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Rather funny how the world of romance and relationships have changed over the years. The sexual revolution has set so many souls free and at the same time has reversed and flipped  the way we all viewed life and love for many centuries. Who says only men can have all the fun  with women half their age? Why do many frown on women getting involved with a much younger man? Who dictates that norm anyways? Let’s say a woman in her 40’s suddenly becomes single and available after a 10 year marriage ends in divorce.  They say all the good men are taken. Hence, this leaves her with slim pickins of single men in her age bracket. These men be the ones who are either too involved with work and have sworn themselves into bachelorhood, or have gone totally ape chasing around women half their age and  half their waistlines. Who then makes it to her list of eligibles?

And oh,the labels we’ve been living with  That distinguished man in his 50’s dating a girl in her 20’s is reduced to a dirty old man and a foxy woman in her 40’s dating a 20 something man becomes a raging cougar preying on fresh meat. Fortunately, Hollywood always  has something  to inspire us. This reality bite on the battle of the dating sexes has seen many celebrity cougars on the prowl for  a great catch.  Whether they end up with a keeper or just a sleeper, these Hollywood women sure have their game on and some pretty hot boy toy trophies.

Mariah Carey  — rawrrz for this mamita for keeping her boy toy Nick Canon in tow despite their 10 year age difference.

Kylie Minogue –  a breast cancer survivor, this diva from down under seems to have found her second wind and some good love with her Spanish beau Andres Velencoso  who is 11 yrs younger .

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Kylie Minogue is the hottest cancer survivor ever


After tortuing you with Octomom in a bikini I figured I had to come back strong with something that everyone could enjoy. Everyone can enjoy Kylie Minogue because she is a good person that happens to be sexy. She fought cancer and came out the winner and that is always a good thing to celebrate.

I don’t think she has done anything of significance here in the state for two decades, but let’s not hold that against her. Sometimes you don’t have to do anything to actually be doing something. That paradox might be a bit too deep for you, but one day you will understand. There is a good chance you will be lying on your death bed when that day comes, but at least you can die peacefully with the knowledge that you now understand how the world works.

When that finally happens I hope you understand that you have Kylie to thank for it. That is the power of this woman. She is remarkable in every way and I’m not just saying that because she paid me $10,000. I’m saying it because I truly believe it and my beliefs are the only things keeping me together.

The bottle of Patron always seems to help as well. Booyah!


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