Keira Knightley Needed “Liquid Courage” To Film Sex Scenes

Let’s face it, sex scenes can really turn people on. It doesn’t even have to be porn. Really well made sex scenes in mainstream movies can be very erotic or overtly sexual that it can arouse people. But have you ever thought about what those actors feel when making acting in … [Read more...]

Who’s The New Captain America?

The casting hat is already filled with names and the producers have yet to reveal which celebs have made the cut. The remake of the 1990 classic is slated for 2011, so fans cannot wait to see the new cast of Captain America. Channing Tatum … [Read more...]

Kiera Knightley Gets Beat Up

Nope, she is not another Rihanna. In fact, Kiera Knightley is taking a stand against domestic violence with a video. She donated her time to making an ad, wherein she gets violently beat up in a "shocking" manner. We shall see this ad on the 6th in theaters. … [Read more...]

Keira Moves To The Country

English rose Keira Knightly recently announced that she was leaving London and seeking a quiet life in the country with boyfriend Rupert Friend (co-star in 2005's Pride and Prejudice), where she can be closer to "pubs and shops" and further away from Hollywood parties and media … [Read more...]

Is Keira Knightley the Hottest Woman Of the Day?

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