Jessica Simpson Shows Off Post-Baby Curves: Mama Gone Big!

Jessica Simpson is one big baby momma. After giving birth to daughter Maxwell Drew Johnson, Jessica is now on a tight slimdown schedule. … [Read more...]

Jessica Simpson’s New Packaging

You gotta hand it to Joe Simpson. He’s mastered the art of celebrity branding. Look at how he’s managed to package his children’s careers throughout the years. … [Read more...]

Jessica Simpson Is Back On Reality TV

The last time we saw her on reality TV was when she was still married to Nick Lachey on The Newlyweds. Who could forget her “I don’t eat buffalo” and “Is this chicken or tuna” quips? … [Read more...]

Jessica Simpson: 50,000 Shoes For Haiti

Celebrities have really been stepping up to help Haiti earthquake victims. We’ve heard of telephone marathons, fundraisers, and even musical collaborations. Now it’s Jessica Simpson’s turn. The 29-year-old popstar is trying to get people to donate 50,000 pairs of shoes in … [Read more...]

Meet Jessica Simpson: Bad A**!

Jessica Simpson has been called a lot of things, but have you ever thought of her as a bad a**? Well her personal trainer calls her just that. Apparently, she is working it out to the limit. I am sure she'll get her old bod back in no time! … [Read more...]