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The Top 10 Most Incredible Celebrity Wedding Dresses

Celebrity weddings are all about haute couture and the A-list, extravagant destinations and even more outrageous price tags, but everyone knows that a wedding is nothing without a breathtaking bride, and when she walks down the aisle, all eyes will be on her dress. Here’s our list of ten celebrity brides who took glamour to […]

Hollywood’s Iconic Hairstyles Through the Years

A fab coif gets the job done even on the dreariest of personalities. One either wears it or owns it. Over the years of Hollywood glitz and glamour, celebrities are remembered for their timeless contribution to fashion and hairstyles. We have all coveted these famous tresses at some point in our lives . Armed with […]

Who Found The Easter Golden Egg?

The Easter celebrations wrapped up this weekend, and the stars took a break from their busy schedules for egg-hunting festivities. Singer Katy Perry and her actor fiancé Russell Brand held an Easter Day party at their home in Los Feliz, California. She got into the spirit by wearing bunny ears and a yellow bikini. I […]

Gwen Stefani Covers InStyle

The 40-year-old musician/designer graces the cover of InStyle’s April 2010 issue. To welcome the spring season, she rocked a bright blue Stella McCartney top for the magazine’s Color Issue. Writer Joyann King sat down with family woman Gwen to find out how she balances her career as a musician and L.A.M.B. designer. “I have to […]

Stars Go Trick-Or-Treating

Although Halloween seemed tamer this year, we still managed to round up Hollywood’s best dressed. It’s that time of the year when freakish suits and outlandish getups get our thumbs up. Tell us which costume you loved best. Paris Hilton downs a few drinks and does a cancan around Tinseltown. Mariah Carey and hubby Nick […]

Rock on, baby!

Congratulations to Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale for the birth of a healthy baby boy!

Gwen Stefani pregnant again!

Gwen Stefani and hubby Gavin Rossdale happily announced they were expecting another child. She’s 13 weeks on the way, and has been telling everyone lately that she hoped her two-yeae-old Kingston would soon have a little brother or sister. Gwen loves being a mom and adores her kid. “He’s a chilled-out little guy. He’s just […]

Quote Of the Day: Gwen Stefani On Staying Fit After Baby Kingston

“I try not to be but I’m super-neurotic about diet. I’m neurotic about trying not to be neurotic! I’m like every other girl. I have to try really hard my whole life to try to be fit. And I’m super-vain. “And I want to wear cute clothes. You know, I was chubby when I was […]

Daily Dose of Zen: Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale Celebrate Baby Kingston’s Baptism

You know, folks just surprise you sometimes, now don’t they?  For instance, who would have guessed that Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale wold both get all dolled up for their son’s baptism? Well, if you saw that one coming, you have one on me.  On Sunday Stefani & Rossdale celebrated their 10-month old Kingston’s baptism […]