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Here’s a new movie that may take your mind away from the Bella-Edward love team—even for just a moment. Beastly is coming to theaters this July, and I’m ecstatic as ever. Here are seven reasons why:

1. It gives a modern-day take on my favorite fairytale, Beauty and the Beast. The producers of Beastly have revealed that this movie is actually based on the 2007 book of sci-fi writer Alex Flinn, but the plot is obviously influenced by the classic fairytale, sans the beast’s heavy fur.

2. Vanessa Hudgens finally ditches the bubblegum mold for a more mature role. She plays the role of Lindy, a modern-day Belle who goes for “substance over style.” There will be no high school sing-and-dance routines this time, thank goodness.

3. British actor Alex Pettyfer will make you swoon, trust me. This chiseled, handsome 20-year-old has acted in British films in the past, but I believe his lead role in Beastly will make him a Hollywood A-lister in no time. I’d be worried if I were you, Robert Pattinson!

4. Mary-Kate Olsen is back! She finally goes back to the big screen, and this time she isn’t starring as the cutie patootie twin in a self-produced movie. In Beastly, she plays the “witch” Kendra who puts a spell on the self-centered school hottie Kyle, played by Alex Pettyfer.

5. Neil Patrick Harris is part of this teen flick! C’mon, you know that NPH is the man and anything he says is most likely true! “Usually these teen movies are full of masturbation jokes,” he told MTV. “But this is a very classy movie, actually. It looks great. I think the performances are strong. I think it’s better than your average teen film.” NPH plays the blind tutor who was hired by Kyle’s father as an attempt to keep his beastly son hidden from the world.

6. The special effects and makeup look realistic. Since the beast isn’t going for the traditional furry animal look, the producers turned Kyle into a heavily tattooed and scarred dude to fit the contemporary New York setting. He actually looks more like a body artist gone overboard.

7. Although the storyline is predictable (of course you know that Kyle is going to be shirtless and oozing with hotness and “beauty” at the end of the movie!), the producers and cast are keeping certain details of the film under wraps. For example, who is playing Kyle’s father? Will there be cameos from other teen stars? Which rock acts are part of the soundtrack? Will they dance the waltz in a royal ball? The suspense is killing me!

If you won’t take my word for it, then check out the trailer.

Edaward who? Jacob who?


Hooray for fashionistas! They dare challenge fashion convention and make us look forward to their red carpet photos because we know they won’t be wearing the usual glam gowns.

See which celebs rose to the occasion at the UK Elle Style Awards last Tuesday.

ELLE Style Awards 2010 - Kristen Stewart
Kristen Stewart: “Coz I got one hand in my pocket, and the other one’s…” receiving an award? The shy Twilight star got the Woman of the Year award and didn’t disappoint with her Emilio Pucci dress.

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Oh Boye, It’s Olsen Fashion!

It’s about time they came up with their own label. Celebrity twin moguls Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen tied up with J.C. Penny to launch Olsenboye, a teen line that promises to sell stylish Olsen designs for under $50. The clothes finally made it to the J.C. Penny racks this week.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen Introduce "Olsenboye"!

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Hobo Is In

The Fall/Winter season is still making its Hollywood rounds, hence the need to pile up on warm clothes. Three fashionistas show us that oversized and over-piled can be stylish. Or not.

Food, Inc UK Premiere - Vivienne Westwood

(c) Getty

Designer Vivienne Westwood attends the UK premiere for Food, Inc. held the at The Curzon Mayfair on February 8 in London, England.

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The best place for celebs to show off their hot designer duds is in the VIP section of fashion shows. Check out these Hollywood fashionistas who managed to steal the attention away from the catwalks at the Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010. Who wins your vote for best dressed?

Jean-Paul Gaultier - Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010
Rihanna attended the Jean-Paul Gaultier Pret a Porter show wearing a daring cutout number. Accompanying her at the fashion shows is stylist Mariel Haenn.

Chanel - Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010
She also managed to keep her hands warm in a jewel-encrusted Chanel muff in the French designer’s show.

Christian Dior - Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010 - Arrivals
Dita Von Teese arrived at the Christian Dior show in her signature old Hollywood glam look.

Chanel - Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010
Supermodel Claudia Schiffer went for military chic at the Chanel Pret a Porter show.

Stella McCartney - Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010
It’s in the jeans. Gwyneth Paltrow kept it casual at the Stella McCartney show in Palais De Tokyo.

