Lindsay Lohan Channels Linda Lovelace?

Actress Lindsay Lohan, aka LiLo, is said to be gearing up to play another famous LiLo, porn star Linda Lovelace. Lovelace, who died nearly eight years ago due to injuries in a car accident, is best known for her role in the hardcore 1973 porn classic Deep Throat. She also … [Read more...]

Lindsay’s Twitter Frenzy

Uh-oh. Lindsay Lohan’s recent tweets haven’t been very helpful in cleaning up her image. Yesterday, she posted a Polaroid shot taken by photographer Tyler Shields. The photo instantly became controversial—she was provocatively holding a gun to her lips. The shot was part … [Read more...]

Perez Hilton’s Carn-Evil Day!

Hollywood’s famous gossip Perez Hilton turned 32 last week, and he made sure that he celebrated it with his favorite people. … [Read more...]

Lindsay Lohan is in my closet

I can't tell you how many times this happens. I come home from a hard day at work only to find some celebrity mooching in my closet trying on the clothes that I stole from their closet. I mean don't they understand the hard work I put in breaking into their homes, finding the … [Read more...]

Lindsay Lohan has nasty toes, yeah

As you already know, Lindsay spent New Year's in St. Barts. What you might have missed though is that her toes were not looking status quo like. I mean if you have ugly feet you have ugly feet, but there is no reason to walk around with half-painted toenails, it is just tacky. It … [Read more...]