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7 Celebrities Who Have Surprisingly High Education

Do you sometimes feel like celebrities were just handed their glamorous futures? Surprisingly, some stars actually worked real jobs and went through tough school grading assignments like the rest of us. It may make you feel better to stereotype all stars into a “blonde, bimbo” category but many of them have accomplished degrees in specialized […]

Natalie Portman Won The Internet 5 Times With Her Bikinis

Call Natalie Portman whatever you want — Harvard alum, Queen Amidala, the 5th of November — but one thing is certain: she looks totally hot in a bikini. Check out some of her skimpy photos that got tongues waggin’.

Why Celebrities Should Stay Away From Fashion Design

With the launch of Madonna’s new range of Aldo shoes and the news that perpetually half-dressed R&B singer Rihanna is to design a collection of clothes next spring for River Island, it is worth remembering that not all celebrities who dip their hand into fashion come out on top. Whilst many celebrities have contributed their […]

It’s Double the Joy for Natalie Portman

Natalie has been pretty busy over the past year and doesn’t seem to be slowing down despite her growing baby bump. Engaged to choreographer Benjamin Millepied who was incidentally her choreographer in The Black Swan, Portman is yet lined up for “ Your Highness” and “Thor”. Although her award winning role in The Black Swan […]

Natalie Portman is tres vogue in V

Natalie Portman is my favorite. I know I proclaimed my love for Lea Michele today, but Natalie will forever have my heart. She is hot in corny Japanese commericals and she hot when she acts. In everything. Ever. She is intelligent. Smart. And almost a genius. No, those adjectives are not similar and I am […]

Natalie Portman is hot in Japanese commercials

My wife, Natalie Portman, wanted to buy herself a french poodle, but I wasn’t too keen on splashing down the cash for it so I told her she would have to go out and earn it herself. Being a resourceful chica she landed a starring role in a Japanese shampoo commercial and I must say […]

Natalie Portman’s Not-So-Secret Obsession

What is it? It may not be apparent, but Natalie Portman is obsessed with “obscene” hip-hop. Really obscene hip-hop. She says that it makes her want to dance and laugh at the same time. Each to his own, I guess?

Natalie Portman: Not Dating Sean Penn

She is breathtakingly beautiful, a talented actress, and a smart one to boot. She rarely gets involved in scandals but rumors have been going around that she and Oscar winning Sean Penn are “together.” To this, Natalie Portman says “The reports that we are romantically involved are completely untrue. I normally do not respond to […]

Portman declines role

Natalie Portman reportedly declined the role of a nun in the film adaptation of the hit play Doubt. The reason? She reportedly could not understand the concept of celibacy. A million men’s imaginations are now in overdrive.

White hot

Natalie Portman stole the show at the amfAR’s fund-raiser in Cannes. So glad she’s over the Queen Amadala haircut… though this dress wins our vote for Most Regal.

Worst movie couples

There are some “movie couples” that you just don’t forget. Olivia Newton John and John Travolta in Grease. Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant in Notting Hill. Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks in Sleepless in Seattle. But some pairings just don’t have any chemistry. In this list of the most boring movie matches you’ll find Ben […]

Quote of the Day: Natalie Portman on Gael Garcia Bernal & Virginity

25-year-old Natalie Portman was recently asked by a reporter if she was back to dating Goya’s Ghosts hottie co-star Gael Garcia Bernal. To which the hotpot Portman replied, “That’s none of your business.” Natalie confesses that she finds it very strange when reporters ask her personal questions, like when she was asked as a late teen if […]