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Whirlwind romances, short-lived and quickie marriages, expensive divorces. You name it, the entertainment world has it.

If you’ve followed your favorite celebrities, chances are you can easily guess who recently got engaged, got married or who decided to call it quits. While many movie and TV fans love to see their fave actors wed and stay married for keeps, there are just certain factors that sometimes lead to divorce. Irreconcilable differences are a common ground.

Celebrity marriages may last for many long years, less than a year or even less than a day. Interested to find out whose marriage ended in a flash? We share them here. Read the rest of this entry »

Jennifer Lopez Defends Her Love

Everyone seems to be abuzz on Jlo’s new hubba bubba ever since she’s been openly toting 24 year old Casper Smart alongside her almost everywhere these days. It was just recently at the elimination round on American Idol when Jlo had her boyfriend come around to visit the set and had a pretty good round of jabbing with host Ryan Seacrest. The couple were comfortable enough in view of the audience to exchange adoring gazes at each other while chitchatting during commercdial breaks.
The 42 yr old Idol judge has been defending her 5 month budding May –December love with her back up dancer saying that Smart is a really sweet guy and she doesn’t feel any older, and that she definitely doesn’t look any older than he is either. All she does is act the same way as she always does.
Coming out of a divorce from singer ex husband Marc Anthony, Lopez speaks proudly of how they have been handling things as parents to their twins. As for her current relationship, she would rather keep It private as she wants to be open to someone who fills the many spaces left neglected when she needed them in her marriage. Who’s to judge what love is between JLo and Casper Smart? Age is just a number.

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Celebrity spotting can be one of the trickiest things to do. This is probably the reason why the paparazzi goes on a frenzy trying to get that ultimate million dollar photo that can make or break any of Hollywood’s glittering roster of celebrities.

It would take a trained eye to spot any of these celebrities , let alone go on a full-on stalk mode especially when they have all the incognito tricks under their sleeves .Learning the art of disguise and blending in to evade the peering eyes of the public and the scrutinizing lenses of the media, has taught many celebs  countless ways to go out and just be themselves.

The hoodie, the baseball cap and bug eye sunglasses, floppy hats and even more over the top was Michael Jackson’s mummified get up.  Can’t really blame them for their  futile attempts on disguise, as they don’t always have their best faces on.

Glossy magazine covers can be very misleading, thanks to the wonders of airbrush and photoshop.  You’d be surprised how your favourite pin up celebrity gals look sans the magic touch of a make-up artist and a hairstylist.  Make-up may just as well be  a science than  art, when you see the big difference  of a dolled up face ready for the camera lens, and your celebrity diva in sweat pants , bare faced  and in a mussed up ponytail .

Can you guess who these bare-faced women are?

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Jennifer Lopez Signs Up As L’Oreal Girl

Jennifer Lopez is the new face of L’oreal!  The sweet yet fiery  Latina is very excited to take on this iconic role for the cosmetic brand as she believes the brand epitomizes glamour.

Being a hard working glamour mom certainly doesn’t seem  to take toll on the songstress herself. She still boasts of dangerous curves, glowing skin and long luscious flowing locks. Who could ever guess  she is a 41 year old mamita?

Lopez  says it is very important for her to maintain great skin and beautiful hair. She wants to emphasize on a healthy look which entails keeping her hair in good condition and her skin  in top form

Although not everyone is blessed with good genes, it is not impossible to achieve a healthy young looking glow.  Jennifer strongly advises women in  any  age group to take time to look after themselves.

She says to avoid sun exposure , smoking and drinking. You would think how a woman in her status can avoid  getting sucked into an unhealthy lifestyle of non stop over indulgence in alcohol, smoking .. and  late night partying. But this girl from the block firmly believes in keeping the excesses to a bare minimum by eating healthy, not smoking and binging on alcohol and going tan crazy chasing the sun.

For most Caucasians, sun damage is a detrimental factor to losing that healthy glow.  Always use sunscreen whenever  you step out of the house. Lopez admits her excitement  since she  herself will tell you that  she admires  how L’Oreal is always instep with glamour and innovation.



Photo Credit: al7n6awi

Photo Credit: al7n6awi

Madonna Turning Paranoid?

The Material Girl thinks that other performers are out to copy her moves. She says that J-Lo was at her concert and watching her super closely – probably wanting to pick up a tip or two. I think she should be flattered!


J Lo Gorgeous At 40

Jennifer Lopez recently turned 40 and yet she still has a body – a gorgeous one at that – to show off. She was vacation recently in Capri with husband and twins, and photos prove that she still has it.


Junior Jetsetters

Jennifer Lopez’ twins can’t even sit up on their own, but they’ve already taken their first red carpet “walk.” She and Marc Antony brought four-month-old Emma and Max to Belgium.


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