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Jennifer Lopez Talks About Whitney Houston’s Death

The entertainment industry is still reeling from the shock of Whitney Houston’s death a few days ago. It was sobering news that put into perspective the price of fame and celebrity. Houston’s death also cast a pall on the recently held Grammy Awards, where she reigned when she was at the top of her game in the 80s and 90s.

Jennifer Lopez talked about Whitney Houston when she guested on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Read the rest of this entry »

A fab coif gets the job done even on the dreariest of personalities. One either wears it or owns it. Over the years of Hollywood glitz and glamour, celebrities are remembered for their timeless contribution to fashion and hairstyles. We have all coveted these famous tresses at some point in our lives . Armed with a magazine clipping, and hopes of a great copy cut and color of any one of Hollywood’s celebrity hair trendsetters … it’s off to the salon for what could be a life changing coiffure.

Let’s back track on some of Hollywood’s iconic hairstyles through the years .

  •  Twiggy – she owned this infamous blonde bob and became the face of of the 60’s.

  • Farrah Fawcett – heaven’s angels might as well be falling from the skies and queue at the salon for Farrah’s 70’s flip.
  • Madonna – any material girl who knew how to get into the groove wanted this dirty blonde rocker chic look.  It was sexy, wild and just says ”  I can rock your world!”
  • Winona Ryder – a fresh face was all it needed to carry off this pixie cut . It was youthful , grungey and not many could get away with it too.

  •  Jennifer Aniston – oh and how we loved Jen’s shag and all the other modifications of this versatile layered cut. The blonde highlights just gave it more depth and texture and would still look ravishing on a windy day!
  • Jennifer Lopez – although she always kept her hair long , we just loved  it’s luscious waves and length. Something about the color of her hair just gave it that sensuality.

  • Rihanna – she took the pop scene by storm with her music and her super short razor sharp edgy bob cuts. Youthful as she is , her symmetric hairstyles were both sultry and empowering.
  • Gwen Stefani – her platinum blonde pig tails and faux hawks definitely spelled no -nonsense rocker sexy.


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When it comes to entertainment and celebrities, at any one time there is almost always a pool of super influential people that seem to be either pulling all the strings or covering all of the magazines. Here’s a quick rundown of the top 10 most influential celebrities in entertainment at the moment:

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell’s celebrity status and entertainment industry influence may have started relatively small in the UK, but he’s definitely spread his wings of late. The TV producer, entrepreneur and showbiz judge was the brainchild behind talent show The X Factor, which has now gone stateside in a massive way. As one of the main judges on the show he’s got the power to make people’s careers. Read the rest of this entry »


Who Has The Best Beehive?

J.Lo attended the London premiere of The Back-up Plan on Wednesday night at Leicester Square wearing a stunning one-shoulder leather number from the Lanvin Spring 2010 collection. But that wasn’t the only thing that got everyone’s attention—it was her beehive hairdo, which people are now comparing to singer Amy Winehouse and reality TV star Snooki.

My vote goes to Jennifer Lopez! Amy Winehouse’s beehive ‘do, which was cool when she was starting out, now needs a major revamp. Snooki, in the meantime, looks like a washed-up TV star with her permanent ’90s-looking beehive. J.Lo’s red carpet updo has a more glamorous runway vibe to it.

Whose beehive do you like best?


J.Lo Loves Nubbins

Meet the newest doggie sensation—Nubbins! This adorable Boston Terrier plays J.Lo’s character Zoe’s disabled dog named Nuts in The Back-up Plan. Both attended the movie premiere at the Regency Village Theatre on Wednesday in Westwood, California.

Although Jennifer Lopez looked hot in her silver Gianfranco Ferré dress with matching satin Ferragamo shoes, Nubbins the dog stole the show from the 40-year-old actress/singer.

Attendees and onlookers kept gushing at Nubbins. Who could blame them? Bring any sunflower decked and wheelchair bound dog to any red carpet event and he’s sure to be the center of attention. Nubbins himself didn’t mind the constant flashing of cameras.

