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Rachel Zoe: “I’ve been used!”

Rachel Zoe has she found out her former BFF and styling assistant Brad Goreski had gotten his own BRAVO TV show and stealing their clients. At first Rachel thought Brad just wanted a little “work-life balance” – more time with his boyfriend, his dog, his designer clothes, who knows. But after a group hug and […]

“Kate + 8” Gets Axed

Kate Gosselin is “freaking out” after her show, Kate + 8, was cancelled by TLC. “Will my family be okay?” Was her family ever okay? The kids have been living in a fishbowl for six years. Their parents dysfunctional marriage, messy divorce, and their father’s affairs were conveniently hyped up to boost ratings. And then […]

Kate Gosselin Is Out

Somebody finally put her out of her misery! The famous reality TV star and mother of eight kissed Dancing With The Stars goodbye this week. “You are one tough cookie and you are no quitter,” judge Carrie Ann Inaba told Kate. A tearful Kate replied, “To [my] fans, thank you for believing in me more […]

Dancing With The Stars: Rehearsal Time!

March 22 is coming so it’s practice-practice-practice for Season 10’s celebrity contestants. See how the finalists of Dancing With The Stars are working on their fancy footwork and dance routines! TV’s most-watched mom Kate Gosselin leaves her New York hotel to meet her dance partner Tony Dovolani.

Where Is Jon Gosselin Spending Thanksgiving?

At his grandma’s! Bet you didn’t guess that! He says he can’t spend Thanksgiving Day with the kids at their Pennsylvania home because it is “Kate’s day.” His consolation is that Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are joint custody days. I am sure that he’ll have all the food and company he needs at his […]

Jon Gosselin Brings Wife Flowers

Yeah, Kate is still his wife, right? Anyway, he brought a bunch of red roses to an arbitration meeting about their kids. It didn’t impress Kate, though. I’d say it should take more than flowers to make things right!

Hailey Glassman Emotionally Abused By Jon Gosselin

Maybe Kate could have told her that would happen? She says that he would always take out his anger on her and be mean to her. She also says that she doesn’t even know why she loves him anymore. Maybe it’s time to ditch?

Nurse Kate?

If the rumors are true, Kate Gosselin just might go back to her old profession: nursing. Someone has found out that Kate just renewed her license on October 26 at the Pennsylvania Department of State. I wonder where she’ll be working?

Judge To Jon Goss: Return The Money!

Jon is not liking it, but does he have a choice? After estranged wife, Kate, alleged that he withdrew $200,000++ from their joint bank account, a judge has ordered him to return $150,000 by October 26. Otherwise, he will be held in contempt. I wonder if he has that kind of money? Maybe he can […]

Jon Gosselin Denies Bank Account Allegations

He says. She says. That’s the story of their lives. Kate accused husband of withdrawing $200,000 from their joint bank account, but Jon has countered her accusations, saying that it is all fabricated. He did admit to withdrawing from the account, but he says it’s his paycheck, and that he only withdrew $22,000 last week. […]

Jon Gosselin: Dipping Into Joint Account?

Are these two never going to stop? The latest is that Kate Gosselin is accusing her husband of taking out $200,000 from their joint account. Jon has not said anything yet, but I am sure we will hear from him. Do you think Kate’s telling the truth?

Kate Plus Eight Suspended

And it’s not because of the kids or the mom. It’s actually due to Jon’s “erratic” behavior. TLC has issued a statement saying that despite inaccurate statements from Jon, he is still under contract and his behavior is only harming everyone involved. As such, filming has been suspended. Are we really going to miss the […]

Kate Plus Eight, Minus Jon

I say it’s about time! The show Jon & Kate Plus Eight has been renamed to Kate Plus Eight, highlighting the separation of the parents. Now, it will focus on Kate being a single mother of eight. As for Jon, he says he has not been kicked out and will still appear in the show […]

Kate Gosselin Does Good

Kate Gosselin went to the “Stars, Stripes and Skates ICEtravaganza” in Connecticut this weekend, offering her services as an announcer for one of the skaters. She says that she is doing great and pointed out that volunteering is something we should all do. No wonder the people at the rink cheered her on!

Kate Gosselin Has The Gift Of Gab

Oooh, I am sure her (ex?) husband Jon will agree wholeheartedly. Anyhow, Kate has practically confirmed that she will be hosting a new talk show. She said: “I’ve been given the gift of gab, so why not use it?” She seems to be doing an okay job co-hosting The View. What do you think?

Kate Gosselin Has A New Talk Show!

Kate Gosselin’s career seems to be picking up somehow. She is shooting a new talk show with prominent personalities including celebrity chef Paula Deen. No other details about the nature of the show have been released.

Jon Gosselin’s Lawyer Drops Him

Jon and Kate’s divorce might not go through as fast as they would want it to. Apparently, Jon’s divorce lawyer has dropped him. No reason has been give, but he has filed a petition to withdraw. Bet on how soon they find a new lawyer?

Welcome Back Kate Gosselin’s Old Hair

Did you miss it? Just the other day, Kate Gosselin sported a wavy new do. I thought it wouldn’t last, and I was right! She’s back – or more accurately, IT is back. Kate Gosselin was spotted in New York yesterday wearing her signature assymetrical hair do.