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James Franco Is Fond Of Bedroom Selfies

Francophones unite: the hottie is officially addicted to Instagram!

James Franco bed selfie Instagram

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James Franco showed up on Live! With Kelly and Michael to talk about the recent brouhaha.

James Franco instagram incident

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There’s no end to the bromance that’s James Franco and Seth Rogen!

James Franco Seth Rogen Bound 3

(c) Youtube

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james-franco-lindsay-lohan-obsessed-1-22-07.jpgRumors are popping up all over the place revealing that one reason for teen queen Lindsay Lohan’s rehab entrance may be because of fellow actor James Franco. 

Apparently Lohan is obsessed with Franco & has made several passes at the young man, one being at a Golden Globe after-party.  Lohan has been after the Spider-Man actor since June 2006.  Lindsay even stooped so low as to purchase him an expensive watch, which Franco refused, thankfully, but which the actress now sadly wears as a symbol of his rejection.

Since the watch-refusing, Mean Girls star Lohan has turned things up a bit going from mildly obsessed to out-of-control obsessed. 

A source who saw Lohan at the Golden Globe Awards after-party stated, “She seemed lost. She was trying to get James’ attention, and he wouldn’t give her anything. She was smoking a lot, not drinking in front of him, and then she went into a bedroom. From there, she went back to trying to get James’ attention again, and he was ignoring her. She ran out crying.”

And that’s pretty much right before folks found LL passed out in the hallway of her hotel at 6am.  Oucharro, not a good way to end an evening, eh?

So, Lohan checked herself into the oh so posh Wonderland Center located in Los Angeles’ Laurel Canyon.  And that’s where she’ll be during Sundance’s showing of her new film Chapter 27.  Which is kinda sad, especially since rumored ex-beau Jared Leto also stars in Chapter & it looks like he has his life in good enough order to attend. 

So far, we have had no news as to how long Lindsay will be in Wonderland, but we feel like she’s somehow always been there…

You tell me- Is this stint in rehab going to be just the thing for Lindsay Lohan?


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