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Jonas Brothers: Red Carpet Stunnaz

Are the Jonas Brothers starting a new trend in red carpet fashion? Is a pair of designer sunglasses really the cool thing to wear at award shows these days?

Kids’ Choice Awards: Best Dressed Males

Since the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards caters to the younger market, you’re sure to spot a number of stylish and wardrobe-experimental dudes on the red carpet, or in this year’s case—the orange carpet. (L-R) Musicians Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Nick Jonas of The Jonas Brothers suited up in different designer labels. Kevin’s suit and […]

Joe Jonas’ Bros

It looks like a scene fresh out of Entourage. Joe Jonas was spotted with two of his buddies as they went shopping at The Grove in West Hollywood on March 11.

More Jonas Reality

As if we haven’t had enough of the Jonas Brothers, Disney is giving viewers the second serving of Jonas Brothers: Living The Dream. Jonas Brothers: Living The Dream 2 follows Kevin, Joe, and Nick on the road during their Jonas Brothers World Tour 2009 across Europe, with stops in France, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Italy, […]

Joe Jonas Channels Axl Rose

Fashion has a way of repeating itself. As history has shown us, certain trends are resurrected every few decades or so, while some fads go completely extinct. Take Axl Rose of Guns N’ Roses, for example. This rockstar started the bandana craze in the late ’80s to early ’90s when grunge ruled the airwaves. The […]

Joe Jonas Wants to Be Bond—James Bond

The middle Jonas has his eyes set on more serious acting, and his dream role is (drumroll, please) James Bond. “I’m willing to read for anything,” Joe said. “Acting is something I love and I want to do it all. It would be an awesome dream to get a part in a James Bond movie,” […]

Meet Judge Joe Jonas

Dallas American Idol hopefuls will be in for a treat as they audition for the singing contest: Joe Jonas. The youngster will be sitting beside the three regular judges and help decide the fate of countless wannabes for the upcoming season of AI. I guess they had to get someone like him to cater to […]