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Want To Be Cool? Drink Water

Water is literally essential to life. In fact, according to this infographic from iCliniq, the body is made up of 70 percent water. That’s a lot of water in the human body. That water does a lot for the body, including hydration and digestion. Men need more water than women. Whenever you sweat you need […]

Celebs and Their Cars: Who’s Driving What

What do you do when you have more money than you can possibly spend? Many celebrities decide to throw down a wad of cash and buy a high-end luxury car. While their cars may be fast, even the richest celebs aren’t able to evade the nosy paparazzi. If you want to know what your favorite […]

Kim Kardashian Goes Blond!

After Kim Kardashian went “north”, she’s heading to a different direction: blond!

First Look: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Lock Lips in Public!

Over the weekend, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have publicly confirmed their relationship when they were seen locking lips for the first time. The rapper artist visited Kim Kardashian who was on set for a photoshoot for Vogue Italia. The 31-year-old reality star looked a lot like her mother Kris Jenner as she was seen […]

Do You Think You Can Spot Them in a Crowd?

Celebrity spotting can be one of the trickiest things to do. This is probably the reason why the paparazzi goes on a frenzy trying to get that ultimate million dollar photo that can make or break any of Hollywood’s glittering roster of celebrities. It would take a trained eye to spot any of these celebrities […]

Top 10 Most Influential Celebs in Entertainment

When it comes to entertainment and celebrities, at any one time there is almost always a pool of super influential people that seem to be either pulling all the strings or covering all of the magazines. Here’s a quick rundown of the top 10 most influential celebrities in entertainment at the moment: Simon Cowell Simon […]

It’s official ! Kim Kardashian files for divorce

72! Yep, that’s the magic number. 72 days is all it boiled down to after all the hype and media circus we all got subjected to months before the actual wedding day of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries. Barely two and a half months down the road of their big fat wedding, Kim has confirmed […]

The Cost of a Kardashian Wedding

Kim Kardashian has turned non-celebrity longevity into a science. You’d be hard pressed to find any other reality TV star who has enjoyed lasting popularity over doing nothing — well, except for showing that impossibly large butt. But now you can add another achievement for Kardashian, the ability to turn a wedding into both an […]

Kim Kardashian Is Engaged !

Well, that’s about it for all you  Mr. Kim Kardashian hopefuls. About time you throw in the towel,  but you can still keep the posters on your wall. She’s officially out of  the singles race and off the bachelorette market.  A confirmed statement from the rep of the sultry reality star says Kim Kardashian is […]

Kim Is The Cat’s Meow

The thing about being a celebrity is that people criticize everything that you do—and I mean everything! Kim Kardashian was being her usual celebrity self when she posted this photo on Twitpic on Monday: The caption read: “Pic from my shoot yesterday…good kitty cat!” What followed was a barrage of negative comments from people who […]

Kim Hates Playboy

And I thought she enjoyed basking in the limelight. Kim Kardashian recently admitted to Harper’s Bazaar that she regrets her 2007 Playboy cover. “I’m sorry I did Playboy. I was uncomfortable,” she said. She revealed that it was her mom Kris Jenner who pressured her into doing the photo shoot to promote their family’s reality […]

Kim Kardashian’s Sexy Catty Photo Shoot

Kim Kardashian is one socialite and reality TV show star who has embraced social media to the fullest, often sharing details of her personal life on Twitter, as well as tons of hot photos taken during her work. The photo of Kim holding a cat by the scruff of the neck above is hot, but […]

Kim Kardashian poses Nude for Harpers Bazaar (PHOTO)

Kim Kardashian nude photos? Try saying that in the presence of, well, just about any straight guy on the planet and watch what happens. Sure, there have been nude photos of Kim Kardashian posted online before, mainly screenshots of an alleged intimate video of her and former beau Reggie Bush, but this time it appears […]

Kim Kardashian’s Workout Line

Wow, Kim Kardashian will put her name on anything! She’s launched a perfume, couture lollipop line, and cupcake mix, among other products with her name on it. She’s also signed up as the endorser for a number of brands, the newest being Bravada International.

Bikini Watch

Spring is here, so the stars are hitting Miami for some sun. Check out the Hollywood babes who are busy flaunting their bikini bods.

The Kardashians Spy On The Papz

The paparazzi sure know how to keep up with the Kardashians. During the weekend, the Kardashians were busy getting some sun in Miami on their own private yacht when they noticed some photographers trailing them.

Tim Gunn Isn’t Fond of The Kardashians

“I read that you are not a fan of the Kardashian look,” Joy Behar asked fashion guru Tim Gunn on CNN’s The Joy Behar Show. “Oh, Joy. Who is?” Tim responded. “I find that it’s—while it may have some sexiness to it—I find it’s largely vulgar. It has a cheapness and tawdriness.” “Now I’m going […]