Lindsay Stalking Sam?

Lindsay is devastated over her breakup with DJ Sam. This despite the fact that she said they did it so Lindsay can focus on herself? I think it has reached the point that Sam's family is considering a restraining order against Lindsay! Bad... … [Read more...]

Lindsay And Daddy: Truce

Lindsay Lohan's family drama has not been kept a secret. At this point in time, however, father Michael says that they have a truce and that the media should stay out of it to stop adding fuel to the fire. Let's help them out a bit? … [Read more...]

Lohan Furious With Facebook!

And I thought I was the only one getting increasingly annoyed with Facebook! Well, La Lohan was in a fit on rage recently when she discovered that the social networking giant had closed her account, claiming that she was a fake! " At first I laughed, but then I got angry. … [Read more...]

Lohan says she’s not a lesbian

Lindsay Lohan's "girlfriend" Samantha Ronson may be surgically attached to the troubled actress but that doesn't mean she's turned lesbo. According to The Sun, Lohan said that Ronson is the only girl she'll go for and that if things don't work out with her then she'll date … [Read more...]

Lindsey Lohan sued

Lindsey Lohan's past keeps coming back to bite her in the ass. She is being sued by the three people in the SUV that she drove while drunk as she tried to chase her assistant. This real-life stupidity/story happened last year. … [Read more...]