Don’t worry; Nubbins isn’t really handicapped. He’s one of three rescued Boston Terriers who were rigorously trained to act for movies and TV shows. Read more about Nubbins here.

The Back-up Plan opens on April 23, 2010.


The stars usually save their best threads for the biggest awards show of the year—The Academy Awards. See which women stood out in the Oscar 2010 red carpet.

82nd Annual Academy Awards - Rachel McAdams
Spring is coming! Rachel McAdams’ pastel-patterned Elie Saab Haute couture gown took the attention away from the dark, monochrome hues of the lingering Winter season.

Read the rest of this entry »


J.Lo Is Starting Over

How fitting that she sang her new song “Starting Over” at last weekend’s SNL stint.

March of Dimes Celebration of Babies Luncheon - Jennifer Lopez

(c) Getty

Read the rest of this entry »


J. Lo Takes Over SNL

What a night it was for J. Lo! Not only was she the guest musical performer for NBC’s Saturday Night Live, she was also the host and guest comedienne.

Jennifer Lopez is all smiles while she hangs onto Marc Anthony as they exit STK after attending Saturday Night Live afterparty there

(c) Splash News

She and her hubby Marc Anthony went on a restaurant date after her stint on SNL last Saturday.

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J.Lo the Rockstar

The 60th Sanremo Music Festival Gala Perfomance - Jennifer Lopez

It looks like she’s going experimental with her wardrobe. Compared to her glam days in the early millennium, Jennifer Lopez is trying out different looks. At the 60th Festival di Sanremo in Italy last Friday, she channeled her inner rockstar when she performed live onstage.

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J.Lo is a Cover Girl

…of a book, that is. Makeup artist Scott Barnes’s new book, About Face is now for sale. At last night’s launch party at Hotel Gansevoort in New York, cover girl Jennifer Lopez arrived looking like the perfect makeup muse.

Scott Barnes' About Face Book Launch Party

Her modern-day little black dress hugged her bodacious body in all the right places. Other stars who were featured in the book are Mariska Hargitay and Kim Kardashian. Get your copy now to see “amazing transformations using secrets of top celebrity makeup artist Scott Barnes.”


Jenny is back on the block


Last time we saw Jenny from the block she wasn’t looking so hot in her outfit. I even had the nerve to question whether she lost her stuff. I know, I know, how dare I question such a thing, but if she had worn an outfit like this one New Year’s we would still be singing her praises today. Instead we tried to push her out of our mind as quickly as possible.

Seriously, doesn’t this piss you off a little bit? We all want to love Jennifer, but then she pulls stunts like she did on New Year’s and it makes us not want to love her anymore. Now we get to see this type of outfit in the middle of January for no apparent reason at some floozy party. You ripped us off Jennifer and now we are all expecting nude pics.

This is not a joke. Stop making movies and albums. Focus on your nude modeling. That is where you have always excelled. What? You never did it before? Well I imagined and I see it working out very, very well for you and I am a person that should be trusted.

Trust that.


Remember when Jennifer Lopez was fashionable and sexy?

Jennifer Lopez New Year's Eve

W.T.F.Question mark. If history serves me correctly there was a time when Jennifer Lopez was the hottest butt on the block. In fact, I’m positive she was. She had the number #1 album and number #1 movie in the same week. She was all over the place. Then she married Skeletor, had some kids and basically dropped off the cool person’s map.

Now she is trying to make a comeback and although she is still a beautiful woman, I’m not sure she knows what she is doing with regards to fashion. I think she is trying too hard to push the envelope and just can’t pull it off like Lady Gaga. When did she wear this outfit? On New Year’s Eve of course with the whole world watching. It makes perfect sense.

If you ever wish to make a splash back on the scene you do it on New Year’s Eve, in New York, on national television and in a skin tight outfit. I mean haven’t we seen others do the exact same steps and benefit? We haven’t? Oh well then it makes perfect sense as something you just don’t do. Ever. Like ever ever. Even when you are desperate.

