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Jay Leno’s Explosive Cover

I was hoping they’d put Conan O’Brien on the cover, but I guess he’s had his fair share of media attention for the past few weeks. It’s Jay Leno’s turn. Entertainment Weekly featured the Jay Leno Show host on this week’s cover.

Their cover blurb, “TV’s 50 Biggest Bombs Ever” caught readers’ attention in the midst of NBC’s late night shuffle hullabaloo.

“Sometimes TV networks, producers, or actors do something so stupid, it makes you ask: What the heck were they thinking?” wrote the EW staff. “In that spirit, we decided to take time out to honor (if you want to call it that) television’s biggest bombs and blunders. We’re talking the decisions both bad (hey, let’s give Felicity a haircut!) and bizarre (XFL, anyone?). And at the top of our list: NBC’s decision to put Jay Leno at 10 p.m. It destroyed not only five hours of primetime programming, but also the local newscasts that followed.”

Sounds like an intellectually juicy read to me. Grab your copy at your nearest newsstands, if you haven’t already.


Jay Leno: Also A Victim Of Extortion?

Rival David Letterman has been “enjoying” a lot of extra publicity because of his extortion case. Jay Leno just couldn’t let that one go, and said in his own show that he is also a victim of extortion. How do? He poses this question: “How do think NBC got me to do a 10 o’clock show?”
Now it is kinda funny, isn’t it?


Jay Leno Gets Off Free

Remember the hullabaloo about the writers’ strike last year? Many have been accused and charged by the guild because of breaking ranks during the strike. Jay Leno was lucky to escape their ire for writing his own monologues during the strike. I wonder why?


Leno’s New Show To Kick Off With A Bang

Jay-Z, Rihanna, and Kanye West – how does that sound? These performers are going to be present at the first showing of Jay Leno’s new prime time show. The Jay Leno Show will be debuting on the 14th of September, something that is being looked forward to by a lot of people.


Leno Says Goodbye To Tonight

Shakespeare Festival/LAs Inaugural ShakesBEER Kegger Fundraising Event
After 17 years of hosting the Tonight Show, Jay Leno has said goodbye. In an emotional leave taking, Jay Leno hosted the last show and had his replacement Conan O’Brien as the last guest. This is the end of an era, and perhaps the beginning of a new one.


Jay Leno Misses Show For The First Time

Hugh Jackman Hand & Footprint Ceremony At Grauman's Chinese Theatre

For the first time in 17 years, Jay Leno was forced to cancel a taping of his show. He was taken to the hospital on Thursday for some illness. Details about the hospital or the illness have not been disclosed.


Obama On Jay Leno

Obama And Geithner Announce Federal Aid For Small Businesses

President Obama will be appearing tonight on Jay Leno’s talk show. I think that this is a first for the new President, and we should be able to see him from a lighter perspective. Let’s watch it, shall we?

NBC Universals Pre Super Bowl Event - Arrivals

Next month, the Palace of Auburn Hills will be host to Jay Leno as he brings some lighthearted fun to the people in the area. Specifically, he will be giving a free show for “anybody out of work in Detroit.” This will be held on the 7th of April.


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