5 Reasons Why Tila Tequila Is A Nut Job

Where do we start?! It’s no secret that everything Tila Tequila does spells trouble, so we’re putting some of her blunders on the spotlight, which, hopefully, might serve as a wake up call to her and her wild ways…

The Ugliest Celebrity Divorces

Love is a beautiful thing. Thanks to Hollywood, we get the chance to share the romance between two celebrities. However, there are relationships that don’t have happy endings and it gets really ugly when the rich and famous decide to end their marriages. Here are some of the worst celebrity divorces we’ve seen so far. […]

Elizabeth Banks’ 5 Hottest Movie Roles

We all know her as Effie Trinket from The Hunger Games, but in case you still don’t know, the gorgeous Elizabeth Banks has been on a slew of hot movie roles since 1998. These ones are our faves:

Today’s Hottest Woman: Jennette McCurdy

Why She’s Today’s Hottest Woman: These Nickelodeon kids grow up so fast. One minute she’s in that show with Miranda Cosgrove, the next she’s in that other show with Ariana Grande. …Man, Nickelodeon sure knows how to make a hit show. 

Natalie Portman Won The Internet 5 Times With Her Bikinis

Call Natalie Portman whatever you want — Harvard alum, Queen Amidala, the 5th of November — but one thing is certain: she looks totally hot in a bikini. Check out some of her skimpy photos that got tongues waggin’.

5 Reasons Why Anna Fenninger Is A Secret Cheetah

Bet no one would imagine Anna Fenninger having more spare time after her super-G gold finish at Sochi. However, contrary to that belief, she’s actually fond of cheetahs, which brings us to the crazy conclusion that she might be one. (There’s simply no other reason!)