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The Latest List of the Top Women in Music

Forbes magazine has recently released its list of the ‘Top earning women in music’. While your profession may have nothing to do with the music industry, you can see where your favorite diva falls in this list. Beyoncé and Taylor Swift At the top of the list is Beyoncé Knowles. The superstar singer raked in […]

Celebrities Involved in Short-Lived Marriages

Whirlwind romances, short-lived and quickie marriages, expensive divorces. You name it, the entertainment world has it. If you’ve followed your favorite celebrities, chances are you can easily guess who recently got engaged, got married or who decided to call it quits. While many movie and TV fans love to see their fave actors wed and […]

Britney’s Next On “Glee”

You can’t discuss Madonna without mentioning Britney Spears, and vice-versa. After the successful Madonna tribute on Glee, as well as the album compilation The Power of Madonna, fans have taken it upon themselves to decide who they believe should be featured next on Glee. They bombarded networking sites such as Twitter with the idea of […]

Star Search Is Coming Back

Remember this talent show? It aired from 1983-2003, with its peak in the late ’80s and early ’90s. Back in the day when reality TV ceased to exist, viewers would sit on their couches to see which singers, dancers, and comedians would get the best ratings and win Star Search. TV network ABC wants to […]

I Want Candy

The Candies Spring 2010 collection is out, and it’s modeled by none other than Britney Spears. She’s back for her second series of Candies ads, this time with the help of top fashion photographers Annie Leibovitz, Mark Seliger, and Terry Richardson. To help promote the project, a special “Britney Spears Through The Lens” campaign was […]

Grammy Red Carpet Shockers

What’s a Grammy show without those who’d dare stun us with their choice of threads, crazy antics, or mere celebrity presence? Read on to see why these five stars incurred a little gasp from yours truly. Was that a supernova? A planetarium constellation? A walking hurricane? Oh, Lady Gaga, you never cease to amaze me. […]

Happy Birthday Britney

Well, well, well. Ms. Britney Spears made it to her 28th birthday. She has accomplished more than Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix ever did because they mysteriously died on their 27th birthdays. Next on the death watch is Lindsay Lohan. However, today is Britney’s day and although she has ruined her reputation and we all […]