Meet Emma Watson’s Hot New BF, Matthew Janney

Emma Watson, being the world's hottest woman, deserves some R&R, along with a hunky beau to boot. … [Read more...]

Emma Watson is doing that face again

Last year I mentioned that Emma has a face that never seems to change. Every picture you see of her will be with this face. It is a guarantee. If there were betting odds on the face she would make in a picture, you can guarantee that nobody would be taking bets because it is … [Read more...]

Emma Watson for Burberry

This British actress is one celebrity who deserves more credit than she’s given. Emma Watson, now 19, has managed to keep off the spotlight despite the phenomenal success of the Harry Potter series (and this was before the dawn of Twilight). Maybe it’s because she’s busy focusing … [Read more...]

Emma Watson, I think her face is stuck like that

I like Emma, she makes the Harry Potter movies bearable, but is there ever a time you see her with a different face? I'm afraid she might be one of those mono-faced actors that you hear in stories of yore a long time ago. Then again does she need to have another face? She is … [Read more...]

Emma Watson Goes Ivy League

She may be neck deep in her studies at Hogwarts, but in real life Emma Watson (Hermione) is set to conquer another kind of school - the Ivy League kind. She has revealed her plans to go to Brown University, where she will be "reading" literature. … [Read more...]