People’s Bieber Fever

Want a sure-fire way to sell your magazine these days? Get a few minutes with Justin Bieber. People is the latest magazine to do a story on the teen sensation, and this time they went all the way by making him their cover boy. For this week’s issue, the title “All About Justin … [Read more...]

Jennifer Hudson Slims Down

Jennifer Hudson has lost more than her pregnancy weight.   … [Read more...]

Jennifer Hudson: One Proud Momma

Former American Idol contender Jennifer Hudson has given birth to her first child. Named David Daniel Otunga Jr, the baby is Jennifer's child with fiance actor David Otunga. May this be a sign of more good things to come! … [Read more...]

Jennifer Hudson Preggers

I never had an inkling! And to think that she is 7 months pregnant! Well, Jennifer Hudson is another girl who seems to have everything going for her now...congratulations to her and fiance David Otunga! … [Read more...]

Jennifer Hudson: Canned Superbowl Performance

So is canned music the in thing these days? I understand that the musicians who performed during Obama's inauguration had to record the music because of the weather's effects on the instruments but did Jennifer Hudson have to lip sync to the national anthem during the Superbowl … [Read more...]