Most Popular Celebrity Side Businesses

Most celebrities already have booming careers that are most definitely bringing them in the dough…or so you would think. Surprisingly, it depends on what the said celebrity is doing. Careers are funny things. Especially careers in the entertainment business. Did you know that artists like singers and musicians aren’t making much money off of their […]

Celebrity Tips For House Shopping

While you may not have the money that a celebrity does to buy a couple mansion and a house in another country, shopping for a home like a celebrity can be fun to do, even if you only buy an apartment or you get a home in the country. One way to learn how to […]

Ways Celebrities Get the Privacy they Desperately Want

Contrary to what the general population may believe, being a celebrity is not a walk in the park. Even though it comes with it’s perks, the famous life is a life that isn’t meant for everybody. Can you imagine trying to live out your day to day life always having to be cognizant of the […]

Celebrity Secrets to Keeping Sane With a Hectic Schedule

Celebrities have some of the most hectic lives out there. Behind all the glamour, makeup artists, wardrobe fittings, bookings, cameras, and smiles, is a lot of hard work, and endless hours of preparation, travel, and down right blood, sweat and tears. It was said that in the days of Old Hollywood, stars like Judy Garland […]

4 Celebrities Who Have Overcome Abuse

With all of the benefits celebrities seem to enjoy, it can be hard to remember they are still human; and like other humans, they still suffer with some of the same struggles, including insecurities stemming from abuse. While Ke$ha is currently embroiled in her legal battles against producer, Dr. Luke, there are plenty of other […]

Celebrities Who Have Adopted

The world would most definitely be a happier place if all families who had the desire to adopt could. Unfortunately, the process is pretty complicated. The paperwork takes months, and often enough the adoptions fall through even when a family has spent thousands of dollars to bring home the baby or child that they have […]

A Peek Into The Homes of Young Celebs Under 30

Celebrities who are passionate about their craft and who know how to keep their earnings get to fulfill their dreams any time they want. Many have developed the habit of investing in real estate properties in places they want to reside in or enjoy a holiday with their partner or families. Even the younger generation […]

Qualities the Most Awesome Celebrity Homes Have in Common

There is no doubt that celebrities have some of the nicest and most luxurious homes. With the kind of money that they earn, why wouldn’t they? This is especially true considering being a celebrity isn’t easy. You can hardly go out in public without your face being plastered all of the news. This is likely […]

Celebrities Who Collect Fine Art

Art is something to be enjoyed by the masses. It doesn’t matter your class, your family situation, your race, your religion, or your level of intelligence, art is out there to inspire, allow people to emote, and ultimately bring the generations together to experience a corporate oneness that isn’t experienced often enough. While preferences and […]

Celebrities Who Collect Vintage Muscle Cars

To most people, cars are the second biggest purchase they’re going to make in their life. Second to a house, a car is a necessity and often a luxury as well. While most of the population is stuck buying used cars off of strangers just get to where it is they need to go, others […]

Live Like the Celebrities in These Beautiful Homes

There is no questioning the fact that celebrities get to live in the most beautiful homes that are out there. Whatever the need or preference, the money and position that famous individuals have allow them to be able to live lives surrounded in luxury the rest of the population only gets to dream about. The […]

Top Things Celebrities do to Stay Healthy Fit

Celebrities are celebrities for a reason. They’re often the best looking people in the world. Even if that’s the case thanks to the help of plastic surgery and dentists, there is still a lot that celebrities do to stay in top shape for whatever it is that their careers are. They’re judged every day, and […]

Celeb Bedroom Trends For Sleeping In Style

Do you wish your bedroom was fit for a star? Achieving celeb inspired decor is within your reach. While the Hollywood crew may tend towards more expensive versions of these bedroom trends, there are always budget-friendly options available. Here’s how to sleep like the celebs without breaking the bank. Play Up The Patterns X-Men actor […]

Celebrities Who Have Extreme Hobbies

It’s not enough that celebrities pretend to live extreme lives in the movies or on television shows. It’s only acting after all. That unbelievable stunt you saw was done by a stunt man. That mountain scape the actor pretended to ski down on one ski, with their hands tied behind their back, while a mob […]

Celebrities With the Most Changed Smiles

If eyes are said to be windows to the soul, a smile must mean something just as poetic, right? When people are asked what the first thing they notice about a person is, 37 percent say they notice a smile first, 33 percent say they notice your eyes, 15 percent judge you by your weight, […]

Celebrity House Features that are to Die For

Everybody wishes that they had the goods, talents, looks, and money that celebrities do. Although the job description is much more detailed and strenuous than the rest of the population is led to believe, the lifestyle of a celebrity does offer many perks. For one, the paychecks that many celebrities receive for one project more […]

The Most Beautiful Celebrity House Yards

Landscaping is a facet of life that goes neglected by some, while others devote themselves to the land around them to ensure that not a weed goes unpulled, or a shrub goes unpruned. In many cases, it seems that the appearance and upkeep of a yard serves as a division of the classes. Landscape has […]

Celebrities Who Didn’t Just Play Doctors on TV

“I’m not a doctor, I just play one on TV.” This is probably a very common joke made amongst actors. There seems to be no shortage of actors who portray doctors or medical personnel in all of the movies and television shows that are so popular. It all seemed to take off with Grey’s Anatomy. […]