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Emma Watson, being the world’s hottest woman, deserves some R&R, along with a hunky beau to boot.

Emma Watson and boyfriend Matthew Janney in the Caribbean

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Emma Watson is doing that face again


Last year I mentioned that Emma has a face that never seems to change. Every picture you see of her will be with this face. It is a guarantee. If there were betting odds on the face she would make in a picture, you can guarantee that nobody would be taking bets because it is guaranteed.

Now this isn’t a bad thing because her face is gorgeous. I would just like to see a little more variation in it. Even Zoolander changed it up with some small tweaks. Love the outfit here. You have to love a woman that can pull off a hat like that.

Either way I hope to see her making a big splash this year outside of the Harry Potter series. Only two more movies left then we get to see what she is really about.


Emma Watson for Burberry

This British actress is one celebrity who deserves more credit than she’s given. Emma Watson, now 19, has managed to keep off the spotlight despite the phenomenal success of the Harry Potter series (and this was before the dawn of Twilight). Maybe it’s because she’s busy focusing on her degree at Brown University.

London Fashion Week - Burberry After Party
At the Burberry Catwalk Show, part of London Fashion Week, September 22, 2009.

I wasn’t surprised when Burberry picked her as the face of their Fall/Winter 2009 and Spring/Summer 2010 campaign. She’s always had her own chic sense of style, whether it’s for red carpet events or a stroll in London.

Check out her latest photos for the brand:

Photos from NY Mag, courtesy of Burberry


Emma Watson, I think her face is stuck like that


I like Emma, she makes the Harry Potter movies bearable, but is there ever a time you see her with a different face? I’m afraid she might be one of those mono-faced actors that you hear in stories of yore a long time ago. Then again does she need to have another face? She is worth a couple trillion dollars now, never has to work for the rest of her life and is guaranteed a couple more roles for at least the next 5 years based on her fanbase alone.

Hell, that is the face of someone who is laughing on the inside at the rest of the world and we just don’t know it yet. On the other hand you have Daniel Radcliffe is who always smiling, but crying on the inside because he will never be seen as anything more than Harry Potter. He is the Urkel of this generation and what is sad is that he is actually talented.

So when you see someone walking around with the same face that Emma dear is presenting here, walk away slowly and make sure to never make eye contact with them again as it will lead to very bad things for all.

Emma Watson Goes Ivy League

Harry Potter Premiere
She may be neck deep in her studies at Hogwarts, but in real life Emma Watson (Hermione) is set to conquer another kind of school – the Ivy League kind. She has revealed her plans to go to Brown University, where she will be “reading” literature.


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