Sonia Rykiel - Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010
Katy Perry went hot for sequins at the Sonia Rykiel show. To the surprise of her fans, she ditched her usual colorful retro wardrobe and went for a darker look.

Emmanuel Ungaro - Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010
Lindsay Lohan (right) and Spanish designer Estrella Archs walked the runway for Emmanuel Ungaro. Lohan was introduced as the fashion brand’s artistic director, much to the dismay of critics.

Chanel - Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010
Singer Prince outshone the other men (and women!) at the Grand Palais for Chanel. His sexy high heels will put any catwalk diva to shame.

Giambattista Valli - Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010
Rocker dude meets boho chick. Couple Max Snow and Mary-Kate Olsen attended the Giambattista Valli Pret a Porter show as part of the Paris Women’s Wear Fashion Week in Jardin des Tuileries.

Chanel - Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010
Lily Allen (right) gave a surprise musical performance at the Chanel Pret a Porter show. She popped out from a pile of hay to perform her hit song “Not Fair.”

Olsen twins and their primadonna rules

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen recently had a book signing event for their new book Influence. Primadonnas that they are, strict guidelines were presented to the public and among them is that they will only sign the book and will not speak or answer any questions. Taking photos are also banned.

What are they famous for again?


Mary Kate scared of telling truth about Heath?

mary kate

What secret is Mary Kate Olsen hiding about Heath Ledger? The actress wants immunity from prosecution before she cooperates with investigators.


See Mary “jump”


What do you think of Mary Kate Olsen’s outfit? Jumpers used to be kids’ wear — acceptable if you’re below six years old, and going to the playground. This satin number, however, was deemed worthy for the 21 party.

Brings back memories when short shorts were chic.


Olsen twins writing fashion book


Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are collaborating on a book that will look at the influence of artists and fashion designers on celebrity fashion. Called “Influence” it will include big names like Christian Louboutin, Lauren Hutton and Bob Colacello.

The book does seem aligned to their other business ventures, particularly a clothing line called The Row.

But it’s kind of funny for them to peg themselves as fashion experts when the two are consistently named part of Hollywood’s Worst Dressed List.


Mary Kate speaks up on Heath’s death

Mary-Kate Olsen finally stepped forward after her name was drawn into Heath Ledger’s sudden and tragic death.

The two had been dating casually since late last year. Initial reports said he had been found in her apartment (not true); then police announced that she was the first person the housekeeper had called. In fact, she phoned her 3 times (a minute between each call) before calling 911.

“Heath was a friend. His death is a tragic loss. My thoughts are with his family during this very difficult time.”

Police have said they will not question Olsen in connection with the phone calls.


What was the Heath-Mary Kate connection?


Phone records show that the housekeeper who discovered Heath Ledger’s body called Mary Kate before 911.

Why? Reps said that the housekeeper (photograph above) wanted Mary Kate’s advice. The actress told her that she would send over security teams for help, but then the housekeeper called back to say she had dialled 911.




“I run around my house naked with heels all the time. It’s so funny. All my friends will tell you I love running around in kimonos and jewelry or naked with jewelry.”

~Mary-Kate Olsen on loving being naked all the time


Hehehe.  Don’t you just love keeping up with the stars from “Full House”?  Our favorite uncle Jesse, John Stamos, appears to be enjoying his booze a little too much these days.

During a press tour in Australia for TV show “ER”, Stamos showed up for two separate interviews more than a little off his alcohol rocker. 

Hilariously, when Stamos was asked in one interview if he still keeps up with the Olsen twins, Uncle Jesse replied, “It was interesting the time they were going through some of their issues, um, certainly Mary-Kate.”

“I was getting divorced, so, um, I think Ashley was kind of alone, and, um… at a beach house, and she came down to stay with me… but, um, I think they’re doing really well now…”

While Stamos explained away his behavior on being “jet lagged”, I think we all know the man probably had one appletini too many.




“Movies and photography from the 60s and 70s, and not just for my wardrobe — my homes in LA and New York are designed with those eras in mind.”

~Mary-Kate Olsen


The Mary-Kate of the Olsen twins was spotted kissing a mystery man on Monday, which further leads me to believe that some people actually find the whole hobo in heels thing attractive.

The tiny-framed, chain-smoking twin enjoyed a nice, long walk with her nice, tall man on Memorial Day, but no clues as of yet who this new dude will turn out to be.



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