Some of the Best Dressed Hollywood Men

While the ladies of Hollywood often get the attention for the fashions that inspire current trends, many male actors display an equal amount of fashion sense. From brand name casual wear to expensive tailored suits and accessories, a number of celebrity men deserve recognition. … [Read more...]

Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig Secretly Tie the Knot

“ The Mummy” chaser Rachel Weisz seems to have found her lost treasure in 43 year old Daniel Craig. The couple secretly tied the knot in a hush hush ceremony which only had four people in attendance. Apart from Craig’s 18 year old daughter, Ella , Weisz also had her 4 yr old … [Read more...]

Craig says a black 007 can now happen

Practically everyone's ecstatic over Barack Obama's win, even non-Americans are trying to get in on the action. Daniel Craig, who's British, has not only been a very vocal Obama supporter he now says that the world is ready for a black Agent 007. Could be true, but please … [Read more...]

Daniel Craig’s plastic surgery stint

Daniel Craig revealed that he had plastic surgery done on his face because of an accident he suffered during the filming of the new Bond film Quantum of Solace. He said he had to have eight stitches on his face when a co-star, whom he did not name, accidentally kicked his face. … [Read more...]