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Madonna talks about M.D.N.A.

Madonna’s set to unleash her newest album M.D.N.A., and as expected rabid Madonna fans are already all over the two tracks she has released of her album – “Gimme All Your Luvin” and “Masterpiece.”

Madonna, Elton John Rift Reignited at Golden Globes

What do you do when two old queens feud? Stand back and wait for the fireworks. That’s what’s likely to happen as the rift between Madonna and Sir Elton John got reignited at the recently held Golden Globes Award. Both artists were nominated for Best Original Song. Elton John fired the first salvo when he […]

Madonna Gets Down And Dirty

Literally! The musical icon was in Malawi recently to help with the building of a girls’ school, which she is sponsoring. She literally “helped” by putting her muscles to good use – as you can see in that picture (thanks to TMZ). Now tell me you can’t help but admire this woman!

Madonna Turning Paranoid?

The Material Girl thinks that other performers are out to copy her moves. She says that J-Lo was at her concert and watching her super closely – probably wanting to pick up a tip or two. I think she should be flattered!

Madonna Celebrates Birthday In Poland

Amidst protests from residents who felt that Madonna’s concert date was ill-chosen (it coincided with a major Roman Catholic holiday), the star’s fans celebrated her birthday with her with a couple of songs. To the outpouring of emotions, Madonna replied “I feel your love!” She turned 51.

Madonna Pays Tribute To Dead Crew Members

Madonna lost two crew members in France while they were setting up the stage. That same night, she honored them in a concert in Italy. For some reason, a crane fell on the men and took their lives. Who said that crewing for celebrities was a safe job?

Kylie Minogue To Tour North America

This Australian singer has battled the odds, and won. She is now set to take the North American continent by storm with her concert tour for the very first time. Fans are definitely clambering too get a piece of the action.

Madonna To Adopt 3-Year-Old

Celebrities like adopting kids. Madonna is going to do it again, this time, a 3-year-old girl named Mercy. She is from Malawi, the same country that Banda is from.

Britney, Madonna on stage

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake did appear with Madonna during her Sticky & Sweet Tour–but not together as earlier reported. The two appeared with Madonna on separate parts of the program. Still a coup in my book, but barely.

New info on Madonna, Ritchie divorce

We got information in the ongoing divorce proceedings between Madonna and Guy Ritchie. Reports have it that the director will get $60 million, their Ashcombe home, and the Punchbowl club (which was originally Ritchie’s anyway). Madonna is reportedly livid and has been heard saying that Ritchie is a gold digger. I for one don’t think […]

Robyn tells of Madonna contract “clause”

Swedish pop star Robyn was asked to open for some of Madonna’s shows but the experience may not be as good for the European artist as she had hoped. According to Robyn, it was stated in her contract that she and her crew are not allowed to approach or talk to Madonna, taking pictures is […]

Guy Ritchie denies divorce trouble

Guy Ritchie says his marriage his fine — “as far as he knows.” Gee, Guy. The question, what don’t you know? Or pretending not to know? Seems like a safe answer that says absolutely nothing at all.

Justin Timberlake – Madonna flirtation

When Madonna told Justin TImberlake to strip, he stripped “Nice top shelf,” she said. Justin fondly recalls that moment “as one of the greatest days of my life.” At the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony, Justin returns the compliment, praising Madonna for her “shapely body of work” and how she’s “always been a […]