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A Peek Into The Homes of Young Celebs Under 30

Celebrities who are passionate about their craft and who know how to keep their earnings get to fulfill their dreams any time they want. Many have developed the habit of investing in real estate properties in places they want to reside in or enjoy a holiday with their partner or families. Even the younger generation […]

Nick Jonas Goes From Rockstar To Employee

His Hollywood career went sour overnight, so he became a retail salesman to help pay for his luxurious lifestyle. Kidding! Nick Jonas played a prank for CBS’s gag show, I Get That A Lot. It features celebrities fooling normal people in a case of supposed mistaken identity. They pretend to working ordinary jobs, while confusing […]

Sensible Jonas

Nick has always been my favorite Jonas. Years from now, the famous Jonas Brothers will inevitably split up and do their own things. Joe Jonas, the hot one, will predictable go through the perils of Hollywood stardom as he slowly loses his cuteness to age. Kevin Jonas, the married one, will fall prey to early […]

Jonas Brothers: Red Carpet Stunnaz

Are the Jonas Brothers starting a new trend in red carpet fashion? Is a pair of designer sunglasses really the cool thing to wear at award shows these days?

Kids’ Choice Awards: Best Dressed Males

Since the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards caters to the younger market, you’re sure to spot a number of stylish and wardrobe-experimental dudes on the red carpet, or in this year’s case—the orange carpet. (L-R) Musicians Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Nick Jonas of The Jonas Brothers suited up in different designer labels. Kevin’s suit and […]

More Jonas Reality

As if we haven’t had enough of the Jonas Brothers, Disney is giving viewers the second serving of Jonas Brothers: Living The Dream. Jonas Brothers: Living The Dream 2 follows Kevin, Joe, and Nick on the road during their Jonas Brothers World Tour 2009 across Europe, with stops in France, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Italy, […]

Nick and Selena’s Golf Date

Aww, young love. Disney darlings Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez, both 17 years old, played a sweet round of golf last Sunday in LA. The youngest Jonas got into the Olympic spirit as he sported a Polo U.S.A. jacket all afternoon.

Nick Jonas’ Solo Test Flight

He did insist that it’s just a sideline project. When Nick Jonas produced his solo album Nick Jonas and The Administration, he reassured fans that he wasn’t looking to escape the famous Jonas Brothers. He just wanted to do something with four other musicians that he worked with before. The album is now out for […]

Nick Jonas Goes Solo

Did you hear the resounding gasp of one million teenage girls worldwide? That natural phenomenon occurred when Denise Jonas, mother of the famous Disney pop trio Jonas Brothers, confirmed that the youngest Jonas is working on a solo project. “It’s called Nick Jonas and The Administration,” Mama Jonas told yesterday. “Shhh! He’s at the […]

Miley-Nick Jonas Reconciliation In The Works?

So Miley and Justin have really split. The guy confessed that he is utterly miserable, and what has been Miley up to? She says that she has reconnected with ex Nick Jonas. They’ve always been best friends, she said, and who knows what the future may hold? Yup, you’re very very young, girl.