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Are Eva Longoria and Amaury Nolasco Getting Too Close ?

Something warm and fuzzy seems to be brewing between Desperate Housewife Eva Longoria and muy caliente papi Prison Break star Amaury Nolasco. Although these two have long been good friends, the pair have been stepping out a lot lately for some friendly tete-a-tete . Just fresh from her split with Penelope Cruz’ hermano, Eduardo Cruz, […]

Do You Think You Can Spot Them in a Crowd?

Celebrity spotting can be one of the trickiest things to do. This is probably the reason why the paparazzi goes on a frenzy trying to get that ultimate million dollar photo that can make or break any of Hollywood’s glittering roster of celebrities. It would take a trained eye to spot any of these celebrities […]

Eva Longoria knows the right pose

Posing in a magazine is a fine art, but once you do it long enough you start to learn the exact pose you should do at the right time. When you are wearing a dress, you should always sit Indian style. That is your winning pose right there. It isn’t a secret that only some […]

Eva Longoria, okay, I can dig it

Last time we saw Eva she was sucking up to Kim Kardashian. It simply wasn’t a good look for her, but I’m glad to see fortunes have changed for her. I know her husband is in the middle of basketball season, but is he ever around in pics you see of her? She travels to […]

Eva Longoria Sucks Up To Kim Kardashian

Isn’t it funny how most celebrities hate the paparazzi, but if all the cameras stopped following them they would miss the lights? Even more humorous is how non-celebrities get more people following them than actual celebrities. Take for example, Kim Kardashian and Eva Longoria. Eva stars in an award-winning show and is married to a […]

Eva Longoria Parker Expanding Restaurant Business

Ever heard of Beso? Not the Spanish word for kiss, but Eva Longoria Parker’s restaurant. Looks like she’s doing good despite the economic downturn. The word is that she’s opening up a branch in Las Vegas and some airports around the country. I wonder how tasty the dishes are…

Eva Longoria & Tony Parker: We Feel Like Newlyweds

Well it depends on who you ask what the real definition of newlyweds is, but for this tandem, they still feel as if they got married yesterday. Despite being married for a year now, Eva Longoria and Tony Parker seem to be feeling the same way they did at the beginning of their marriage. As […]

Eva Longoria pulls one over the paparazzi

Eva Longoria is one smart star. Knowing that going in and out of a car could be a chance for paparazzi to take pictures of her crotch, Longoria had a brilliant solution… wear spandex shorts underneath her dress. Great idea!

You Tell Me: Who Had the Best Wedding Style, Eva Longoria or Rebecca Romijn?

Ahh, summer weddings.  Whether they’re taking place in southern France or the southern U.S., summer weddings are just fun for all. But who has had the best style so far? Do you go more for the casual cowboy ceremony of Rebecca Romijn & fellow actor Jerry O’Connell? Or are you more of a French chateau wedding kinda person, like […]