Celebs Who Have Gotten Lasik Eye Surgery

Celebrities are known for their penchant for getting the latest and greatest surgery. From BOTOX to liposuction, celebs will go to great lengths to ensure that their bodies look at their best. Celebs also want to see at their best too and an assortment of Hollywood stars have … [Read more...]

Kathy Griffin Tells About Lipo Horrors

You may not know it, but comedienne Kathy Griffin had her own issues about her appearance. When she was younger, she had liposuction done, and things went horribly. Lucky for her, she was able to turn things around and get where she is now. Her advice? We will probably always … [Read more...]

Kathy Griffin Takes It Easy On Lindsay

She does have a heart, ladies and gentlemen. Kathy Griffin has decided to leave Lindsay alone and not mock her for the time being. She says that Lindsay seems to be in "the real throes of trouble." Now this is why I appreciate Kathy - she knows when to dish it out and when to … [Read more...]