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Where Is Jon Gosselin Spending Thanksgiving?

At his grandma’s! Bet you didn’t guess that! He says he can’t spend Thanksgiving Day with the kids at their Pennsylvania home because it is “Kate’s day.” His consolation is that Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are joint custody days. I am sure that he’ll have all the food and company he needs at his […]

Jon Gosselin Throws Mantrum

So what’s new, you may ask. He’s been accused of that before. But in front of his children? AT his children? This is crossing the line like no other, huh? Apparently, the twins said something about liking their mom better and daddy didn’t like it! Tsk tsk.

Jon Gosselin Brings Wife Flowers

Yeah, Kate is still his wife, right? Anyway, he brought a bunch of red roses to an arbitration meeting about their kids. It didn’t impress Kate, though. I’d say it should take more than flowers to make things right!

Jon Gosselin Will Forever Love Hailey

Jon Gosselin has said his piece. He and Hailey are taking time apart to figure their lives out, and he admits that he had been taking his frustrations out on her. He says, though, that he will always love her. Don’t they all say that?

Jon Gosselin And Hailey Glassman: Couple No More

Just the other day, Hailey Glassman was whining about how Jon Gosselin was verbally and emotionally abusing her (surprise!); the weekend’s here and we’re hearing about the inevitable – the couple have split. Apparently, they broke soon after the interview where Hailey expressed her feelings. She’d probably be better off without him anyway!

Hailey Glassman Emotionally Abused By Jon Gosselin

Maybe Kate could have told her that would happen? She says that he would always take out his anger on her and be mean to her. She also says that she doesn’t even know why she loves him anymore. Maybe it’s time to ditch?

Octomom Has The Hots For Octodad

How does Octomom and Octodad sound? Nadya Suleyman said that she thinks Jon Gosselin is HOT, that she has a crush on him, and that he looks cute in purple. So just in case Jon needs another woman – with 8++ kids – he knows where to go! Photo courtesy of US Magazine

Jon Gosselin And Hailey Cosy Up In NYC

From the looks of it, you wouldn’t think that Jon Gosselin had tons of things on his plate. Over the weekend, he was spotted with girlfriend Hailey Glassman, and they were all over each other, having the time of their lives. I wonder what Kate and the kids were doing? Photo courtesy of US Magazine

Judge To Jon Goss: Return The Money!

Jon is not liking it, but does he have a choice? After estranged wife, Kate, alleged that he withdrew $200,000++ from their joint bank account, a judge has ordered him to return $150,000 by October 26. Otherwise, he will be held in contempt. I wonder if he has that kind of money? Maybe he can […]

Jon Gosselin Denies Bank Account Allegations

He says. She says. That’s the story of their lives. Kate accused husband of withdrawing $200,000 from their joint bank account, but Jon has countered her accusations, saying that it is all fabricated. He did admit to withdrawing from the account, but he says it’s his paycheck, and that he only withdrew $22,000 last week. […]