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Jessica Simpson’s New Packaging

You gotta hand it to Joe Simpson. He’s mastered the art of celebrity branding. Look at how he’s managed to package his children’s careers throughout the years.

Jessica Simpson Is Back On Reality TV

The last time we saw her on reality TV was when she was still married to Nick Lachey on The Newlyweds. Who could forget her “I don’t eat buffalo” and “Is this chicken or tuna” quips?

Jessica Simpson: 50,000 Shoes For Haiti

Celebrities have really been stepping up to help Haiti earthquake victims. We’ve heard of telephone marathons, fundraisers, and even musical collaborations. Now it’s Jessica Simpson’s turn. The 29-year-old popstar is trying to get people to donate 50,000 pairs of shoes in 50 days for the survivors of the Haiti earthquake. The drive is in collaboration […]

Meet Jessica Simpson: Bad A**!

Jessica Simpson has been called a lot of things, but have you ever thought of her as a bad a**? Well her personal trainer calls her just that. Apparently, she is working it out to the limit. I am sure she’ll get her old bod back in no time!

Jessica Simpson’s Weight Still A Target Of Jokes

What a cruel cruel world! Jessica Simpson was under a lot of fire when she gained weight, and tabloids jumped at the chance to poke fun at her. This time, it’s the NFL that’s doing it. Stupid jocks.

Jessica Simpson Still Hopeful For Dog’s Return

In spite of the odds, Jessica Simpson thinks that there is hope for her maltipoo, Daisy. Expert dog trainer Jennifer McCarthy has said that most likely, the dog is already gone, especially since she actually saw a coyote get it. Still, Jessica says she will not stop searching.

Jessica Simpson And Her “Lesbian” Pooch

Oh Twitter, you have a way of letting the cat out of the bag – big time! Jessica Simpson recently tweeted that her dog Daisy is back together with lover Bella. Yeah, she is a lesbian, according to her owner. I wonder what the dog has to say about this?

Jessica Simpson Worries About Her Body

She says that she’s always been worried about her body. Even at age 12, her “tummy hanging over her underwear” worried her, and she worries about that to this day. I say give her a break. She’s not skinny slim but she still looks better than the average person, doesn’t she?

Jessica Simpson’s New Career: Designer

She might not have made it really big as a singer. She might not have captured the hearts of her critics either, but Jessica Simpson seems to have something going great for her right now as a designer. Her bikini designs are going to be used for Miss USA this weekend. Way to go!

Jessica Simpson Covers Up

I really can’t blame her. Even though she is NOT fat, her recent encounter with critics over her new found curves would be enough reason not to expose more flesh than necessary. At least she looked like she was enjoying herself in Mexico.

Jessica Simpson’s pal got a bloody nose

Jessica Simpson’s BFF stylist Ken Paves got all bloodied when part of a paparazzi’s camera collided with his face during a mad scramble to take pictures of Simpson. Paves managed to bring Jessica to their car and from there he was rushed to the hospital. Gay chivalry is alive and well.

Jessica and Tony have fun with icing

Aaaw, don’t they look “sweet?” Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo get creative with icing at his Saturday birthday celebration. She even licked cake off his face!. Uhm, get a room, guys!

Jessica Simpson hospitalized!

Jessica Simpson was hospitalized at Cedars- Sinai Medical Center. She was diagnosed with a kidney infection and has received treatment. She was released and is “doing fine.” In fact, she has returned to work on her country album.

Jessica acting like a diva in Kuwait?

Jessica Simpson is in Kuwait to help boost the morale of U.S. troops, though some reports are slamming her for bringing an entourage of celebrity hairstylist and numerous assistance, and flying by private jet, too. Her rep denies these rumors. “She flew commercially, she is staying in the barracks,” Berger tells PEOPLE. “She’s been with […]

It looks like true love

Jessica looks completely happy even though she’s gotten a lot of flack from sports fans who blame her for boyfriend Tony Romo’s bad performance. Guess their relationship’s going strong, too… She just got back from a weekend with him, and is wearing his Dallas Cowboys cap. Aaaw. Until their next rendezvous, her dog Daisy will […]

Jessica Quells Pretty Woman Rumors

Amid the recent rumors circulating the Hollywood grapevine that Miss Simpson was  to star in the remake of the1990 Cinderella-like tale, Pretty Woman, Jessica Simpson‘s reps finally put a lid on the gossip and confirmed that the singer will NOT be taking on the role immortalized by Julia Roberts of the tart with a heart.

Jessica Simpson finds new romance

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo scores again. He and Jessica Simpson were seen flirting at her best friend’s birthday bash at Teddy’s, a popular Hollywood nightclub. Jessica tried to play coy, at first (or as coy as she could be in a tight black dress and stilettos). But from friendly conversation they progressed to linking arms […]

Jessica blames Dad for bad career?

Jessica may be ready to fire her dad, Joe Simpson — thank God. He’s a lousy manager, and stupid decisions have derailed what should’ve been a really strong career. “After The Dukes of Hazzard movie, Joe was telling everyone that Jess was the next Julia Roberts,” said one insider. “The public bought it for a […]