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Yes, Hollywood fanatics, the two are now certified as each other’s fiancés!

Jenny McCarthy Donnie Wahlberg engagement

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2013 is the year of Amanda Bynes. She has risen to become the queen of the universe, knighting whoever she deems ugly on Twitter as she pleases. However, only 10 really stood out, and we’re cheering from the side lines.

Amanda Bynes, a true class act on Twitter. (Twitter)

Amanda Bynes, a true class act on Twitter. (Twitter)

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Jenny McCarthy Fights Hunger

Not her own hunger, but that of those in need. Jenny McCarthy is teaming up with Weight Watchers to help feed families and children. The campaign is dubbed Lose for Good, and the organization looking to donate up to $1M.




Former Playboy model Jenny McCarthy once more donned the infamous bunny suit for a charity’s sake.  Thank god for charities…

McCarthy was spotted hamming it up for the cameras in Las Vegas at the Big Deal fund-raiser for children’s charity at the Palms Hotel on Saturday.

Of all the things, good & bad, that you can say about Jenny, she’s still got it, even at her ever-advancing age.



From this picture you can learn two things.  #1= Jim Carrey is so not hot & needs to take that overlapped belly to the jim.  #2= Jenny McCarthy has still got it goin’ on.

The couple, who have been together for over a year now, were spotted living it up in Hawaii recently.   And it looks like maybe wedding bells in their future might be sounding, as Jenny was spotted wearing a ring on her wedding finger.  Could this be the third for Carrey & the second for McCarthy after all?

You tell me.

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