Jennifer Love Hewitt, Now A Mom And A Wife!

Jennifer Love Hewitt turns from 'ghost whisperer' to a baby whisperer! … [Read more...]

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s New ’Do

It’s a cliché rite of passage that transcends all eras; women of all ages do something drastic to their hair after a momentous breakup. Some dye it to a noticeably different color (the way Sarah Jessica Parker’s character Carrie Bradshaw went from blonde to brunette in SATC1) or … [Read more...]

Everybody Wants To Be Like Gaga (Part 1)

…and who could blame them? Lady Gaga’s awesomeness exudes all of your awesomeness put together! Every week or so, I’ll be putting together a gallery of stars who are channeling their inner Gaga. Here is this week’s serving: Jennifer Love Hewitt of The Ghost Whisperer … [Read more...]

Jennifer Love Hewitt Puts Bikini Back On

She got a lot of flak for wearing a bikini when she was "fat," but this girl is not letting that get her down. She is back in her bikini and she is looking good. Eat that, critics! … [Read more...]

Jamie And Jennifer: More Than In Love

The couple has finally admitted to being together. Jamie Kennedy is the new man in Jennifer Love Hewitt's life, and according to Jamie, they are "more than in love." It's a wonderful feeling, isn't it? … [Read more...]