I can’t even give her a WTF cowboy on this one because it is so ridiculous and I always give out WTF cowboys. I give them out as if I were going out of style and trying to make a comeback. Giddy up horsey.

It’s the Year of the Tiger, according to Chinese astrology. “Rawr,” I say! We spied on Hollywood’s party animals to see how they unleashed their inner tigers (and tigresses) on New Year’s Eve.

Lady GaGa Performs In Miami For New Years Eve!
Lady GaGa performed at the Fontainbleau Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida. It wasn’t just her new ‘do and getup that spelled extravagant; she reportedly checked in a $15,000-a-night penthouse.

Photo by: LVP/ ©2009 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 12/30/09 Kim Kardashian at a Pre-Ne
Kim Kardashian at a Pre-New Year’s Eve Party at Eve Nightclub, Las Vegas.

Gridlock 2010 New Year's Eve Bash!
Pam Anderson was escorted by some interesting creatures at the Gridlock 2010 New Year’s Eve bash at Paramount Studios, Hollywood.

Photo by: AJM/AAD/ ©2009 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 12/31/09 Christina Aguilera and
Hot mommies Christina Aguilera and Nicole Richie left the little ones at home to party in Vegas. Nicole hosted the LAVO party with beau Joel Madden, while Christina hosted and performed at TAO.

Black Eyed Peas In Concert At Mandalay Bay
Fergie (right) performed with the Black Eyed Peas at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas. It was one of the many gigs they had for the New Year weekend.

Mariah Carey In Concert At Madison Square Garden
Mariah Carey got her Mimi on at Madison Square Garden in New York, while hubby Nick Cannon played deejay offstage.

2010 Times Square New Year's Eve
She may have gotten the crowd going at Times Square, but I’d stay away from the skintight suit if I were J.Lo.


Jennifer Lopez says “I do…” (again)

jennifer and marc

At a time when Hollywood marriages break up faster than a souffle, it’s nice to see one couple who are so happily married that they’d actually …. do it again. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Antony have renewed their vows. Wonder if their new marriage contract includes a clause on who gets up to change the baby’s diapers.


On the go

jennifer lopez

Motherhood isn’t slowing Jennifer Lopez down. The singer-actor-fashion designer-endorser-producer (phew, is there anything she doesn’t do?) adds another title: athlete. She just completed her first triathlon.


J. Lo reveals babies’ names


J. Lo’s twins are just a few days old, but they’re already the subject of much adulation. Gifts have been pouring in from celeb friends and baby companies, including personalized baby carriers.

Speaking of names, J. Lo’x finally revealed that the twins are named Max (born 12:23 am) and Emme (born 12:12 am).


Worst movie couples


There are some “movie couples” that you just don’t forget. Olivia Newton John and John Travolta in Grease. Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant in Notting Hill. Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks in Sleepless in Seattle.

But some pairings just don’t have any chemistry. In this list of the most
boring movie matches you’ll find Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez in Gigli and Hayden Christensen and Natalie Portman in Star Wars (proving that even a rabid cult following can’t create chemistry). R2D2 and See-threepio had more heart — and they were robots.


J Lo’s Baby Shower In NYC

With her bump starting to show, the superstar with the most valuable booty in the biz was seen coming from the baby shower held in her honor in a luxe hotel in New York City.

All aglow, the radiant mum-to-be was adorned with gifts from the glitziest A-listers,  in both blue and pink (the rumor is twins), most notedly a pink animal print cot from the animal print man himself, Italian designer Roberto Cavalli.


Jennifer Lopez’ pregnancy confirmed

Jennifer Lopez

That belly ain’t gonna be that flat for much longer. Finally, someone’s been stupid enough to confirm speculations surrounding Jennifer Lopez’ pregnancy. Personal designer Robert Cavalli slipped up and commented on her new taste in clothes.  “She wants something special because of the baby. It’s getting difficult because her body gets bigger every week.” So she’s pregnant and getting fat, too. Someone’s going to get a really mad call from a publicist very, very soon.


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