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Nothing beats two gorgeous women having a good time, especially if it’s Cara Delevingne¬†and Michelle Rodriguez!

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To randy guys (and some girls) everywhere, rejoice, ’cause¬†Michelle Rodriguez¬†swings both ways!

Michelle Rodriguez is bi and she loves it. (Cosmopolitan)

Michelle Rodriguez is bi and she loves it. (Cosmopolitan)

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Michelle Rodriguez, You Baffle Me

Michelle Rodriguez

You know those girls that you love to hang around because they are so much fun? They almost seem like one of the guys, everything that you guys do together is fun. You never have a problem hanging out with them because they are just that cool. The only issue is you might not realize that sexually they are like one of the guys because they like to take on women just as much as you do.

Michelle Rodriguez reminds me of those women, but the thing is I’m not sure what team she is on or if she plays both. Usually she is tom-boyed out so you figure she likes the women, but then she pulls off an outfit like this and you hope that at least half the time she is chasing the men around town.

If you go both ways Michelle, I’m all for it, but please let us know because I can’t take this brain scrambling that you continue to do day in and day out. You were great in Avatar by the way, a tear drop when you died. It wasn’t fair.

Same in The Fast and the Furious. Next movie, try to stay alive. Thanks.


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