on the nature of the shared picture. Pictures like the above usually garner the most positive reaction from the public.

Their Best

Celebrities can show their most glamorous side, made up like the star adulated by fans and followers.

Their Worst

Celebrities can also show their most unglamorous side probably to show that they are human as well. They also have bad hair days like us.

Their Weirdest

Celebrities can choose to make a statement with pictures or simply to be humorous in their own weird way.

Their Most Entertaining

Celebrities cam also entertain us with the experiments they do on themselves just like when Tyra Banks above was toying with the idea of having extraterrestrial features. Wonder if that was intended to start a new trend or what.


It’s awards season once again, and the Golden Globes is one ceremony everybody didn’t miss!

golden globe awards logo

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New Year celebration hang-over? You better get workin’ already, since these celebrities are slowly (we hope) making their resolutions a reality!

celebs omnibus

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