Daily Dose of Zen: Lindsay Lohan Channels Daisy Duke

On Monday teen queen Lindsay Lohan was spotted at Hollywood hotspot Winston’s apparently channeling Daisy Duke, though not in a good way really. The flannel-sporting actress arrived at the club holding the hand of none other than pal Nicole Richie.   It seems like Richie should have been the one to prevent LL from leaving the […]

Lindsay Lohan Backs Out of Keira Knightley Movie

I’m thinking that teen queen Lindsay Lohan just isn’t a big enough star to start backing out of movies, but it looks like LL has other ideas about that one. According to Lohan’s rep, the “actress” has dropped out of the Keira Knightley film The Best Times of Our Lives, which actually looked rather cute.  Lindsay supposedly walked away from […]

Daily Dose of Zen: Lindsay Lohan Loves Herself, a Lot

  Teen queen Lindsay Lohan is featured on the cover of the newest issue of GQ magazine & the starlet doesn’t let an opportunity like that pass her by. Lohan was spotted entering the nightlife this week with a new pal, a glossy copy of GQ for all the world to see how awesome she […]

Lindsay Lohan Drives Drunk & Nearly Kills Photographer

Well, it looks like rehab didn’t help ole teen queen Lindsay Lohan very much.  Lohan was spotted leaving New York City club Butter Monday night clearly intoxicated.   See the drunkiepants video here. Lohan tried to hide her face when a photographer yelled to everyone that LL was drunk & about to drive.  That’s when LL […]

Lindsay Lohan & Jude Law ‘Adoring One Another’s Company’

Now, wouldn’t that be a hot item?  Teen queen Lindsay Lohan & British diva Jude Law as a couple, what an interesting pairing that one would make! According to Page Six, before LL heads off to London to shoot her next movie, she wants to make sure she has a pal there first.  Lohan & Law were spotted at The […]

Daily Dose of Zen: Lindsay Lohan Drink Water at Club

  Well, Lindsay Lohan is showing us all up, especially Britney Crazypants Spears.  After recently returning back to society after a stint in rehab herself, Lohan has been getting to the good stuff in life. LL has been enjoying some puppy shopping as well as a return to the nightlife on Wednesday.  Teen queen Lohan […]

Gwyneth Paltrow Says Lindsay Lohan Will ‘Figure It Out’

We’re all at least a little interested (to put it mildly) to see if Lindsay Lohan will quit her loud partying ways & not turn into one of the forgotten has-beens.  If Gwyneth Paltrow has anything to do with it, she’s gonna support her girl LL.  Recently on Entertainment Tonight 34-year-old Paltrow felt confident that young Lohan would keep […]

Lindsay Lohan in Rehab Because of Actor James Franco?

Rumors are popping up all over the place revealing that one reason for teen queen Lindsay Lohan’s rehab entrance may be because of fellow actor James Franco.  Apparently Lohan is obsessed with Franco & has made several passes at the young man, one being at a Golden Globe after-party.  Lohan has been after the Spider-Man actor since June 2006.  Lindsay even […]

Lindsay Lohan Enters Rehab

Teen queen Lindsay Lohan has entered rehab.  Hooray, there just might be a glimmer of hope for LL yet!  Lohan checked herself into the posh Wonderland (your body is?  Alice in?) Center located in Los Angeles’ Laurel Canyon.  Lohan entered the program Wednesday around 3pm.    Lindsay made a statement through her rep, saying, “I have made a proactive decision […]

Lindsay Lohan Spotted in Hollywood Pictures

Lindsay Lohan was spotted at Teddy’s in Hollywood Wednesday. The teen queen dropped by the club with “water bottle” in tote. But we know better than to believe this whole AA clean-up act, don’t we? That water bottle looks more like a vodka concoction just waiting for her favorite Red Bull to add to the […]